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Instaplanet Sci-Fi Generator


Coming up with a planet on the fly can be hard… coming with a few locations on that planet on the fly can be even HARDER.  Instaplanet is so you can generate the interesting things in the surrounding area on the fly.  You can use this in conjunction with the Die Drop Planet Generator (pg XX).  Simply take a piece of paper and various dice (see below) and drop them on the paper.  Consult the chart below and mark down the locations (see pictures below in example).


As far as the number of the dice you drop, that is your call.  If you want the planet to be densely populated with Landmarks and Population Centers, then drop numerous d6’s and d8s.  If you only want one or two Interesting Features drop a d4 or a d10 (or both) and one Point of Conflict, just drop 1d10 (%).

If you feel a roll on any of these tables is unique, once it has been rolled simply cross it off and create a new one.


Once you have your map, you can quickly link them to what you have created with the Die Drop Planet Generator and just fill in some quick gaps.  The distance between each location is your call.  You can do something like each 1″ on apart is 10, 15, 30 miles, etc.  Or roll 2d6 and that’s the number of hours or days the locations are from one another.  Then just fill in the blanks with random encounters, etc.

I have an example below.

d4- Interesting Feature

  1. Ancient Temple
  2. Recently Unearthed Crashed Ship
  3. Blighted Lands
  4. Massive Sink Hole


d6- Landmark 1

  1. Lake/River
  2. Badlands
  3. Swamp
  4. Mud Flats
  5. Forest
  6. Canyon


d6- Landmark 2

  1. Mountain
  2. Forest
  3. Hills
  4. River
  5. Rocky Outcropping
  6. Desert


d8- Population Center

  1. Industrial
  2. Agricultural
  3. Science
  4. Education
  5. Scrap
  6. Settlement
  7. Religious
  8. Mixed (choose two)


d10 (%)- Point of Conflict

  1. Two Groups are in Dispute Over Precious Material
  2. Mining Facility Has Collapsed
  3. Robots at Construction Facility Have Gone AWOL
  4. Hover Bike Race
  5. Smuggler Deal Going Down
  6. Smuggler Deal Getting Busted by Authorities
  7. Land Owners Being Bullied to Sell Their Land
  8. Facility That Uses Slave Labor
  9. Strike at Facility That has Erupted into Riots
  10. Military Combat Exercise


d10- Interesting Feature 2

  1. Formation of Large Crystals
  2. Massive Power Source
  3. Lone Arcology
  4. Isolated Religious Temple
  5. Isolated Research Facility
  6. Large Cliff With Expertly Carved Faces into the Rock Wall
  7. Hive of Recently Discovered Insects (or Animals)
  8. Colony of Exiled Aliens
  9. Abandoned Penal Colony
  10. Abandoned Research Facility



First part was generated off of Die Drop Planet Generator

Name– Rockbalt

Tech level– high

Population Density– Sparse- There are a few colonies on the planet.  Roughly tens of thousands of inhabitants.

Events/Obstacles– An unrecognized configuration of starship has crashed on the planet

Events/Obstacles– Celebration turns into riots when a beloved public figure is assassinated during the ceremonies

Fascinating Structure– An ancient, large black obelisk that rests just outside of the city.

Structures– Prefabricated structures created from metal and fiber-plastic

Planet Type– Lush jungle planet.

Then I dropped some dice on a piece of paper and marked their location.

Instaplanet 1

Then I traced over it all with pen so the picture didn’t look so crappy.

Instaplanet 2


Then flushed out these locations with stuff I rolled from the Die Drop chart and what popped into my head.  I left out the assassination and obelisk stuff- figuring those would be good ideas for the jungle area- should the adventures every go there.

Instaplanet Labeled



All-in-all the process between the two maps took me roughly 20 minutes and I have a baseline for a planet that my players may adventure on, or they may just stop off and kill shit before heading to the stars again.  In the end I have a planet that can be used later- or not- and it only took 30 minutes of my time.

Die Drop Planet Generator for Sci-fi Games

I am currently working on a book for the awesome White Star system that I’ll be using to aid in my Strange Stars game.   I love die drop charts so I figured I’d create one for this.


