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The Blighted Sands, Home of the Klind- A Hubris Territory, Awesome Art, and the Kickstarter

PrintOn Saturday I launched the Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure Kickstarter (here’s a post I did about it) and we are already at 67%!  I have a great team assembled to do additional work (art, layout, stretch goals, etc.).  I have also opened up three more Art and Fart Level 4 ($70) pledges (these go quick)!

World of Hubris- labeled

World of Hubris- labeled


The Blighted Sands- Rolling dunes of sand stretch as far as the eye can see.  Eerie sensual voices seem to be carried on the wind of this desolate desert whispering promises, both too horrible and wonderful, to conceive, while the sand shifts, moving almost as if it were slithering like a snake.


Believed to have long ago been a land of rich resources and treasure, it is now a dangerous inhospitable wasteland.  The horrors here are some of the most dangerous and only the strongest and most terrible survive in the Blighted Sands.


The Klind Empire; the invaders, the slavers, the deviants, the worshippers of the serpentine god, Set, have made their home in this horrid land.  They roam the lands of Hubris in their bio-organic suits using the knowledge of their flesh weavers to create abominations and gather more slaves and sacrifices to be offerings to their dark god.


Devastating sandstorms, raging gigantic beasts, harsh environments, and a psychotic empire is all that stands in the way between an adventurer and unimagined riches from a long forgotten age.


Lay of the Land- The Blighted Sands

1-15 Large expanse of hot empty desert

16-17 Oasis that has been corrupted by malignant presence.  Any who drinks from this water gains 1d3 mutations: Roll 1d6: 1-3) cosmetic mutation; 4-5) power mutation; 6) calamitous mutation (pg XX).

18-20 Volcanic region, lava and geysers erupt sending sulfur and ash into the sky.

21-25 Expanse of sand dunes that if watched closely seem to be rising up and down as if breathing.

26-27 Long-forgotten mine of ancient empire.  Holds unimagined wealth, ore, and horrors.

28-29 A single magnolia tree in the midst of the desert.  The white blossoms bring a calming effect to all who inhale their intoxicating scent.

30 A field of grass and flowers.  The flowers can be dried and ground up to make an extremely powerful hallucinogen.

31-32 Ancient weathered statue of anthropomorphic elephant.

33-34 Ruins with doorway that resembles a bloated toad.

35 Whirlpool of sand, in the center is a single glowing rose.

36 Sun-bleached skeleton of a gigantic snake.

37-40 Field of colorful sand that swirls around in the wind to create beautiful pictures of the inner-most desire of any character that walks up to it.

41 Stone slab shaped like a table.  Skeletons are arranged on rocks, sitting as if at a tea party.

42-45 The remains of an ancient town.

46-50 Jagged rocks jut out of the sand for several hundred feet  There is a 35% chance the area will have patches of quicksand, 25’ radius (3d10+10 ft deep).

51-55 Klind enclave that is heavily fortified (2d16 slaves in area with 10+1d10 guards always present).

56-57 Outcropping of rocks that stand about 10’ tall.  Upon closer inspection each resembles one of the characters.

58-60 A small oasis- 1d4 sprites guard this sacred land.

61-62 A small oasis 2d4 bandits have claimed as home.

63 Ruins made of a bright red sandstone, half buried in the sand.

64-65 A stationary sandstorm, with flashes of lighting in the sky.  A strange structure is barely visible through the rolling sands.

66-67 Recently attacked Klind outpost, dead slaves, klind warriors, and orcs litter the area.

68 Medium oasis with waterfall where the water is falling up.

69-71 Small trading outpost of merchants from all over Hubris.

72-74 Field of volcanic rock lined with obsidian.

75-77 Field of sand that has been heat blasted into glass.

78 Dank sinkhole.  Walls are wet with mucus.  A chittering noise echoes from the sinkholes depths.

79 Large depression in the sand.  Healthy pine trees are growing out of the desert floor.

80 The remains of a large stone crafted city, mostly buried in sand.

81 Klind outpost overrun with orcs that they have heavily fortified.  Air around it shimmers due to large vat of alchemical substance.

82-83 3 mile area of wet sand that is a nesting field for water bears.  The sand slows movement by ½ and there is a 30% chance per 100’ to fall into a sink hole that is 3d10’ deep.

