Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure- Kickstarter- Heading into Week Two! Let’s Talk Stretch Goals!


Last Saturday I launched my Hubris Kickstarter and we finished out the first week incredibly strong!  We ended at $2960.00, which is 73% of the base funding goal!

Last week I did a post with a bit more info on Hubris as well as released the Blighted Sands!  The territory of the horrible Klind!   And finally the dashing Trey Causey did a post talking about Hubris as did the studly Chuck Thorin blog about the insanity that is Hubris.


Stretch Goals

When I was designing the Hubris Kickstarter, I didn’t want to go crazy with stretch goals…  I’ve seen too many (and heard many other stories) were the KS became bogged down, failed, etc. because the stretch goals became too crazy, expensive, or whatever.

So I decided to keep mine in line with Hubirs- How can I make this book better…?  With more awesome art!  I want this book to be packed with gorgeous art from the many talented artists who are working alongside me on this project.  Not to mention the golden tip stretch goal at 7,000!  Having Harley Stroh, Wayne Snyder, David Lewis Johnson, Adam Muszkiewicz, and Kelvin Green do five monsters each for Hubris will be AWESOME!!

Here are the stretch goals as shown on the KS page.

$5,000 Variant Cover and Art- Jez Gordon will design a variant cover that will be exclusive to kickstarter backers for the first year of release.  This stretch goal also allows more art to be added to the book!

$6,000 MORE ART!- The book will be PACKED with more art by the many talented artists of the Hubris campaign setting project! 

$6,600 EVEN MORE ART!- The book will be PACKED with even more art by the many talented artists of the Hubris campaign setting project!

$7,000- MONSTERS FROM THE VOID: Harley Stroh, Wayne Snyder, David Lewis Johnson, Adam Muszkiewicz, and Kelvin Green have agreed to do five unique monsters each!  Kelvin Green and Wayne Snyder will be doing the art for their own creations and David Lewis Johnson will do the art of his, Adam Muszkiewicz’s, and Harley Stroh’s monsters.  That is an additional 20 kick ass monsters and art for Hubris!  

I may create other stretch goals in the future- but my goal with Hubris is to keep everything simple and not collapse under the bloat.

Shameless Plug

James Spahn, the author of the awesome White Star, gave me (and Hubris) quite a few praises last week:

Hey, you! Yeah you! Listen up, you petulant meat sack!

Resident  warrior-god and amazing OSR creator +Mike Evans is launching his first Kickstarter. Now I know what you’re thinking and  first of all – STOP IT, YOUR MOTHER WOULD BE ASHAMED. Secondly, don’t just dismiss this as yet another Kickstarter. Mike’s grabbing DCC by the balls, ripping them off, mortifying them and then reattaching them twice as big withHubris, a high-octane meat-grinder for Dungeon Crawl Classics.

You wanted new classes and weapons? Well how about a Murder Machine wielding a pair of over-packed Flintlock pistols before whipping out a nasty serrated knife and then getting to the gut work? Because that’s what you’re getting with Hubris – it’s a no holds barred book and Mike has recruited the likes of +Alex Mayo,+Doug Kovacs  and +Jez Gordon (just to name a few to bring this horrible, putrescent tome of badassery to a bloody, angry life. But these things don’t animate themselves, and he could use your help. So throw a few bucks at him and get in early on what will undoubtedly be some of the most original and well-written DCC content to hit the shelves in quite some time.

Alright- well here’s heading into week two!


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