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Into the Odd Campaign Idea


I really dig Into the Odd.  It is super rules-lite, got a nice bit of weirdness (which I dig, obviously).  I even created a few house-rule abilities for it that I would allow players to choose from.

So this AM I was pondering what I would include in a campaign- if I were to run an Into the Odd game…

I like broad brushstrokes type shit when first creating a campaign…  If the players decide to “head in that direction”- that’s when I better get shit prepped (a major reason I love tables and charts).

Into the Odd World



Vornheim would be to the north (because I love that book).  Vornheim and Bastion (the mega-city in Into the Odd) have some weird war or competition going on…  There is a deep seeded mistrust going on… People from Bastion would all say, “All people from Vornheim are fops and too avant garde!” even though they are equally foppish and avant garde-y… but you know- it’s a BETTER and more enlightened style (to them).  Vornheim people would scoff and roll their eyes, “can you believe that people from Bastion wear blue jays and parrots in their hats… those are SO last year… Flamingos are the way to go- the Red Queen loves them (Red and Pleasant Land leaking in here).”

Anyways- both cities are huge- and they HATE one another…  They also despise the fact that SOMEHOW Underground is always connected between the two cities- no matter how often the portals are destroyed, plugged or whatever.  It’s just a matter of how long it takes to traverse the great distance and the dangers, troubles and treasures you face…

Vornheim is actually built on the glacial Polar Ocean- because Vornheim is opulent and grand and filthy and whatever else.  Whoever built Vornheim said “fuck you!” to nature and dared to dream big…  Thus it is.

Red and Pleasant Land is to the North West.  You have to slog through a terrible forest with screaming trees, flesh eating snails, fucked up fae, and ruins that stretch for miles and miles, yet can be contained in the brain of a small child.  Red and Pleasant Land can also be reached through traveling the Underground…  Oftentimes on a Wednesday- if you crawl through a portal backwards with a pig on your head.  Merchants and their body guards attempt this most often to ensure an expedient trip… doesn’t always work.

To the East is the Floating Island of Terror (from Hubris)- I wrote it and love- so I’m putting it in there…  hundreds of miles of waste, metal, bodies, and rubbish stretch below the Floating Island of Terror- discarded by the factory workers, loyal (or afraid) of the Black Queen.  Terrible creatures and treasures can be found in this rusted wasteland… It is said a Vorn has a massive church here somewhere.  Also a shanty town- it’s like Borderlands- cannibals, mutants, midgets with shotguns and mohawks, etc. Oh and its like Limbo- always shadowy, scary, and lonely…  Only the laughing of psychos running after you or the growl of an emaciated nightmare greet your ears…

To the South West is a swamp- flowing down the River of Tears to the fetid swamp.  It is believed that many towns and cities fell into ruin when this land became cursed.  Surly goods can be found here.  It’s also where Scenic Dunnsmouth can be found, because it’s awesome and killer and weird and perfect.  Oh and their are snake cults and flesh readers in the swamps- have fun getting there.

To the South East is the stretching sands and dunes of the Slumbering Ursine Dunes.  Oh and orcs with explosives (Mad Max Fury Road style).  They enjoy going boom!  Sandstorms, werebears and weresharks…  A cool pointcrawl adventure that is easy to run and cool.

The Golden Lands

Not pictured here, but I can see Yoon-Suin being part of the Golden Lands… Alien, isolated, far away… Oh and horrible…

I think this would be a fun way to run Into the Odd and easily connectable by the Undergound and just a happy ol’ fuck all attitude.  I think once shit calms down I’ll run it for my group!  First I gotta playtest High Noon though.



Into the Odd- House Rules Abilities, Part II

Into the Odd


A few weeks ago I posted some quick house-rule abilities for Into the Odd that make each character just slightly unique and snowflakey.

I’ve added a few new ones…  So here you be.


The Archetype

<Choose One>

The Hero– Once per session you can roll 2d20 on a Strength check/save and take the better result.

The Rogue– Once per session you can roll 2d20 on a Dexterity check/save and take the better result.

The Philosopher– Once per session you can roll 2d20 on a Will check/save and take the better result.


I’m Good at Stuff… 

<Choose One>


Kill Stuff– When you successfully kill a creature, you attack the adjacent creature as a free action.

Hurtin’ Stuff– You know how to make an attack hurt.  Once per combat you deal max damage with your weapon.