84 Small village of exiled klind.

85 Wall made of the heads of humanoids, each is in a state of decay, oozing blood, pus, or ichor.  All are alive and willing to chat.

86-88 Ancient temple to long forgotten god.

89 Large wooden ship birthed in a huge sand dune.

90 Area of land that severs the connection with the divine.  Passing through causes a cleric to not be able to use spells and abilities for 1d3 days.

91 Gigantic sculpted face, peering through the eyes shows a different location in Hubris, changes ever 1d7 hours.  Next to it is a huge hourglass counting down until change.

92 20’ pool of thick tar.  Standing in it for more than 1 min causes skin to become dyed permanently black; also melts metal instantly.

93 Tomb of a forgotten civilization of giants that served gods from beyond the Void.

94-96 Area where sand is black and white, all magic is 1) amplified (+5 to rolls); 2) dampened (-5 to rolls).

97 Gnarled and twisted singing bush.

98 Remains of a floating citadel that crashed into a small mountain.

99 Wishing well in the middle of nowhere that is home to an angry fire genie.  He is willing to grant a wish, but will ask a terrible price in return.

00 Field of ooze- 40’ x 40’- travel is cut down to ¼ of original speed.  Targets take 1d2 damage/rnd while in the area.


Encounters- The Blighted Sands

1-10 2d8 Klind slavers prowling the Blighted Sands, one is a cleric of Set (lvl 1d3).

11-12 1d4 orcs and a giant snake abomination.

13 Nest of large sand wasps, 2d4 wasps present at any time.

14-15 Caravan of traveling merchants making their way from Klind to Shadowfall.

16-21 Skeletal Runners of the Black Queen, making their way to Klind.

22-24 A gigantic serpent that escaped control of a Klind priest has been wreaking havoc in the wastes.

25 A water bear bursts from the sand and wants to snack on the characters.

26-27 2d8 escaped slaves, covered in congealed blood and sand wander aimlessly in the wastes.

28 The cursed mummy of a 1) klind; 2) kenku; 3) water bear; 4) human; 5) goblin; 6) orc lingers around collapsed ruins, which houses the Squelching Wish of the Envious Winged Monkey.  The powerful protections around the ruin cursed the poor creature to become a protector of this valuable treasure.

29-32 Warband of 20+1d20 marauding orcs.  They have a full siege weaponry and look to be heading towards the Klind capital.

33-34 A ball-like shape of 100+2d100 dead bodies rolls along in the desert.  Hidden in the center of this grotesque monster is a Necrotic Demon.

35-36 Cave full of scorpions.  Also full of 3+2d20 gems worth 25pg each.  At any time there are 2d10 small scorpions, 1d6 medium scorpions, and 1d3 large scorpions.  There is also 2d6 dead and half eaten carcasses at the cave entrance (half of which are animals, the other half are humanoids).

37 Exiled Dreamer Upon High of the Temple of the Lucid Dreamers is levitating slightly above a painful looking rock.  Behind him is his keep; an upside down pyramid.

38-39 2d6 Venomous Red Scales are prowling the desert in search of a kidnapped young initiate priestess.

41-45 A caravan that is completely undamaged, but covered with a fine layer of sand.  All the herd animals and people are dead, dehydrated, covered in spider webs, and small scurrying brown spiders.

46-47 A 20’ high, roughly hewn stone face that likes to talk in riddles about each of the character’s past.

48 The High Priest of Set, traveling the wastes looking for a suitable place to create a new tower for his serpentine god.  Accompanying him are 10 Venomous Red Scales, 200 troops, 1000 slaves, caravan of goods, animals, entertainers, nobles, merchants, and supplies.

49-52 A desert troll sitting atop a sand dune eating a giant scorpion.

53-54 1d3 giant lizards.

55-57 1d6 klind fighting 1d10 orcs, also being attacked by 1 water bear.

58 A blight hag rests atop a jagged outcropping of rocks, singing a song of death and decay.  Any who listen to the words risk madness and mutation.

59 Ritual of Set occurring in the dead of night in the wastes.  A child of Set is born out of the womb of a tied up slave, who dies during birth.

60-62 Field of cactuses with sharp crystalline thorns.

63 1d3 Elephant like creatures with emaciated bodies, overlong trunks, on 25’ high spindly legs.

