The Skum- Monster for DCC

The Skum

Scum pile

The Skum: Init +3; Atk as weapon +2; AC as armor; HD 2d8+5; MV 30’; Act 1d20 + 2; SP consume nightmare, immune to fear, spores, Scare spell 1x/day (as if The Skum rolled a 22-25); SV Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +0; AL N.


The Skum, in their natural form, hail from the native plane of nightmares and fear.  These pathetic creatures are able to break the barrier between realms and cross over to our where someone has died from the fear of an illusion or dream.  They feed on the remaining energies, growing into a large spot of mold (roughly the size of a toddler).  Eventually when a creature passes by, spores erupt out and infect the target with The Skum’s consciousness and personality, which begins devouring the infected person’s life essence over the course of a month (DC 14 Fort save to resist).  For the first month there is no way to tell if a target has been taken over by Skum, because even the infected do not realize what is going on.  Only under the light of the moon at 2-3am can anyone tell something is wrong.  The creature is phosphorescent, and will glow a pale green color.

The Skum glow faintly under the light of the moon.
The Skum glow faintly under the light of the moon.

Note: a player character can be infected with this for one month and act completely normal for the first month and not know they are consuming dreams at night. 


An infected person acts just like normal, however they do not sleep.  Instead they will wait until their companions sleep and then siphon the nightmares out of them.  The Skum opens their mouth and small moth-like creatures attached to cobwebs flutter down and go into a target’s ear- draining 1 point of Wisdom per night (this is reflected in the target’s dreams being consumed).  Should a target be drained to zero Wisdom they immediately die and 1d3 nights later rise as a second stage Skum.

Mold man
Second-stage Skum

Second-stage Skum occur after one month has passed.  The infected target’s essence has been fully consumed and they are now gone.  Sores and patches of mold grow on the target’s flesh.  Their hair falls out in clumps, as does their teeth and nails.  The second-stage Skum has one more month before this shell crumples down into a heap of Skum (beginning the whole process over again).  Second-stage Skum are dangerous because any slashing weapon damage releases spores from their innards.  Targets in a 5ft radius must succeed a DC 14 Fort save or suffer 2d3 Wisdom damage.  Should a target be reduced to 0 Wisdom, they will crumble into a pile of soggy mulch-like debris.  1d3 rounds after the target will rise up as a Skum husk.


Skum Husk: Init +1; Atk claws +2 (1d4+1); AC 11; HD 1d8+2; MV 30’; Act 1d20 + 2; SP immune to fear, spores; SV Fort +0, Ref +2, Will +0; AL N.

Skum Husk
Skum Husk

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