The Deflector– You can wield two light blades (daggers, etc).  Once per combat when a creature makes a melee attack on you, make a Luck roll; if the roll favors you, the attack misses (player’s choice when to use this ability in combat).

Succeed on Stuff– Once per session you automatically succeed on a saving throw.

Lucky– Once per session you automatically succeed on a Luck roll.  Also- once per session you can reroll a failed roll.

Damned Hearty– You start with an additional 2d3 HP at character creation.

Sneaky Bastard– If you succeed a Dexterity save and sneak up on a target unawares, you deal an extra 1d6 damage.

Quick Recovery– Once per session you can rally past the damage and regain 1d6 Strength.

Gun Nut– If you are armed with a musket or heavy gun, you are able to make a single brace attack if a creature comes into melee range, even if you have already attacked with the rifle.


The New Ones

Beast Master– When encountering a hostile animal, make a luck check.  If the roll favors you the animal will not attack you unless you (or your party) takes aggressive actions towards it.

Animal Friend– You start play with a 1HD animal companion.  This can be a wolf, horse, dog, hawk, pseudo-dragon, etc.  The GM can grant special permission for a 2HD creature like a bear.  If the creature dies, you will attract a new one within 1d4 weeks.

Aberration– You have resistance and weakness to types of elemental/energy damage.  Choose one type of damage- that damage type is always Impaired for you, the exact opposite is always Enhanced for you (IE. fire damage is always Impaired for you, but ice damage is always Enhanced; Holy damage is Impaired for you, but Necrotic damage is always Enhanced).

Arcanum Tuned– You understand the inner workings of Arcanum.  Once per day, if a roll is required to operate a piece of Arcanum, you automatically succeed.

Weapon Master– Choose one weapon, gain +1 damage with it.  When you reach Master level, increase the bonus to +2 and choose another weapon to become mastered in, gaining a +1 bonus.
At Death’s Door– Once per session, if you are reduced to 0 Strength, roll a Luck roll.  If the roll favors you, you somehow survive and regain 1d3 Strength back as a second wind.

The Navigator– You can never become lost or turned around.  You freaky compass-like being, you.

Natural Arcanum– Your birth was special.  You have a natural Arcanum-like power that you can use once per day (player and the GM should discuss the power and agree).


The Hair Wizard- OSR(ish) Alternate Wizard Class

The Hair Wizard (Inspired by 80’s music)

Hair Wizard 3

The Hair Wizard is a bizarre off-shoot of arcane study.  These wizards are gregarious, loud, and unnecessarily showy.  The way they dress is often thrown into question; their hair is long, and combed to be big and full.  Their clothes range from pants and jackets that are made of tight black leather, lined with studs, wearing vests without a shirt underneath, to brightly colored outfits that are of strange designs (IE. pants with billowing legs, but are tapered to skinny ankle fit, jackets with massive shoulder pads, shirts with prismatic colored shapes printed, and strange off-color ties, etc.).  Hair wizards often put on excessive amounts of make-up, using a wide array of clashing colors and strange lines.

A gathering of Hair Wizards

A gathering of Hair Wizards

When pressed as to where a Hair Wizard receives their power, they enigmatically reply, “Through the power of ROCK.”  Many assume that this is a secret deity that this strange cult of wizards worship and revere.


Headbang– Once per day a wizard can headbang while chanting and recover the use of one spell they have already cast.  The spell that can be recovered must be equal to half or less than your max spell level (minimum of level 1).


Recovering Spells: A Hair Wizard doesn’t recover spells by sleeping and relaxing.  They recover spells by partying, living a decadent Devil May Care Lifestyle; booze, drugs, pretty girls and/or handsome guys hanging off their arms.  Life is good!


If a Hair Wizard is boring and lives life in the mundane they only regain half of each spell level that they can cast (rounded down).


Example: Jessie Jessie Flash, the Hair Wizard, and his group slept in a dungeon- getting MUCH needed sleep.  However Flash didn’t get to be fabulous and shine that night so he only recovered half his spell allotment.  Normally he would regain 4 level 1 spells, 3 level 2 spells, and 1 level 3 spell.  In the morning he can only cast 2 level 1 and 1 level 2 spells.