64-66 Emissary from Fairweather on his way to Klind, under attack by 1d6 large desert spiders.

67-70 2d20 troops from Eisenbar bringing the pain of Drallic the Flayer to the heathen and blasphemous Klind.

71 30’ area of pulsating flesh with 2d8 bulbous mounds.  Closer inspection of the mounds reveal fetuses with malformed body parts.  These body parts will attempt to throttle any who dig them up.

72-73 Whirlwind with lightning and large hail whipping through the wastes.

74-76 3d6 Giant fire salamanders are attacking a Klind outpost.

77-80 Orcs riding on corrupted moths dropping alchemical compounds that melt through flesh and rust metal.

81-82 Fire beetles have made a hive in the carapace of water bear.

83 A drake flies overhead, breathing flame and smoke on the characters.

84 Sink hole trap created by a giant sand wasp.  Will sting and incapacitate any who falls into the hole.  Eggs will be laid on the back of the target immediately and hatch in 1d3 days and begin eating target’s flesh.

85-86 Caravan attempting to flee from the Slithering Peaks after having confiscated several of the deadly red asps from the holy mountains.

87 2d30 gnoll slavers bringing in “cargo” from all over Hubris for trade with the Klind Empire.

88-91 Herder making his way to an oasis with his flock of giant beetles.

92-93 What seems to be a massive sand dune is lumbering across the wastes.  The dune is actually a gigantic sand turtle.  An old hermit lives on the creature’s back.

94 Sentient inky black pool of malevolent intelligence that seeks to corrupt those who come near to its shore.

95 2d6 raiders setting up ambush on caravan approaching in the distance.

96-97 Weathered and ancient book sitting on stone dais in the desert; pages are dripping in a disgusting substance (that fits chosen patron).  Book contains the ritual of the patron bond spell (Judge’s choice).

98 Raiders have unearthed an entrance to a catacomb.  They are being slaughtered by 10’ necrotic beetles and scorpions.

99 A group of 3d5 bald, blind albino half human half centipede creatures are laying eggs on the belly of a dead water bear.

00 A powerful ritual by a group of klind priests and sex prophets bring forth a spectral manifestation of Set.




Caverns of Maddening Unearthly Pleasures


This cave has been created and shaped through dark rituals and the twisted Klind Flesh Weavers.  The inside of the cavern is not rock, but flesh.  Two thousand slaves were subjected to equal amounts of torment and pleasure as the ritual was cast.  Through the blessings and will of Set, the flesh of these pitiful people was melded together into a gigantic pulsating mass.  Their faces, visible throughout the cavern, express both the horror of their plight and the constant throngs of ecstasy that the will of Set perpetuates.


The Sex Prophets of the Klind make pilgrimages here to feed on the sexual energies and be granted powerful visions.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) The power of the cavern is weakening.  The Klind are setting out in earnest to find another two thousand slaves worthy of strengthening the bond of the ritual.

2) The ritual holding the slaves in the cavern breaks.  The undulating mass of flesh bursts free of its confinement and begins roaming toward the civilized territories, attacking and absorbing all flesh it comes in contact with.



Emerald Oasis


Ancient texts speak of the Emerald Oasis as a primordial life blood of Hubris and the shimmering emerald waters are believed to have healing properties.  Gigantic slathering water bears borrow under the desert floor around the oasis, consuming any who foolishly stumble across their sinkholes.  Several small islands dot the waters and a derelict ship which holds wondrous treasure rests along the beach, guarded by three sirens.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) The water bears around the oasis have become agitated and have begun borrowing deeper than normal.  The activity is causing small quakes in the area that has cracked the water bed, causing the oasis to start to drain.

2) Traders leaving the Blighted Sands have mentioned that the Klind enclave has set up an outpost at the edge of the oasis.  They have begun dumping a smoking, bubbling concoction into the waters.



Holy Temple of Set


This immaculate temple has been painstakingly crafted over fifty years.  Over 100,000 slaves worked on the construction, and over 10,000 perished from harsh conditions and overwork.  Those that did not perish from the work were sacrificed upon the temples completion to satiate the hunger of Set.  The temple was constructed as a visage of Set and reaches 500 feet into the air.


