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Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure- Kickstarter now LIVE


Saturday saw the launch of my Hubris Kickstarter!  Thus far in two days we are already at 50% of our baseline goal!

Hubris is a weird fantasy, horror setting (scope out the full page of stuff I’ve put on the blog over the years) that is compatible the awesome DCC rules.  However I have designed it so that the setting, at large, can be used with pretty much any system.  The classes and monsters are stated for DCC, but the setting stuff itself is, by and large, system free.

I’ve also designed the book to be useful at the table- I kept the territories down to minimal fluff (enough to give flavor, but not go overboard) and then the charts and tables for each territory can be used on the fly to generate encounters and strange and new locations.  The goal is that each group’s Hubris will be different.  Here’s an example: The Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow.

Also in Hubris, you’ll find 11 terrible gods, four patrons (with a full list of spells, invoke ability, and spellburn), three new spells, and a host of new classes and races for the setting.  Then in the GM section there is a plethora of charts and table to use on the fly or get the creative juices flowing.

Oh and the best part- THE WRITING FOR HUBRIS HAS BEEN COMPLETED!  So has two of the proofs.  This kickstarter is paying for the layout by the amazing Alex Mayo and art by the talented David Lewis Johnson, Jez Gordon, Doug Kovacs, and Jeremy Duncan!  Also possibly many more!


The world of Hubris

The world of Hubris



Shameless Plugs

Chuck Thorin over at Geek Life Project (who helped playtest Hubris and was the first death EVER)- stated some kind words about Hubris.

Mark Van Vlack from Dust Pan Games has thrown his hat into the ring and given vocal support of Hubris.

David Lewis Johnson said some very kind words about me yesterday:

“Full disclaimer: I’m working on this and I’ve been friends with +Mike Evans since the year 2000.

I want this book to back.

Mike has written a master course on brutal world design from start to finish, and it’s immense. Furthermore, it’s not just setting fluff.

Mike is a toolmaker. This ENTIRE book is an extensive toolbox, like for master mechanics – and if you’re a GM on about the OSR, you know the difference between knockoff tools and heavy duty ones. I believe this book is the latter – it gives you everything you need to make your OWN world in the spirit of the brutal, spastic framework that Mike has dreamed over and over.

And it’s awesome.

Where do I pay my Joesky tax?”


Finally- I’ll be on Drink Spin Run tonight, being grilled by the awesome Adam Muszkiewicz and epic Donn Stroud at 9pm Eastern.  It’ll be up on their website in a few days if you miss it!

Thanks to all for the support!  I’m looking forward to Hubris crossing the finish line!


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