Casting Spells

A Hair Wizard casting a spell

A Hair Wizard casting a spell

Hair Wizards are NOT subtle casters of the arcane arts.  They are vibrant, epic casters!  Go flashy, or go home!  When a Hair Wizard casts a spell illusionary small fireworks pop, fizz, whiz, and crackle around them; small gouts of flame burst from the ground; steam and fog rolls across the ground, and streamers of confetti or oddly-colored and shaped paper falls from the ceiling.  None of this has a mechanical effect, except it makes the Hair Wizard look epic and flashy.


The Shoulder Rub

Epic Shoulder Rubbage!

Epic Shoulder Rubbage!

Once per day, a Hair Wizard is able to stand back to back with a comrade-in-arms and while casting a spell move back and forth in a slow rhythmic rocking motion with their shoulder blades touching.  This increases Hair Wizard’s caster level by 1 for that spell.


NOTE: Weapons and armor restrictions, saves, and level progression the same as Wizard.


Spell List by Level


1st Level Spells

A Kind of Magic (link)

As Prestidigitation.


Cult of Personality (link)

Range: Touched

Duration: 1 hour

The touched target becomes enhanced by the glamour that is Rock!  When making Charisma-based rolls, the target rolls 2d20 and takes the higher of the two.


Dream Warriors (link)

Range: 25’ +5’ every two levels

Duration: 1 round/level

The Hair Wizard is able to summon a spectral level 1 warrior to aid them in combat.  At 5th level a Hair Wizard is able to summon two level 1 warriors, at 10th level, a Hair Wizard can summon three level 1 warriors or 1 level 2 warrior.  At 15th level, a Hair Wizard can summon four level 1 warriors, 2 level 2 warriors, or 1 level 4 warrior.


Gigantic (link)

As Enlarge Person


Heaven (link)

As Protection From Evil


I Love it Loud (link)

Range: Special- see text

Duration: Instantaneous

The Hair Wizard summons a wave of thunderous force that hits all targets in a 15’ cone, emanating from them.  Any target in the area must succeed a Constitution-based save or become deafened for 2d4 rounds, take 2d6 damage, and be thrown back 1d10’.  If the target succeeds the saving throw they suffer half damage, aren’t deafened or pushed back.


Institutionalized (link)

As Hideous Laughter


More Than Words (link)

As Charm person

Runaway (link)

Range: 30’ radius

Duration 1 round/level

You increase your movement speed to 80’/rnd when running away from enemies.  It’s fabulous to fight, but sometimes it’s even more flashy to run away and


The Flame (link)

As Burning Hands


The Message (link)

As Message.


Wild Side (link)

Cause person to fly into a rage as per the Barbarian ability.


2nd Level Spells

Give Me The Night (link)

As Darkness.


I Wanna Be Somebody (link)

As Alter Self


Pour Some Sugar On Me (link)

Range: See description

Duration: 1/rnd a level.

The caster’s body becomes coated in a glaze of delicious sugar.  Any creature within 15’ must succeed a Wisdom-based saving throw or become entranced and come over and start licking the Hair Wizard’s skin.  These targets will not fight, argue or break away while they are able to lick the wizard and taste the sugar.  Targets of 4HD or more are not affected by this spell.


The Flame (link)– Concert Edition

As Pyrotechnics.


Thriller (link)

As Scare.


Walking on Thin Ice (link)

Range: 60ft

Duration: Permanent

The ground in a 30 foot radius becomes weakened and cracks and crumbles if more than 75 pounds are put on it.  The terrain becomes difficult, reducing movement speed by 50%.  If this spell is cast on actual ice, it instantly breaks and targets in the affected area plummet into the frigid waters.


3rd Level Spells

Bad Medicine (link)

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent

The Hair Wizard’s touch is able to corrupt food and water.  Even holy water and healing potions are turned into fetid, stinking water.  Food rots and molds instantly.


Dr. Feelgood (link)

Range: Touch

Duration: Instantaneous

The Hair Wizard is able to channel the power of Rock and heal a target.  The Hair Wizard heals 1d6 points of damage every two Hair Wizard levels.


Jump (link)

As Fly.


Nobody’s Fool (link)

Range: Touch

Duration: 1 hour/level

The touched target becomes immune to all illusion effects and spells for the duration.


Rip It Up (link)

Range: 5’ radius up to 25’ away.

