The Hubris Vampire

Jeremy Duncan has just sent me the final (and amazing) art for the Hubris vampire.  VAMPIREfinal

One vampire is in its true form attacking a helpless victim, while one in the background is in human guise, watching with glee.



The first vampire appeared in Hubris thousands of years ago when an elk leapt over the body of a dying human.  Somehow their souls became intertwined creating a bestial, immortal creature that thirsts for blood.  Over the millennia the original vampire has spread His curse throughout the lands.  No one is sure what happened to the father of vampirism, or what will happen should He return.


Vampires can be found throughout Hubris, although they prefer to lurk in the civilized lands where they have ample source of humanoids to feed upon.  Vampires that have fed on the blood of the living within 24 hours looks just like the lesser and weak mortal races, save that they cast no reflection and are unable to enter private dwellings without permission.  A vampire that has consumed the blood of an elk is able to walk in the sunlight as if they were mortal.  The longer a vampire goes without feeding, the more bestial and horrific their visage becomes.  The true horrific visage of a vampire is revealed if the creature has not consumed humanoid blood for a number of days equal to half their HD.  The true vampire has the skeleton head of an elk with pinprick red light glowing from the sockets.  The antlers range in size and points, but are covered in moss, flaps of skin, and throbbing veins.  The body of a vampire is humanoid and lanky, covered in baby-fine brownish black hair with grayish or alabaster skin.  Their arms are over-long and end in blackened claws.


Vampires are cunning and prefer subterfuge and manipulation to outright violence and hostility.  Often they manipulate mortals, using them like pawns in chess.  As a vampire becomes older they become more powerful and conniving.  One does not survive for over 800 years without becoming a great manipulator and strategist.


The highest concentration of vampires is found in Shadowfall (pg XX), where Depraved Geneva and the Court of the Withered Hand rules in coexistence with their food.


Vampire Age

Fledgling 0-99

Mature 100-199

Old 200-399

Very Old 400-599

Ancient 600-799

Master 800+



Vampire Statistics by Age
  Fledgling Mature Old Very Old Ancient Master
HD 8d8 9d8 10d8 12d8 14d8 16d8
Attack +8 +9 +10 +12 +14 +16
Initiative +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +10
AC +16 +17 +18 +19 +20 +21
Attack Die 1d20 1d24 2d20 2d24 3d20 3d24
Fort +8 +9 +9 +10 +11 +13
Reflex +6 +7 +7 +8 +9 +11
Will +7 +8 +8 +9 +10 +12
Fast Healing 2 HP/rnd 3 HP/rnd 3 HP/rnd 3 HP/rnd 4 HP/rnd 5 HP/rnd
Horns and claws (natural form) 1d4 damage 1d6 damage 1d8 damage 2d6 damage 2d8 damage 3d8 damage
Claws (humanoid form) 1d3 damage 1d4 damage 1d6 damage 1d8 damage 2d8 damage 2d10 damage



Animal Control- Once per day a vampire can summon forth animals of the night to aid them.  Roll 1d4: 1) 1d100 +50 bats*, duration 2d8 rounds; 2) 1d100 + 25 rats*, duration 2d6 rounds; 3) 2d6 wolves** (DCC, pg 431)- duration 2d4 rounds; 4) 1 dire wolf** (DCC, pg 431), duration 1d4 rounds.


* bat and rat swarms occupy a 20’ foot radius.  Any creature caught in the swarm suffers -4 to all rolls and movement is reduced by half.

** wolves and the dire wolf will follow the vampire’s instructions for the duration and then disappear back into the wild, but linger in the area in the hopes for fresh prey.


Shape Change- A vampire can transform into gaseous vapors, a bat (DCC, pg 396), or a wolf (DCC, pg 431) at will.  Transforming is instantaneous and incurs no penalty.  Master vampires are also able to transform into a bat or rat swarm (listed effects above), or a dire wolf (DCC, pg 431).


While in gaseous form a vampire cannot be harmed by any means, although extremely strong winds will dissipate the vampire, reducing their HP to zero; the vampire will reform in their coffin in 24 hours and begin heal (through fast healing).  This form has a movement of 10’/rnd.  When the vampire is brought to 0 HP it will instantly become gaseous vapors and flees to its coffin to heal.


Blood Drain- A person that is successfully pinned by a vampire can be bitten and drained of blood.  A vampire can drain 1d4 Stamina (temporary) per round.  Those that are drained to zero can be transformed into a thrall by the vampire by sharing just one drop of their blood.  A thrall is completely loyal and devout to the vampire.  A vampire can also transform a drained target into a vampire by letting them feed on their blood for several minutes.  The drained target must have 5HD or more.  The newly created vampire rises from their coffin in 1d4 days.


Spider Climb- A vampire can cast the Spider Climb spell (DCC, pg 156) with a bonus modifier equal to its HD.  A vampire suffers no adverse effects for rolling a 1-11.


Charm Person- A vampire can cast the Charm Person spell (DCC, pg 131) with a bonus modifier equal to its HD.  A vampire suffers no adverse effects for rolling a 1-11.


Immunity- A vampire suffers no damage from normal weapons that are not made of silver or from natural attacks of creatures of 7HD or less.  Vampires are immune to mind-altering effects, poisons,



Vampires recoil from the smell of strong garlic, mirrors, and the holy symbols of deities that consider them unholy creatures.  This in no way injures the vampire, but keeps them at bay and at a distance of 5’.  After the first round a vampire can make a DC 23 Will save to overcome this and attempt to move past the obstruction.


A vampire cannot enter any private home or dwelling without the express permission of the owner.  At any time the owner can revoke this permission, at which point the vampire is expelled violently from the dwelling.


A vampire cannot cross running water, and can only be transported across running water in a coffin.  A vampire that is submerged in running water takes 2d12 damage per round, and if reduced to 0 HP in this manner is destroyed.


Driving a stake through the heart of a vampire renders the creature immobile.  Placing the still- beating heart of an elk atop the vampire’s will kill it immediately.


Vampires are terrified of elk and will flee from one should it appear before them (no save).


Vampires abhor sunlight and cannot be in it without suffering intense amount of pain.  The first round a vampire is exposed to sunlight they are staggered and unable to act, on the next round they burst into flames and take 3d10 damage per round until out of the sunlight.  There are rumors that master vampires are immune to the effects of the sun, but whether that is true or not is up to you, Judge.


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2 responses to “The Hubris Vampire

  • Judge_Max

    How does the vampire drink elk blood if it is terrified of elk and flees without saving? Does someone else have to get the elk blood for it? Can it feed from a dead elk it finds in the woods or will it be forced to flee even from the corpse?

    • wrathofzombie

      I thought about adding rules/description for that- and decided not to. Let the Judge decide how this is done… Is it so complicated most vampires say fuck it, do they pay adventurers to retrieve it for them, etc.

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