Into the Odd- House Rules Abilities, Part II

Into the Odd


A few weeks ago I posted some quick house-rule abilities for Into the Odd that make each character just slightly unique and snowflakey.

I’ve added a few new ones…  So here you be.


The Archetype

<Choose One>

The Hero– Once per session you can roll 2d20 on a Strength check/save and take the better result.

The Rogue– Once per session you can roll 2d20 on a Dexterity check/save and take the better result.

The Philosopher– Once per session you can roll 2d20 on a Will check/save and take the better result.


I’m Good at Stuff… 

<Choose One>


Kill Stuff– When you successfully kill a creature, you attack the adjacent creature as a free action.

Hurtin’ Stuff– You know how to make an attack hurt.  Once per combat you deal max damage with your weapon.

The Deflector– You can wield two light blades (daggers, etc).  Once per combat when a creature makes a melee attack on you, make a Luck roll; if the roll favors you, the attack misses (player’s choice when to use this ability in combat).

Succeed on Stuff– Once per session you automatically succeed on a saving throw.

Lucky– Once per session you automatically succeed on a Luck roll.  Also- once per session you can reroll a failed roll.

Damned Hearty– You start with an additional 2d3 HP at character creation.

Sneaky Bastard– If you succeed a Dexterity save and sneak up on a target unawares, you deal an extra 1d6 damage.

Quick Recovery– Once per session you can rally past the damage and regain 1d6 Strength.

Gun Nut– If you are armed with a musket or heavy gun, you are able to make a single brace attack if a creature comes into melee range, even if you have already attacked with the rifle.


The New Ones

Beast Master– When encountering a hostile animal, make a luck check.  If the roll favors you the animal will not attack you unless you (or your party) takes aggressive actions towards it.

Animal Friend– You start play with a 1HD animal companion.  This can be a wolf, horse, dog, hawk, pseudo-dragon, etc.  The GM can grant special permission for a 2HD creature like a bear.  If the creature dies, you will attract a new one within 1d4 weeks.

Aberration– You have resistance and weakness to types of elemental/energy damage.  Choose one type of damage- that damage type is always Impaired for you, the exact opposite is always Enhanced for you (IE. fire damage is always Impaired for you, but ice damage is always Enhanced; Holy damage is Impaired for you, but Necrotic damage is always Enhanced).

Arcanum Tuned– You understand the inner workings of Arcanum.  Once per day, if a roll is required to operate a piece of Arcanum, you automatically succeed.

Weapon Master– Choose one weapon, gain +1 damage with it.  When you reach Master level, increase the bonus to +2 and choose another weapon to become mastered in, gaining a +1 bonus.
At Death’s Door– Once per session, if you are reduced to 0 Strength, roll a Luck roll.  If the roll favors you, you somehow survive and regain 1d3 Strength back as a second wind.

The Navigator– You can never become lost or turned around.  You freaky compass-like being, you.

Natural Arcanum– Your birth was special.  You have a natural Arcanum-like power that you can use once per day (player and the GM should discuss the power and agree).



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