Duration: Instantaneous

This spell causes all paper to become aged, ripped up and shredded.  A wizard’s spell book can be affected by this spell.  The book receives a saving throw (roll 1d20 and have the PC call high or low).  If the save fails, 1d4 spells (choose randomly) are destroyed by this spell.  Magical books are not affected by this spell.


Under Pressure (link)

Range: 25’ line

Duration: 1 hour/level

The Hair Wizard is able to increase the weight of a number of items equal to their level by 75%.  If a target is wearing the items, they can be crushed by the weight (suffering 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, or 1d10 per round- depends on weight of the item).


We Aren’t Gonna Take It (link)

Range: Personal

Duration: 1d4 rounds

The Hair Wizard repels any item that is cast in their direction (including missile and melee attacks).  The item is cast 2d10 feet in a random direction.  If the item is held in a person’s hand, they must succeed a Strength check to maintain their grip on the item.


4th Level Spells

… And Justice For All (link)

Range: 30’ radius

Duration: 1d4 rounds

The Hair Wizard is able to channel the righteousness of the Rock!  Any ally in a 30’ radius is fueled by the vengeance of Rock!  If a target makes an attack on an enhanced ally, that ally can make an immediate free attack with a +20 to their roll.  This effect lasts for the duration.


Atomic Dog (link)

Range: See below

Duration: Instantaneous

The Hair Wizard summons an eerie glowing dog that runs into an area (up to 1000’ from the Hair Wizard) and explodes (as Fireball, but increase the area to 40’ radius).  The explosion leaves high background radiation in a 300’ radius area for 100 years.  Any target in this area takes 1 point of permanent Constitution damage (no save) per round as radiation sickness.


Don’t Close Your Eyes (link)

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent

The epicness of the Hair Wizard fills the mind of the afflicted, making it so it is nearly impossible for them to sleep.  Each night the target must succeed at a Wisdom-based save (-2 to the roll) to be able to sleep.  If they fail, they are too pumped up by thoughts of the Hair Wizard and their awesome flash to sleep.  The target suffers all the effects of fatigue and exhaustion.


Every Rose Has Its Thorn (link)

As Thorn Body


Home Sweet Home (link)

As Secure Shelter.


In the Air Tonight (link)

As Gaseous Form


In Your Eyes (link)

See through targets eyes that you have met.  Functions like Scrying spell.


Poison (link)

As Poison spell.


Raining Blood (link)

Range: Cast up to 100’ away, 40’ radius

Duration: Instantaneous

Blood pours from an open wound in the sky.  Any target in the area is blinded for 1d4 rounds (no save), the ground is coated in thick, slick blood, reducing movement speed by 75% for 1 hour, until the blood dries, and the targets must make a Constitution-based save or be affected as if by the Contagion spell.


5th Level Spells

Been Around the World (link)

As Teleport


Dude Looks Like a Lady (link)

Range: 50’

Duration: Permanent

The Hair Wizard is able to transform a male into a female permanently.  The target is able to make a one time Constitution-based save to resist this effect.



Metal Health (Bang Your Head) (link)

Range: 50 line

Duration: 1 round every two Hair Wizard levels

The Hair Wizard channels the healing power of Rock into a target within a 50’ line (this can be self as well).  The target is instantly cured of one poison or disease as well as any fear effects.  If the target headbangs and nothing else, they regain 1d6+3 HP every two rounds.  Once the target stops headbanging, the power of Rock leaves them.


Push It (link)

As Telekinesis


Shout at the Devil (link)

Range: 25’ +5’ every two levels

Duration: 1 round/level

The Hair Wizard is able to summon a devil or demon to aid them.  This can be four 1HD demons, three 2 HD, two 3 HD or 1 4HD demon(s).


6th Level Spells

Blister in the Sun (link)

Range: Touch

Duration: 2 rounds/level

The Hair Wizard curses someone with an affliction that makes them sensitive to sunlight.  The afflicted person suffers 2d6 points of damage per round while in direct sunlight, 1d6 points of damage per round if in indirect sunlight.  If a target is in direct sunlight for more than 5 rounds, they are utterly destroyed.


Kiss Me Deadly (link)

Range: Target kissed

Duration: Instantaneous

The Hair Wizard kisses a target.  Spell functions as Disintegrate.