Simply roll a d4, d6, d8, d10, d10 (%), d12, and a d20.  Then roll a d20 and consult the name chart.  Boom.  Done.  I have also provided two examples that are “flushed out” after I consulted the results.

Planet Two


d4- Tech Level

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High
  4. Futuristic


d6- Population

  1. Abandoned– The society is gone- abandoned for whatever reason. There may be a few survivors here and there.
  2. Sparse– There are a few colonies throughout the planet. Most likely small outposts.  Probably no more than several tens of thousands inhabitants on the planet.
  3. Decent– A few colonies throughout the world, or a few cities, or one large city. Roughly a population of several million inhabitants.
  4. Busy– The planet is teeming with inhabitants. There are several large cities on the planet.   The planet has roughly a population of several hundred million to billions.
  5. Packed– The planet is bustling with inhabitants. There are several massive cities on the planet.  The population has roughly a population of several billion people.
  6. Metropolis– The planet is over-populated and may even be one giant city (GM’s call). The planet has a population of tens of billions of people.

 Planet Three

d8- Events/Obstacles

  1. A sickness ran rampant through the population, killing roughly 20% of the inhabitants.
  2. A long running conflict has just come to an end and the world (or part of it) is celebrating.
  3. An unrecognized configuration of starship has crashed into the planet.
  4. The leader of the government has been assassinated. The world is in morning.
  5. The Mining Consortium desires to land on the planet and begin an invasive drilling process.
  6. A fleet of ships has arrived and formed a blockade around the planet for some unknown reason.
  7. The sun has been eclipsed for 1d6 days- a completely unnatural occurrence and the local populace does not know the cause behind this strange phenomenon.
  8. Tensions are running high amongst two rival factions. Tension and open hostility are high.


d10- Events/Obstacles

  1. Electric storms are raging through the area causing electronics to short out and shut down.
  2. A large group of pirates have congregated around the planet and are charging a tax to anyone wishing to set down.
  3. A strange fungus has wiped out many of the planet’s crops. The planet is in a state of famine.
  4. Several grizzly murders have occurred in the main city. People are wary of one another and look at everyone with suspicion.
  5. A group of ferocious aliens has set down on the planet and is engaged in a ritualistic hunting event. They don’t care if they hurt others in the process.
  6. Earthquakes rattle the area, destroying many buildings and damaging shuttleports.
  7. A strange breed of fuzzy rat is breeding at an alarming rate. In a few days the cities will be overrun with these cute, but annoying, rodents.
  8. Celebrations turn into riots when a beloved public figure is assassinated during the ceremonies.
  9. An old enemy of one of the PC’s shows up on the planet, and is looking for revenge.
  10. The planet is currently in a state of martial law- making traveling and gathering information extremely difficult.

Planet Four

d10 (%)- Fascinating Structures

  1. A crashed ship that has been turned into a tavern/inn.
  2. An ancient, large black obelisk that rests just outside of the city.
  3. A government building that is built on massive floating lily pads.
  4. An inverted pyramid built into the ground by ancient hands.
  5. A building made from faintly glowing crystal.
  6. An ancient religious temple intricately carved from limestone.
  7. The penal colony is built on a massive crab walker and moves around the planet.
  8. Building is a spaceship that hovers in the sky.
  9. Structure is sculpted from a comet that crashed on the planet thousands of years ago.
  10. Building of soft angles and several stories is constructed completely out of gold.


d12- Structures

  1. Prefabricated structures created of metal and fiber-plastic.
  2. Structures are made of stone and mud.
  3. Many of the structures are created from storage/shipping containers.
  4. The structures are created from non-functioning/redesigned starships.
  5. Structures are created from living plant matter.
  6. All structures have a conch shell-like construction.
  7. Buildings are huge arcologies.
  8. Structures are made of a bronze metal that is warm to the touch.
  9. Structures are round glass buildings.
  10. The inside of the buildings are labyrinthine.
  11. The buildings are covered in solar panels.
  12. The buildings are all built on large metal or stone stilts.