Sathiss, the High Priest of Sets rules the empire from top of the temple, staring out of the ruby eyes of the serpent temple.  The eyes grant the priest the ability to scry on anywhere in Hubris.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) Rumors have reached the civilized nations of Hubris that the Klind are setting forth to cast a dark ritual to return Set to the Material Plane.  The Klind have sent out invasion forces to distract all the nations from their true purpose.

2) A dark portal opens in the sky above the city that the characters are adventuring.  A gargantuan snake head slithers out of the portal and begins destroying several of the structures, causing devastation and chaos.  Eventually the snake disappears back into the portal.  The snake is actually the Holy Temple of Set and the high priest has just demonstrated one of its many powers.




Set Pic

A temple of Set


The Klind are a race of humanoids devoted to their serpentine god, Set.  They seek to dominate Hubris and bring all into Set’s fold, either through conquest, corruption, or as a suitable sacrifice.


For over 300 years the Klind have schemed, fought, and plagued Hubris.  Most people of Hubris have only heard of the Klind whispered as frightening tales, from the safety of their homes or taverns.  The true visage of a klind, armored in their bio-organic suits, with bizarre and dangerous weapons, marching ceaselessly across the territories of Hubris in search of slaves and sacrifices is not something that can be accurately captured in story.


The capital of the empire is built around the Great Ziggurat of Depravity where sacrifices of the pitiful and unworthy are made to satiate the hunger of Set.  The Venomous Red Scales are the elite guard to the High Priest of Set.  These terrifying warriors police the streets, gather those suitable for sacrifice, and carry out the High Priests wishes.  While risky and dangerous, outsiders still come to Klind to trade or search for treasures in the Blighted Sands.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) The Venomous Red Scales are searching the streets of Klind furiously.  A thief has stolen a large red ruby from the Ziggurat.  There is a red glint coming from the alley way across from the characters.

2) A parade is proceeding down the main street to the Ziggurat, the High Priest has arrived to perform a ritual, bestowing the blessing of Set to the worthy.

3) Screams ring out around the Great Ziggurat of Depravity.  Serpent men covered in blood burst through the door branding obsidian blades.

4) Klind Sex Prophets form a circle in the central bazaar and begin to dance, the masses topple over, cries of torment and ecstasy issue from their throats as their energies are being leached from their bodies.  In the center of the circle a rift opens and a gigantic red eye can be seen.

5) The Klind are amassing a large invasion force, their sights set on conquering the Bogwood Swamp, which is a great staging point for the rest of Hubris.

6) Explosions rock through Klind.  High in the air orcs ride on a sky whale abomination, firing down mortars into the city.



Ruins of the Deranged Elephant Emperor


Long ago, before the kingdoms were founded, the great Elephant Emperor ruled over much of Hubris from his ivory tower, crafted from the bones and tusks of his rivals and enemies.  His wisdom crafted many wonders that are now lost to the ravages of time, space and the greed of the inferior races.


Like all things in Hubris, eventually the Elephant Emperor went mad, lost in the grips of a prophecy that spoke of doom from the stars and from the belly of Hubris itself.  In an attempt to understand the meaning of this prophecy, the Elephant Emperor began conducting terrible experiments on his subjects.  As a result he was eventually overthrown, his body desecrated and his spirit locked within a mutilated and feeble shell, trapping him forever.


Eventually his tower was swallowed by immense sandstorms that ravaged the area, giving birth to the Blighted Sands.  His name and tower were lost and forgotten to Hubris for millennia.  Now, thousands of years later, the tower has reemerged, and the Elephant Emperor hungers…


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) A bright yellow light has begun appearing in several cities across Hubris, showing a gorgeous and pristine ivory tower.  A deep and prideful voice echoes on the wind, “Come, my children.  Come home.”  People all across Hubris have begun a pilgrimage to the east in a deep trance.

2) One book in the halls of the Temple of the Lucid Dreamers mentions the Elephant Emperor and the ritual used to bind him.  Three pieces of a staff are needed to put the fiend back into his slumber.  The staff pieces are located in the Mountains that Crawl, the Razorback Mountains, and the Whispering Mountains.



Slithering Peaks


The coarse rock of the Slithering Peaks have become pitted and jagged from centuries of harsh sandstorms, but are laced with veins of natural riches.  The clanging of pickaxes and hammers fill the air; the sound of over a thousand slaves working at break neck speed to mine ore and obsidian for the Klind Empire.