Master of Puppets (link)

As Charm Person, Mass


Somebody Save Me (link)

Range: 10’

Duration: 2 rounds +1 round/level

The Hair Wizard points at a target, and through the power of Rock, compels them to jump in front of oncoming attacks.  Any attack that hits the Hair Wizard automatically hits the chosen target instead.  If the target dies during the duration, they stay floating creepily in the air as if suspended by metal cables, rocking back and forth on a stage until the duration is over.


7th Level Spells

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (link)

Range: 100’ away, 50’ radius

Duration: 1 round every two levels

All enemies in a 50’ radius must make a Wisdom-based save or become cursed with pain.  If the target moves or attacks they suffer 1d6 per wizard level in damage.


Poison- the epic version (link)

As Poison Breath.


Rock You Like a Hurricane (link)

As Control Weather


Welcome to the Jungle (link)

As Animate Plants


8th Level Spells

Angel of Death (link)

The Hair Wizard summons an angel from the great beyond to bring back a fallen friend.  This works as Resurrection.


Don’t You Forget About Me (link)

Range: 300 ft

Duration: See below

The Hair Wizard becomes an obsession of the afflicted target.  The target is unable to get the Hair Wizard out of their mind, suffering -2 to all actions.  They never will forget the Hair Wizard and will seek them out often.  The target receives an initial Wisdom-based save to avoid this effect.  After they have become ensnared, they receive a save each week (suffering -2 to their roll) to break the effect.


Seek and Destroy (link)

Range: Special

Duration: Instantaneous

This spell allows the Hair Wizard to cast any spell at a target anywhere in the world.  The Hair Wizard must know the target and have a rough idea of their location to use this.  This can be a beneficial or harmful spell.


9th Level Spells

Cities in Dust (link)

Range: 3 mile radius

Duration: 4d6 hours

This epic ballad takes and hour to cast, but once completed the Hair Wizard summon a massive dust storm to blanket a town or city.  The dust blinds any who are in it, reducing vision to 3’.  Every minute in the storm a target must succeed a Constitution-based save or suffer 1 point of Constitution damage (temporary) due to suffocating.  Rivers in the area become mucky and sludgy for 1d3 days and steams take 2d6 days to recover.  There is a 40% chance that any crop in the area will be choked out and killed because of the storm.


Purple Rain (link)

Range: 500’ away, 500’ radius

Duration: See below


The Hair Wizard reaches into the depths of Rock and causes purple rain to fall from the sky.  The rain dyes everything purple (which slowly fades over 2d12 months and can cause madness.  All targets in the area must make a Wisdom-based save or have either their Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma scores reduced to 0 (temporarily)- Hair Wizard’s choice as to what stat is drained when the spell is cast.  This spell has brought entire cities to their knees.  Afflicted targets regain 1 lost Ability point per day after the first 24 hours.  If the target succeeds their saving throw, they only lose 1d4 ability points in the afflicted stat.  Casting this spell takes three days of solid concentration.


Ride the Lightning (link)

As Storm of Vengeance.


Strings of Life (link)

Range: Touched target

Duration: Permanent

The Hair Wizard uses the power of Rock to attach their life essence to another creature.  So long as the creature lives, so does the Hair Wizard.  If a Hair Wizard is killed, destroyed, etc. they will rise up after 1d3 days with full HP.  Even if the Hair Wizard’s body is destroyed, they will come back.  This spell takes 24 hours to cast.  If the linked target is killed or dies, the Hair Wizard suffers 5d10 damage immediately and cannot cast this spell again for six months.


Hair Wizard 1

The Hubris Kickstarter- First Stretch Goal Hit! Just Over a Day Left to GO!!!


If you are curious about Hubris- here is what I’ve released on my blog over the years.

Very exciting!  Last night we saw Hubris Kickstarter hit its first stretch goal of $5,000!!  This means that Hubris KS backers will get the choice between the original and variant cover by the super talented and awesome Jez Gordon!  It also means that more art will be done by David Lewis Johnson and Jeremy Duncan (and possibly others!).

How Much Art Comes Out of These Stretch Goals?

The world of Hubris

                                            The world of Hubris

I don’t have an EXACT number for you, but it’s QUITE A BIT.  Art ain’t cheap, but David Lewis Johnson and Jeremy are kick ass artists, enthusiastic, and fucking raring to go on Hubris!  Each stretch goal guarantees MORE art- with the $6,600 goal meaning that EVERY monster in the Hubris Bestiary (and there is quite a few of them) gets an illustration!  How awesome would that be?!  If we hit all the stretch goals we are looking at (rough estimate) anywhere between 90-25 additional pieces (it depends on the size of the picture- going from 1/8 page to full page illustrations!)…  This would be an awesome thing to have in Hubris!