d20- Environment

  1. Desert planet.
  2. Ice planet.
  3. Lush jungle.
  4. Planet is covered in massive mushrooms.
  5. Patches of the planet are barren rock.
  6. Toxic and covered in a miasma. All cities are built in protective domes.
  7. Giant crystals grow out of the ground and hum when lifeforms are near.
  8. Planet is a gas cloud. All buildings are on floating rocks.
  9. Entire planet is an ocean. All buildings are in protective domes or built above the sea on floating barges.
  10. Swamp planet.
  11. Volcanic planet.
  12. Planet is toxic and barren. All life lives under the planet crust.
  13. Planet is covered in massive sand storms.
  14. Planet is swampy. It rains 90% of its cycle.
  15. Arid planet.
  16. Tundra planet.
  17. Planet of lush vegetation. The vegetation forms a conscious hive mind.
  18. Artificially built planet. No one knows who constructed this wonder.
  19. Planet is a living being and is covered in fleshy membranes.
  20. Roll twice and combine.



Planet name (roll 1d20)

  1. Tryklar
  2. Abtoss One
  3. Z-7665H
  4. Hyphron
  5. Haven
  6. Yzrak
  7. Port Myth
  8. Nazpar
  9. D-5517
  10. Poplar
  11. Ghystar
  12. Byztine
  13. Klaxon
  14. Beta
  15. P-4832Z
  16. Rockbalt
  17. Carcass
  18. Victory
  19. Whendon
  20. Lythblat


Planet One

Example One: Carcass is a failed colony world that was abandoned after the tensions that ran high between two rival factions exploded into a small but fierce civil war. Many argue that the colony didn’t survive due to the low tech that was provided for settlement.  Carcass is an ocean world where all the structures are built upon floating barges.  The architecture of all the buildings resembles large round glass buildings.  Earthquakes are shaking the ocean floor and causing massive waves to rattle the area, destroying many buildings and damaging the abandoned shuttleports.


Example Two: D-5517 is planet covered in massive mushrooms that stand 20’-40’ in height, and is renowned for its advanced technology and its highly dense population of tens of billions of inhabitants.  The capital building of D-5517 is a spaceship that hovers in the sky.  Most of the buildings are constructed of a bronze metal that is warm to the touch.  Recently D-5517 has had its share of troubles: a strange breed of fuzzy rat is breeding at an alarming rate.  In a few days the cities will be overrun with these cute, but annoying, rodents.  Also an unrecognized configuration of starship has crash landed in the capital city.

Strange Stars (White Star) Session 1 Recap, Part 2

Strange Stars Cover


Last post I gave the back drop of our campaign using the awesome Strange Stars setting and the kick ass White Star rules.  Today we blast off into ADVENTURE!


Liam- A djagga Assassin

Fletch- A kosminok Tech Specialist

Nate- A “Cold Egg” Ksaa Scoundrel

*Race information here.

Adventure doesn’t always go… according… to plan…

So the three of them are traveling on a medium transport by the name of “Within Arm’s Reach” captained by Reeves “Trick Shot” Hammond.  Trick Shot was a renowned scoundrel in his earlier age, but had taken ill with a rare wasting disease.  He lost his left eye, his right arm, and both his legs before a cure was found.  Trick Shot had a cybernetic eye and arm to replace what he lost, but refused to get his legs replaced, and instead uses a hover chair to cart himself around.

The group had landed on the dying planet of Deshret in the Zuran Expanse after receiving a tip from a friend that they had discovered an energy signature that was most likely a derelict ship that had crashed down in one of the few remaining patches of jungle left on the world.

The adventure starts with them roaring out of Within Arm’s Reach on their “Fingers” (hover bikes) along with two NPCs (a djagga named Fix and a human named Smelly) and Trick Shot and two NPC gunners riding in the Palm (a cargo loader).  See picture below.

The group roared out of the cargo bay on their “Fingers” and headed into the thick jungle.  Starting on the first round and then every two rounds thereafter I rolled a d6 for each player.  If the die came up a 1 or 2 that meant the player came across a situation on their Finger (IE. thick vines, fallen or live tree, etc.)  The player then had to make a Saving Throw to pull off a cool maneuver to avoid this obstacle.  If they failed the ST, then they hit the obstacle and their Finger takes 1d6 damage.  Nate was the first to get a 1 on his test and failed, resulting in 2 damage to his ride.  The second was Fix (a djagga NPC on a Finger).  He rolled a 1 on his ST.  I gave him a second save to avoid death- NOPE.  CRASH…  BOOM…  DEAD.

