Hubris Publishing Update- A FLOOD of Art


Entrail Reader and Conspiracy Theorist Occupations by David Lewis Johnson

I have to tell you- this is shaping up to be fucking awesome!  David Lewis Johnson (blog), Jeremy Duncan (blog), and my wife Angie are pulling out all the fucking stops here for the art!  Alex Mayo (blog) is going above and beyond for the layout!  He’s doing some delicious art and design!  Dak Ultimak (blog) is delving through the pages of Hubris, doing mechanical edits, like a beast!  Finally, Doug Kovacs (blog), Jason Sholstis (blog), and Jez Gordon (blog) have contributed some seriously kickass art!  I’m really lucky to be working with such a kick ass crew!

Also I have to give a big thanks to Adam Muszkiewicz (blog), Wayne Snyder (blog), Harley Stroh (blog), Kelvin Green (blog), David Lewis Johnson, and Alex Mayo for being supportive of Hubris and saying FUCK IT to not making the $7k stretch goal for the monster book!  We’re gonna do it anyways!

I wanted to deluge you with a shit load of art to show you how awesome it’s all looking thus far!

Hubris- Avarian Action Shot

Avarian action shot- by David Lewis Johnson



Shadowdancer class by David Lewis Johnson


Murder Machine 2

Murder Machine class by Jeremy Duncan


Murder Machine 1

Murder Machine Action shot by Jeremy Duncan


alchemist final

Alchemist transformation by David Lewis Johnson

Druid final

Druid class by David Lewis Johnson

orc battle kickstarter

Chapter 1 Opening page- by David Lewis Johnson



Temple to the god Set by Angie Groves



Stilt-town in the Bogwood Swamp by Angie Groves


Canyons of the Howling Red Rock

Canyons of the Howling Red Rock with a Red Colossus by Angie Groves


Nobility of Fairweather by Angie Groves



Town of Glasturbury by Angie Groves

The Roving Nibbleton

Roving Nibbleton with giant Oog by Doug Kovacs

Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire 1

Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire by Angie Groves

Hubris- Brain Grub

Brain Grub by Jason Sholtis

Hubris- Four Goblin Clans

Four Goblin Clans of Hubris by David Lewis Johnson


Unicorn 1

Lamentable Unicorn of Hubris by Angie Groves


Hubris- Bog Witch

Bog Witch by Jason Sholtis

Water Bear

Water Bear of the Blighted Sands by Angie Groves


Terminajanitor for Monster Stretch Goal by David Lewis Johnson


Gravidwarf for Monster Stretch Goal by David Lewis Johnson


Arachnofetus for Monster Stretch Goal by Alex Mayo


Well that’s it!  Your deluge of awesome art!  And I’m happy to say that this is just a fraction of the awesome that will be in Hubris!  Looking forward to it coming out in March!


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One response to “Hubris Publishing Update- A FLOOD of Art

  • Stretch

    Love all the art and can’t wait for the book. Soon as I saw the water bear I printed a copy out to show my lab supervisor. I run a wastewater treatment plant and we occasionally see water bears under the microscope. He lamented it and put it up on the wall so I see it every day.

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