Kickstarter Image - Copy

The $7,000 stretch goal means that five super awesome, talented, and kick ass RPGers will each create 5 unique and horrid monsters for Hubris (and this WILL be illustrated!).

The terrifying monstrosity, the Water Bear

The terrifying monstrosity, the Water Bear


Hubris Pimpage

Adam Muszkiewicz did a post stating some very kind words about me and Hubris.  Thank you!

The Revenant- Coming Back From the Dead in High Noon

Last night I started working on one of the last chapters of High Noon, “But I Want it Weird!”

I’ve previously posted some of the Weird classes you can find in this chapter.  The Weird Scientist, Sorcerer, Shaman, and Knight of Faith.

Last night I worked out some quick rules for cowpolk who decide that death just ain’t for them…

Coming Back From the Dead

Revenant 1

Sometimes a cowpolk has unfinished business.  When a PC (or important NPC dies) there is a chance they will rise from the grave to carry out their unfinished business.  Roll a d100 and if the result is 20% or lower (the GM is free to set the % chance even lower), the character rises from the grave as a revenant after 1d3 days.


A player is free to come up with their own reason of unfinished business.  This can be “kill the bastard that ended my life.” Or “bring down the gang that murdered my family.” Or even “Make sure my daughter marries the right man.”


Characters as a Revenant

Characters continue to gain levels as per their class descriptions, but no longer gain any Hit Points (or hit dice if the group is using Hit Point Option 3, pg XX).  While a revenant may not gain any further HP, they do ignore 1d4 points of damage from any source of damage.


Lost hit points do not recover at the normal rate for a revenant, instead taking twice as long (see Healing in Chapter 4, pg XX).  A revenant survives by drinking blood (this can be from a dead animal, person, etc.) and once per day regains 1d3 HP by doing so.  Revenants that don’t feed on blood once per day become emaciated and pallid looking.


No Soul

A revenant is immune to all diseases, poisons, and fear effects due to being an undead creature.  A revenant character starts with one less Luck Point per session than normal due to the unfortunate fact that they are dead.


Unfinished Business

When a revenant completes their unfinished business, it is time for that hombre to finally take a dirt nap and venture into the great unknown.  They are gone, make a new character.


Taking Too Long on Unfinished Business


Each month a revenant is walking among the living they must roll under their Constitution score.  Failure means that their body decays and they lose 1 point of Constitution permanently.  When a revenant is reduced to 0 in their Constitution their visage is horrifying and most likely townsfolk are coming after them with pitchforks, torches, and shotguns.  Success means the revenant does not decay further and retains their current visage (whatever that may be).


As a side note- the upcoming movie Revenant looks badass, totally gameable, AND will probably end up in the High Noon Appendix N.

Speaking of High Noon Appendix N… If you haven’t seen the Backwater Gospel animated short, do yourself a favor and watch it…

Abandoned Mine Adventure Location

Collapsed Mine Adventure Location

I love this image and decided to do a one page adventure for shits and giggles and share it.  Enjoy.


Here’s the original image.

Star Wars Playable Races for White Star- Including Connection and Skill Rules

In honor of the new Force Awakens Trailer being released (which is AWESOME by the way), I thought it’d be cool do a few of the Star Wars races up for kick ass White Star RPG system.

Wrathofzombie White Star Classes


Swoop Racer

Bionic Solder

Tech Specialist





Humans exist anywhere in the galaxy.  Humans are tenacious and somehow always able to get themselves out of trouble.  Humans with one skill of their choice and also are born with innate luck.  Once per session they are allowed to reroll one failed roll.


Recommended Class: Any


Mon Calamari

Mon Calimari


Amphibious: Mon Calamari can breathe in both oxygen and water.

Swim: Mon Calamari start with the swim skill (for stunts and complex movements) and have a swim speed of 24’.

Calculating:  Mon Calamari are smart.  Change their Intelligence score to 15 if they rolled anything less.


Recommended Class: Any





Choose from White Star Robot or Wrathofzombie Robot class options





Strong: A wookie can pull people’s arms out of their sockets.  Change their strength score to 16 if they rolled anything less.