The Slithering Peaks received its name due to the thousands of red asps that make their home in these craggy mountains.  Potential recruits hoping to become a member of the Venomous Red Scales must survive the bite of a red asp and complete the Ritual of the Serpent, a vile act that transforms them into a member of the elite guard and something less than man.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) A dozen potential recruits for the Venomous Red Scales are being lead up the mountain pass to begin the Ritual of the Serpent.  The slaves are agitated and fearful.  The mountains are more live with red asps than usual.

2)   A gigantic cyclone has enveloped an entire range of the mountain as numerous water bears burst through the sand, swallowing up the few stragglers that escaped the storm.  The Klind are rushing to discover what caused this and to reclaim their mountain range.  Both Fairweather and Eisenbar are now anxious to claim the range as their own and deliver a blow to the Klind.


The terrifying monstrosity, the Water Bear

The terrifying monstrosity, the Water Bear



Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure- Kickstarter now LIVE


Saturday saw the launch of my Hubris Kickstarter!  Thus far in two days we are already at 50% of our baseline goal!

Hubris is a weird fantasy, horror setting (scope out the full page of stuff I’ve put on the blog over the years) that is compatible the awesome DCC rules.  However I have designed it so that the setting, at large, can be used with pretty much any system.  The classes and monsters are stated for DCC, but the setting stuff itself is, by and large, system free.

I’ve also designed the book to be useful at the table- I kept the territories down to minimal fluff (enough to give flavor, but not go overboard) and then the charts and tables for each territory can be used on the fly to generate encounters and strange and new locations.  The goal is that each group’s Hubris will be different.  Here’s an example: The Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow.

Also in Hubris, you’ll find 11 terrible gods, four patrons (with a full list of spells, invoke ability, and spellburn), three new spells, and a host of new classes and races for the setting.  Then in the GM section there is a plethora of charts and table to use on the fly or get the creative juices flowing.

Oh and the best part- THE WRITING FOR HUBRIS HAS BEEN COMPLETED!  So has two of the proofs.  This kickstarter is paying for the layout by the amazing Alex Mayo and art by the talented David Lewis Johnson, Jez Gordon, Doug Kovacs, and Jeremy Duncan!  Also possibly many more!


The world of Hubris

The world of Hubris



Shameless Plugs

Chuck Thorin over at Geek Life Project (who helped playtest Hubris and was the first death EVER)- stated some kind words about Hubris.

Mark Van Vlack from Dust Pan Games has thrown his hat into the ring and given vocal support of Hubris.

David Lewis Johnson said some very kind words about me yesterday:

“Full disclaimer: I’m working on this and I’ve been friends with +Mike Evans since the year 2000.

I want this book to back.

Mike has written a master course on brutal world design from start to finish, and it’s immense. Furthermore, it’s not just setting fluff.

Mike is a toolmaker. This ENTIRE book is an extensive toolbox, like for master mechanics – and if you’re a GM on about the OSR, you know the difference between knockoff tools and heavy duty ones. I believe this book is the latter – it gives you everything you need to make your OWN world in the spirit of the brutal, spastic framework that Mike has dreamed over and over.

And it’s awesome.

Where do I pay my Joesky tax?”


Finally- I’ll be on Drink Spin Run tonight, being grilled by the awesome Adam Muszkiewicz and epic Donn Stroud at 9pm Eastern.  It’ll be up on their website in a few days if you miss it!

Thanks to all for the support!  I’m looking forward to Hubris crossing the finish line!


Kickstarter Image - Copy


Blood Magic for Beyond the Wall.

I’ve always really liked blood magic from Dragon Age.  I’ve recently started re-playing Dragon Age: Inquisition (elf female, dual-wield rogue build– I actually grew bored with this build and am now trying an Archer build- liking it much more.

Anyways-  I love Beyond the Wall and was thinking that it would actually make a great system to play Dragon Age with (more so than I enjoyed the AGE system).  It’s got character backgrounds (much like origin stories from Dragon Age Origins) and it only has the three classes: Warrior, Rogue, and Mage.

So I thought it would be fun to create blood magic rules for Beyond the Wall.

