The Revenant- Coming Back From the Dead in High Noon

Last night I started working on one of the last chapters of High Noon, “But I Want it Weird!”

I’ve previously posted some of the Weird classes you can find in this chapter.  The Weird Scientist, Sorcerer, Shaman, and Knight of Faith.

Last night I worked out some quick rules for cowpolk who decide that death just ain’t for them…

Coming Back From the Dead

Revenant 1

Sometimes a cowpolk has unfinished business.  When a PC (or important NPC dies) there is a chance they will rise from the grave to carry out their unfinished business.  Roll a d100 and if the result is 20% or lower (the GM is free to set the % chance even lower), the character rises from the grave as a revenant after 1d3 days.


A player is free to come up with their own reason of unfinished business.  This can be “kill the bastard that ended my life.” Or “bring down the gang that murdered my family.” Or even “Make sure my daughter marries the right man.”


Characters as a Revenant

Characters continue to gain levels as per their class descriptions, but no longer gain any Hit Points (or hit dice if the group is using Hit Point Option 3, pg XX).  While a revenant may not gain any further HP, they do ignore 1d4 points of damage from any source of damage.


Lost hit points do not recover at the normal rate for a revenant, instead taking twice as long (see Healing in Chapter 4, pg XX).  A revenant survives by drinking blood (this can be from a dead animal, person, etc.) and once per day regains 1d3 HP by doing so.  Revenants that don’t feed on blood once per day become emaciated and pallid looking.


No Soul

A revenant is immune to all diseases, poisons, and fear effects due to being an undead creature.  A revenant character starts with one less Luck Point per session than normal due to the unfortunate fact that they are dead.


Unfinished Business

When a revenant completes their unfinished business, it is time for that hombre to finally take a dirt nap and venture into the great unknown.  They are gone, make a new character.


Taking Too Long on Unfinished Business


Each month a revenant is walking among the living they must roll under their Constitution score.  Failure means that their body decays and they lose 1 point of Constitution permanently.  When a revenant is reduced to 0 in their Constitution their visage is horrifying and most likely townsfolk are coming after them with pitchforks, torches, and shotguns.  Success means the revenant does not decay further and retains their current visage (whatever that may be).


As a side note- the upcoming movie Revenant looks badass, totally gameable, AND will probably end up in the High Noon Appendix N.

Speaking of High Noon Appendix N… If you haven’t seen the Backwater Gospel animated short, do yourself a favor and watch it…


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