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Swoop Racer Class for White Star

The Gnomish Embassy posted an bunch of cool alternative class options for the Pilot class recently.  It inspired me to create a Swoop Class of my own for my upcoming Strange Stars campaign.

Swoop Racer

Swoop Racer 2

Here’s the PDF version-Swoop Racer

Swoop racers seek the thrills of speed on their heavily-modified swoops.  These speed demons are known for their reckless devil-may-care attitudes and live and die as fast as their vehicles.  They often take to the stars searching for new terrain and courses to race on, forming an entourage of other racers that accompany them.

1 0 1 +0 15
2 1,250 2 +0 14
3 2,500 3 +1 13
4 5,000 3+1 +2 12
5 10,000 4 +3 11
6 20,000 5 +3 10
7 40,000 6 +4 9
8 80,000 6+1 +4 8
9 160,000 7 +5 7
10 320,000 8 +5 6

Swoop Racer 1

Swoop Racer Abilities

Weapons and Armor Restrictions:  Swoop riders are proficient with clubs, daggers, mono-daggers, firearms, laser pistol, and grenades.

Pour it On!: Swoop racers know how to fiddle with their rides and get a little more juice out of them.  The Swoop Racer is able to double their vehicle’s speed for 3d6 rounds by succeeding on a Savings Throw.  A Swoop Racer’s vehicle can only handle one burst of speed per hour.  Doing any further bursts of speed will destroy the vehicle’s engine.

Road Warrior: Swoop Racers are highly skilled at riding their vehicles in all sorts of environments.  Once per session a Swoop Racer is able to reroll one Dexterity check or failed Saving Throw when it is dealing with their ride.

Shoot on the Go: Swoop Racers are able to shoot a one-handed weapon (laser pistol or firearm) while driving their ride without any modifiers while anyone else who attempts this suffer -4 to their attack roll.

Gang Leader (4th): At 4th level a Swoop Racer becomes the leader of a gang of other aspiring Swoop Racers.  This crew is known for their brash and sometimes thuggish behavior and will come to the aid of their leader should it be needed.

Swoop Racer 3

Assassin Class for White Star


Assassin 1

Here’s the PDF- Assassin

Assassins are hired guns that are renowned for getting the job done at any cost.  Some have creeds or rules that they live by, while others are unscrupulous and don’t care about casualties so long as they get the job done and take out their mark.


You travel the stars taking on contracts and making sure that the last thing your mark feels is the cold piercing of your blade, or the hot energy from your laser before the light fades from their eyes.


1 0 1 +0 15
2 1,250 2 +0 14
3 2,500 3 +1 13
4 5,000 4+1 +2 12
5 10,000 5 +3 11
6 20,000 6 +3 10
7 40,000 6+1 +4 9
8 80,000 7 +4 8
9 160,000 7+1 +5 7
10 320,000 8 +6 6


Assassin Abilities

Assassin 2

Weapons and Armor Restrictions: Assassins are trained in all weaponry and trained in wearing light armor.

Deadly Aim: If the Assassin has a sniper rifle (laser or ballistic) and does nothing but aim at a target for 2 rounds their shot is deadly accurate. The target must succeed a Saving Throw or be killed by the Assassin’s shot. A target that succeeds at their Saving Throw suffers 2d6 damage.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Assassins are highly trained in hand-to-hand combat and do 1d6+1 damage with their fists.

Stealth: Assassins live in the shadows. When they hide it’s almost as if they are invisible. An Assassin who moves while hiding can do so at up to half their normal pace with no penalty. An assassin can move up to full speed with a -5 to their Dexterity check.