The Trash Dragon (AKA Filth Dragon)- Using DCC stats

Trash Dragon (AKA Filth Dragon)

Trash Dragon 1

Trash Dragon: Init -2; Atk bite +5 (1d4+4), claws +6 (1d6+4)- claws not useable if too corpulent; AC 14; HD 7d8; MV 30’- movement 0’ if too corpulent; Act 2d20 + 6; SP Miasma, Infravision 30’, Disease, Spells- roll randomly, but always has Patron Bond to the Corpulent One; SV Fort +8, Ref +2, Will +7; AL C.

This disgusting pitiful dragon hordes refuse and garbage, whereas their more majestic kin collects treasure and gold.  Trash dragons lurk in the sewers or foundations of large cities, gathering refuse and marinating in the filth that collects around them.  Trash dragons often become corpulent and massive, sometimes to the point where their body exceeds the length of their legs and they become completely immobile.


Trash dragons are not the brightest of the dragonkin, but often times will become the hidden leader of a crime syndicate or cult that desires to spread disease and filth throughout the world.  They always have the protection of 2d4 lackeys that are roaming about.

Trash Dragon 2

The lair of a trash dragon is disgusting and horrid.  It is filled with so much trash and excrement that targets must succeed DC 14 Fort save or become nauseated.  The afflicted target rolls one step lower on the die ladder while in the miasma and for one hour after getting to a well ventilated area.


Any target hit by trash dragon’s claws or bite must succeed a DC 14 Fort save or become diseased with trash fever (see below).


Ironically the blood of a trash dragon, when boiled down, can cure mummy rot- so it is highly sought out by alchemists.


There is always a chance for riches to be found in the filthy lair of a trash dragon, even magical items that have been lost, or taken from foolish adventurers who died while wandering the sewers.


Trash Fever: The target’s blood turns black and smells putrid.  The target’s complexion becomes pallid and they shiver and shake (suffering -2 to all rolls).  The target has an unsettling urge to lounge in filth and trash, even eating it or making elaborate nests.  The afflicted target receives a second Fort save after one week to shake off the disease.  If they fail, they have this permanently.

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