What is SO Special About The Strip of Wizard’s Flesh- d12 chart


Figured I’d go with a little whimsy this AM and create this.  Also was inspired by Dungeon Dozen to do a d12 chart.

What is SO Special About The Strip of Wizard’s Flesh
Roll 1d12 Result
1 It is actually a map to an underground city.
2 Scrawled on the underside is the history of the goblin empire.
3 It is now a scroll to open a portal to another dimension.
4 It has the memories and personality of the wizard and when soaked in alcohol for 24 hours will communicate telepathically for 1d4 hours before going dry and crusty again.
5 If sewn to the chest of a person it grants +2 to saves against mind-controlling spells.
6 If worn like a bracer, it grants +1 AC.
7 It is the only thing that can kill the demon Orcus.
8 It will nullify the effects of one spell before crumbling into ash.
9 If sewn to the back of a cat the wizard’s personality will possess the feline and he will live again!
10 The flesh contains 1d6 spells.  The highest is level 2d3.
11 It is extremely lucky.  Once per day the wielder can turn one failed roll into a success.
12 It tastes like bubblegum.

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