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The Fungoid Race and Nation


Fungoid 3

Fungoids are not a happy race; their dour and melancholy demeanor emphasizes a race that is fully aware that it survives on death and decay.  Fungoid society survives on agriculture and banking, but not in the sense one would normally associate.


Fungoids plant mushrooms and hard to grow herbs in massive compost fields.  These compost fields are filled with fallen trees, rotting vegetation, and more importantly and necessary, the bodies of the dead.  These fields enable almost any form of vegetation to grow, even if it normally would not in this type of environment.  The Fungoids have a strange form of banking that many adventures partake in to gain some quick gold: they sell their bodies for future composting.


Fungoid Watchers take measurements and samples to find the worth and potential for growth of those applying for credit.  Once a monetary figure has been established a contract is written.  The applicant must sign in blood and understand that the process of composting completely destroys the body, making it impossible for magical means of restoration or resurrection.  After the contract is signed, a spell is cast bonding the applicant to a flower and a magical compass.  The flower will wilt and die when the applicant has expired, and the compass will point a Fungoid Collector towards the direction of the body.


Once the body is collected, it is taken to the compost fields, where Fungoid Decayers work and toil to create the perfect conditions for growth of herbs and plants.


Most cultures, while wary of them, do not seek active hostilities with Fungoids as their ability to create the perfect growing conditions for crops can also rot and destroy them.  Entire kingdoms have been blighted after incurring the ire of the Fungoids.


Plot Hooks/Rumors

Rumor– The Fungoids are interested in procuring the body of a king in the hopes to create a new form of herb that when spread on the wind over a region, will dominate an entire population.

Plot Hook– A swarm of locusts have begun feasting on all the herbs and plants of the compost fields.  The Fungoids are unable to deal with this problem alone and are looking for help to find the cause of this infestation.

Plot Hook– After a kingdom attempted to seize control of the compost fields, the Fungoid nation is rotting all of their crops from afar, starving out the populace.  Other kingdoms are attempting to reconcile this situation before it escalates.

Rumor– A schism has formed within the Fungoid nation causing a radical offshoot to form.  These Fungoids believe that all life is there for them to use in the compost fields and are taking lives as often as possible.


Strange Herbs Found For Sale

Babbling Wort– This slimy sea plant looks like a bloated, festering cow tongue and when mixed into a potion allows a person to talk in tongues for 1d4 hours.


Ghost Herb– When picked under the full moon by a person near death, the plant is ready to be used in a potion.  The imbiber becomes ethereal and gains many of the traits of a ghost or spirit (GM’s call as to what this is) for 1d3 hours.


Hanging Moss– This green moss looks like a thick wooly spider web.  When mixed with the blood of a person and boiled into a potion it cures 2d8+2 HP back.


When brewed in water with nutmeg and cinnamon it makes a wonderful sleepy time tea.


Nightbane- When a single rose is planted on top of the severed head of a vampire, Nightbane will grow.  This tuberous root will consume the head of the vampire and gain powerful properties.  When dried and ground into a power it can be used to create a poison that is deadly to any form of undead.  Undead that are hit with this poison must succeed a Constitution-based saving throw or die instantly.


Skull Thistle– This prickly flowering plant usually only grows on high mountainous peaks and only on the underside of a rock facing south.  Skull Thistle, when applied to the forehead of a person grants immunity to mind-controlling effects.



Fungoid Race


<All Fungoids Receive>

Darkvision: All Fungoids can see in the dark up to 60’.

Consumption: A Fungoid can eat rotten food without suffering adverse effects.  They also can gain nutrients from the dirt and soil.

Immunity: The Fungoid immune system allows them to fight off any poison.  They are immune to poisons.

Fire Damage: Being a plant-based life form means Fungoids are harmed by fire.  Fungoinds take an additional 1d6 damage from fire.

Plant Talk: Fungoinds are able to cast Speak With Plants 1x/day


<Choose One Subrace>

Fungoid Collector

Fungoid 1

Description: The Collectors seek out the bodies of those who have expired and have contract with the Fungoids.  They are given compasses that hone in on the bodies they are collecting.  Collectors are also sent out on those who have reneged on the contract and see it through to the end.


Burly: Increase a Collector’s Strength by +2

Thick Hide: Collectors have a DR against all damage except fire.

Compass: The Collector has a compass that hones in on any expired body, but lights up and chimes when near a body that has signed a contract with the Fungoid bank.

Claws: Collectors have claws that they use to attack, dealing 1d6 damage.


Fungoid Watcher

Fungoid 5

Description: Watchers are the Fungoids who tend the crops and make sure the harvest will come to fruition.  Watchers are patient and calculating, not prone to rash decisions or fits of rage like their Collector brethren.


Strong Mind: A Watcher receives +2 to any Mind-altering effect spell.

Magic: A Watcher can any spell from their spell list (see below) 3 times per day.  At 3rd level a Watcher adds Barkskin and Summon Natures Ally II to their spell list; at 5th level a Watcher adds Plant Growth and Quench to their spell list.


Spell List: Create Water, Detect Plants or Animals, Endure Elements, Entangle, Obscuring Mist, Pass Without a Trace, Speak With Animals, Summon Natures Ally I


Fungoid Decayer

Fungoid 4

Description: Decayers are Fungoids who expedite the decomposition process of bodies that are brought to the compost fields.  Decayers prefer twilight and dank, dark environments.  They are vital to the Fungoid economy as it allows for quick turnaround of production in the fields.


Rot: A Decayer is able to touch a target and cause a necrotic rot to harm them.  Targets take 1d8 damage.  This increases to 2d8 damage at 3rd level, 3d8 at 5th level, and 4d8 at 7th level.   Targets are allowed a Constitution-based save to take half damage.

Soggy: Decayers are more soggy than their brethren and do not take the additional damage from fire.

Light Sensitivity: A Decayer suffers -1 to all rolls while in day light and gains +1 to all rolls while in twilight or darkness.

Spore Release: Once per day a Decayer is able to release a batch of toxic spores in a 10’ radius.  Any target in the area must succeed a Constitution-based save or be stunned for 1 round and blinded for 1d4 rounds.



Fungoid 3


The Floating Island of Terror of Hubris- New Art!!



Floating Island of Terror by David Lewis Johnson

Floating Island of Terror by David Lewis Johnson


The Floating Island of Terror hangs in the sky over of the Land of the Perpetual Stone and Mire in Hubris, reminding all slaves who serve the Black Queen that she sees all.  To anger her is to bring death, or be transformed into a Murder Machine, constantly under her control and carrying out her deeds.

The Murder Machine by Jeremy Duncan

The Murder Machine by Jeremy Duncan

The Floating Island of Terror is a living creature that grants great power to the Black Queen, who awoke it from its sleep.  The two consume the nightmares of those who live on the island.  Few sorcerers are lucky to establish a patron bond with this horrific life form, yet none seem to be able to reach the heights that the Black Queen has achieved.

Soot, oil, and despair blankets the land where the Floating Island of Terror has passed.  The Black Queen’s Skeletal Gun Runners, Black Guard of Abhorrent Action, Murder Machines, and Steam Mechs all serve her with utter devotion, trampling those who dare oppose her in any way.