Blood Magic

Blood Mage 3

A mage who dabbles in blood magic is able to empower their spells, becoming an even more dangerous and powerful adversary.  Mages who use blood magic must be wary for this power comes with risk; gaining the notice of demons and other malevolent spirits.


A mage who uses blood magic on a cantrip can:

  • Automatically succeed on a cantrip (the mage must sacrifice 1d3 HP from themselves or another target).
  • Do max damage or extend the spell’s duration to max time limit (the mage must sacrifice 1d4 HP from themselves or another target).


Blood Mage 2

A mage who uses blood magic to cast a spell can:

  • Do max damage with a spell (the mage must sacrifice 1d6 HP from themselves or another target).
  • Be considered 1 level higher for purpose of “caster level” (the mage must sacrifice 2d4 HP from themselves or another target).
  • Cast another spell even after they have cast all spells for the day (the mage must sacrifice 1d8 HP from themselves or another target).



Blood Mage 1

A mage who uses blood magic to cast a ritual can:

  • Reduce the casting time of the ritual by a desired number of hours (the mage must sacrifice 1d6 HP per hour from themselves or another target). IE- a 3rd level ritual can be cast and take effect immediately, but the mage (or another target) takes 3d6 damage.  The mage still needs to roll for success and needs all required components.
  • Automatically succeed on a ritual (the mage must sacrifice 1d10/ritual level HP from themselves or another target).  IE- a mage uses blood magic to automatically succeed on the 6th level ritual, Contagion, but they (or another target) suffers 6d10 damage after doing so.  
  • Forgo the ingredients needed to cast a ritual, instead using their own blood to fuel the spell.  (the mage must sacrifice 1d10 HP/level from themselves ONLY).

The Perils of Blood Magic

Demon 1

Each time a mage uses blood magic they must make a savings throw VS spells or attract unwanted attention.  The mage suffers a negative modifier to their save depending on the type of magic used.

Cantrip: -2

Spells: -3

Rituals: negative modifier is equal to the level of the ritual (IE- a mage using blood magic to enhance a level 10 ritual would only not attract attention on a 20- as should be with using such powerful magic.

If attention is attracted roll 2d20 and consult the table below:

2-5) Possession- the target becomes possessed by a demon for 1d4 days.  The demon merely wants to explore the world and will gladly venture forth with the party.

6-8) Possession- the target becomes possessed by a demon for 2d4 days.  and desires freedom and to spread corruption far and wide.  It will attempt to flee the party.

9-12) The mage is wrapped in delusions and cannot distinguish reality from fantasy.  The mage rolls 2d20 for all perception and thought-based rolls and takes the lower of the two.  This lasts for 2d4 days.  

13-14) Magic is siphoned from the mage.  They are unable to cast any spells for 1d3 days.

15-16) Magic is siphoned from the mage.  They are unable to cast any spells for 1d6 days.  

17-19) The mage is drained of all vitality.  Their physical attributes are halved for 1d3 days.

20-22) The mage is drained of all vitality.  Their physical attributes are halved for 1d6 days. 

23) The blood that was sacrificed was not enough.  All targets within 45 ft of the mage must make a save VS spells or suffer 1d3/level damage as blood is sucked from their body into the realm of shadow.

24) A demon (GM’s choice of type) (BtW, pg 78) appears and attacks the party.

25-28) A hellhound (BtW, pg 85) appears and attacks the party.

29-32) An insect swarm (BtW, pg 86) manifests around the mage and begins attacking them.

33) A monstrosity (GM’s choice of type) (BtW, pg 88) appears and goes for the mage.

34-361d4 skeletons (BtW, pg 91) appear and attack the party.

37) A spectre (BtW, pg 91) appears before the mage and attacks them.

38-40) 2d4 zombies (BtW, pg 99) rise from the ground and attack the party.  

The Skum- Monster for DCC

The Skum

Scum pile

The Skum: Init +3; Atk as weapon +2; AC as armor; HD 2d8+5; MV 30’; Act 1d20 + 2; SP consume nightmare, immune to fear, spores, Scare spell 1x/day (as if The Skum rolled a 22-25); SV Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +0; AL N.


