Hubris Kickstarter- Heading Into Week 3! 90% FUNDED!


The second week of the Hubris Kickstarter kicked butt!  The week ended with seeing Hubris hit 90% funded!  And we still have two weeks to go!  I’m

The excitement and reception of the KS has been fucking awesome!  I want to thank everyone for being supportive of the project!

I’m really hoping we succeed at getting some of the stretch goals I have planned!

The first two stretch goals are:

$5,000 Variant Cover and Art- Jez Gordon will design a variant cover that will be exclusive to kickstarter backers for the first year of release.  This stretch goal also allows more art to be added to the book!

$6,000 MORE ART!- The book will be PACKED with more art by the many talented artists of the Hubris campaign setting project! 

After that are two more levels:

$6,600 EVEN MORE ART!- The book will be PACKED with even more art by the many talented artists of the Hubris campaign setting project!

$7,000- MONSTERS FROM THE VOID: Harley Stroh, Wayne Snyder, David Lewis Johnson, Adam Muszkiewicz, and Kelvin Green have agreed to do five unique monsters each!  Kelvin Green and Wayne Snyder will be doing the art for their own creations and David Lewis Johnson will do the art of his, Adam Muszkiewicz’s, and Harley Stroh’s monsters.  That is an additional 20 kick ass monsters and art for Hubris!  

I may create other stretch goals in the future- but my goal with Hubris is to keep everything simple and not collapse under the bloat.

Shameless Plugs

Tenkar’s Tavern showed some Hubris love!

Alex Mayo wants to get some whores!  Show Hubris some love!

I did an interview with the awesome Brianna Sheldon

And Jez Gordon shared some kind words about Hubris (and myself):

“The best thing to come of out the very first Secret Santicore for me was some great online friends. +Mike Evans  is one of them, and in the four years since he’s been hammer and tongs on his Hubris campaign setting. Dude’s put in some serious yards, it’s great, and I’m mighty proud of him for sticking with it. Go help make his dream come true.”


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