Rage: Wookies can fly into a rage. For the duration of one combat the wookie gains + 2 to attack and damage and + 2 saves against mild-altering and fear effects, but suffers -2 to AC.  After combat the wookie is exhausted and suffers -2 to all rolls and AC until they rest fully for one hour.  This ability cannot be used again until the exhaustion has passed.

Claws: Wookies have claws that they can use in battle, however it is considered a terrible crime to do so, and that the wookie has given over to their animalistic side.  Their claws do 1d6 damage.

Bowcaster: The bowcaster is a weapon created by wookies that fire superheated slugs.  A wookie begins play with a bowcaster (2d6 damage).


Recommended Class: Any





Scent: Bothan have a strong sense of smell.  They start with the scent skill.

Strong-willed: Bothans are not an easily manipulated people.  They roll 2d20 and take the higher of the two on any save against mind-altering effects, attempts to intimidate, etc.

Connection: Bothans have a web of connections and contacts.  A bothan starts with an additional level 2 contact at level 1 (see rules below).


Recommended Class: Any





Tracker: Rodians are natural hunters.  They start with the tracking and notice skills.

Violent Upbringing: Rodians tend to revel in violence, hence why many become bounty hunters or thugs.  A rodian is able to use any weapon (except a lightsaber), regardless of class restrictions.

Ignore Pain: Rodians have a thick skin and ignore 1 point of physical damage.





Stealth: Trandoshan are sneaky and devious.  They being play with the Stealth skill.

Claws: Trandoshan have claws that they can use in combat.  Their claws do 1d6-1 damage.

Strength: Trandoshans are strong creatures.  Change their strength to a 15 if they rolled anything less.





Lekku: All twi’lek have brain tails on their heads that make it difficult for targets to sneak up on them.  The threat range of a creature attempting to surprise a twi’lek is reduced by 1 (IE. a thug that normally would surprise a target on a 1-2 on a d6 is now only able to surprise on a 1).  Twi’lek are able to communicate with one another through the movements of their lekku.


Charisma: Twi’lek are renowned for their physical beauty (especially females).  Twi’lek roll 2d20 and take the higher of the two for all Charisma tests.


Connection Rules

At character creation a play can create two level 1 contacts or one level 2 contact.  After this initial point, all contacts must be gained through role-playing.  A contact could be a whore, a starship captain, a hacker, a bouncer at a local bar, a fixer, a fencer, etc. It’s up to the player to decide who they are.


Level 1 Contacts- Standard contact. You use them sometimes and they may remember you, but then again they might not. They could have information you need, but they also might not know a Hacker from a shoebox. They have no loyalty to you and would rat you out at the first sign of trouble.


Level 2 Contacts- You see them on a semi-regular basis. You may have done a few favors for them, or passed enough credits their way that they’ve become more endeared, to you and you’ve become buddies. You receive +1 to Charisma checks when attempting to get a Level 2 contact to do something for you.


Level 3 Contacts- These are more than buddies to you. They are stout friends who will stand by you. You may have grown up with this person, or saved their life. You see this person on a regular basis, and really don’t even think of them as a contact anymore. Usually a level 3 contact will do whatever they can to help you- even risk bodily harm.  If a test is needed to convince the contact to help you in some way, you receive +2 to the Charisma check.

This is in conjunction to the Tech Specialists Connections ability.



Skills: Each class, unless stated in their description starts with two skills of their choice.  Rather than creating an extensive list of skills, let the player come up with their own skills.  These can be things like piloting, hacking, security, technology, alien cultures, trade, persuasion, intimidation, etc.


By-and-large a player character is able to attempt anything (however a GM is free to decided that certain things do require a skill, especially highly specialized things like hacking locks, etc.).  To do this the GM decides which attribute is appropriate and the player rolls a d20 and must roll equal to or under their attribute.  If they roll over, the attempt fails.  When a player character has a skill, they receive a +2 bonus.  A player may take a skill twice, giving them a +4 bonus.


Example: Big Eye James is attempting to pull a card from out of his cuff in a game of poker.  The GM asks if he has an appropriate skill.  James has sleight of hand, which the GM feels is more than appropriate for this situation.  Big Eye James has a Dexterity of 13- adding +2 to that for the Sleight of Hand skill.  Big Eye James rolls a 11 on his d20, thus succeeding on placing a card in his hand.