The Skum, in their natural form, hail from the native plane of nightmares and fear.  These pathetic creatures are able to break the barrier between realms and cross over to our where someone has died from the fear of an illusion or dream.  They feed on the remaining energies, growing into a large spot of mold (roughly the size of a toddler).  Eventually when a creature passes by, spores erupt out and infect the target with The Skum’s consciousness and personality, which begins devouring the infected person’s life essence over the course of a month (DC 14 Fort save to resist).  For the first month there is no way to tell if a target has been taken over by Skum, because even the infected do not realize what is going on.  Only under the light of the moon at 2-3am can anyone tell something is wrong.  The creature is phosphorescent, and will glow a pale green color.

The Skum glow faintly under the light of the moon.

The Skum glow faintly under the light of the moon.

Note: a player character can be infected with this for one month and act completely normal for the first month and not know they are consuming dreams at night. 


An infected person acts just like normal, however they do not sleep.  Instead they will wait until their companions sleep and then siphon the nightmares out of them.  The Skum opens their mouth and small moth-like creatures attached to cobwebs flutter down and go into a target’s ear- draining 1 point of Wisdom per night (this is reflected in the target’s dreams being consumed).  Should a target be drained to zero Wisdom they immediately die and 1d3 nights later rise as a second stage Skum.

Mold man

Second-stage Skum

Second-stage Skum occur after one month has passed.  The infected target’s essence has been fully consumed and they are now gone.  Sores and patches of mold grow on the target’s flesh.  Their hair falls out in clumps, as does their teeth and nails.  The second-stage Skum has one more month before this shell crumples down into a heap of Skum (beginning the whole process over again).  Second-stage Skum are dangerous because any slashing weapon damage releases spores from their innards.  Targets in a 5ft radius must succeed a DC 14 Fort save or suffer 2d3 Wisdom damage.  Should a target be reduced to 0 Wisdom, they will crumble into a pile of soggy mulch-like debris.  1d3 rounds after the target will rise up as a Skum husk.


Skum Husk: Init +1; Atk claws +2 (1d4+1); AC 11; HD 1d8+2; MV 30’; Act 1d20 + 2; SP immune to fear, spores; SV Fort +0, Ref +2, Will +0; AL N.

Skum Husk

Skum Husk

The Trash Dragon (AKA Filth Dragon)- Using DCC stats

Trash Dragon (AKA Filth Dragon)

Trash Dragon 1

Trash Dragon: Init -2; Atk bite +5 (1d4+4), claws +6 (1d6+4)- claws not useable if too corpulent; AC 14; HD 7d8; MV 30’- movement 0’ if too corpulent; Act 2d20 + 6; SP Miasma, Infravision 30’, Disease, Spells- roll randomly, but always has Patron Bond to the Corpulent One; SV Fort +8, Ref +2, Will +7; AL C.

This disgusting pitiful dragon hordes refuse and garbage, whereas their more majestic kin collects treasure and gold.  Trash dragons lurk in the sewers or foundations of large cities, gathering refuse and marinating in the filth that collects around them.  Trash dragons often become corpulent and massive, sometimes to the point where their body exceeds the length of their legs and they become completely immobile.


Trash dragons are not the brightest of the dragonkin, but often times will become the hidden leader of a crime syndicate or cult that desires to spread disease and filth throughout the world.  They always have the protection of 2d4 lackeys that are roaming about.

Trash Dragon 2

The lair of a trash dragon is disgusting and horrid.  It is filled with so much trash and excrement that targets must succeed DC 14 Fort save or become nauseated.  The afflicted target rolls one step lower on the die ladder while in the miasma and for one hour after getting to a well ventilated area.


Any target hit by trash dragon’s claws or bite must succeed a DC 14 Fort save or become diseased with trash fever (see below).


Ironically the blood of a trash dragon, when boiled down, can cure mummy rot- so it is highly sought out by alchemists.


There is always a chance for riches to be found in the filthy lair of a trash dragon, even magical items that have been lost, or taken from foolish adventurers who died while wandering the sewers.


Trash Fever: The target’s blood turns black and smells putrid.  The target’s complexion becomes pallid and they shiver and shake (suffering -2 to all rolls).  The target has an unsettling urge to lounge in filth and trash, even eating it or making elaborate nests.  The afflicted target receives a second Fort save after one week to shake off the disease.  If they fail, they have this permanently.