So sad- I actually had some cool thoughts for ‘ol Fix.

The group continued whizzing through the jungle when suddenly a whooping and loud roar echoed through the jungle.  Coming out of the jungle towards them was a group of 5 hover bikes that were painted with gold and yellow triangles.  “Oh great!  It’s Zen’s goons!” Yelled Trick Shot over the comlink.  One of the goons took a potshot at one of the players and missed.  “Ok boys!  Open up on them!”

The combat was fast, deadly, and fun!  One of the enemy goons went the same way as poor ‘ol Fix and collided with a tree.  I allowed the players to either fire a one-handed ranged weapon at a -4 (none of them were Swoop Racers, so they got modifiers) or they could make a Dex check (roll under the attribute- or use Piloting skill) to do a fancy move and get behind an enemy and fire their front arc lasers.

Nate stopped his Finger and took two shots at a goon, destroying the vehicle and sending the goon flying off to his death, and then took off again to catch up to the action.  Fletch tried several maneuvers (failing the first) and then finally destroying the goon’s ride.  Liam stopped his Finger and attempted to snipe a goon, but missed, eventually getting back into the fray and zapping a goon with his Finger’s front arc lasers.

When there was only one goon left he made a rude gesture and whizzed off back into the jungle.  The group let him go and continued towards where the energy signature was located.

Eventually they came across a large derelict ship.

Crashed Ship

The group looked at the ship (I’ll post the map once the session is complete) and realized that this was only the back half of the ship (the drive/engineering section).  What happened to the front will probably never be discovered.

The group found a massive hole in the front where the ship had been ripped apart.  Fletch indicated they should go in through there.  As the group made to enter a loud voice echoed through the clearing.  “Why have you come to our sacred area!  Why are you disturbing the God From Above!?  Why is your unworthiness here?”  Everyone looked up to see a strange figure standing atop the crashed ship.  They were wearing armor and a helmet.  In one hand was a wicked-looking pike and in the other a laser pistol.



The group tried to offer some banter, but failed.  “You hear that my pretties?!  They come here to upset our God!  Kill them!”  Small arrows and spears suddenly erupted from the jungle.  Emerging from the underbrush were small little fuzz balls.  The figure with the helmet swung down a rope and disappeared into the bowels of the ship.


When I showed this picture to my players they were elated that they got to kill Critters.  15 of the little bastards surged out of the woods.  The fight was a hard one.  Smelly and both NPC’s with Trick Shot fell in combat and Liam and Fletch nearly did as well.

Fletch hooked his Finger up to a small energy port on the outside of the ship and hacked it to turn on any light that would still be working.  He then projected his voice on the system speakers “You have all angered the God From Above!  You will all die!”  The remaining little creatures screeched and fled into the jungle.  Fletch also heard screeching echoing from within the ship.

After the group licked their wounds and recovered they entered the ship.  Fletch stepped in and was immediately attacked by a hidden laser turret.  The group took some pot shots at the turret- destroying it quickly.  The group continued to the large door in front of them and found a large container which housed a deactivated Scout Robot.  Fletch started rubbing his hands together.

The group could hear a humming through the far door on the other side of the room and decided to go through it.

We ended here because Liam had to leave- and the group was already sporting many laser burns and puncture marks from the previous battles.  I gave out XP and we said good night.

Next session is on the 21st of June and hopefully they will finish exploring the crashed ship.

White Star Session 1 Recap- Part 1

Strange Stars Cover

Blast off to ADVENTURE!!!

Sunday saw the kickoff of my Strange Stars campaign using the awesome White Star rules.  This is the first game I’ve run with my group since my burnout nearly 4 months ago.  My original group (peeps I’ve been playing with for about 10-15 years) had sent me text messages (or emails) asking when we were gonna game again- so I decided to keep it small and more manageable and play with just four people.  See if my diminishing burnout could handle that.

So my group looked at the classes from the book and what I created and we ended up with and the races that I stated up from Strange Stars and made their decisions.

Aside: I’m also using the skill rules I ported over from Beyond the Wall:

Skills: Each class, unless stated in their description starts with two skills of their choice.  Rather than creating an extensive list of skills, let the player come up with their own skills.  These can be things like piloting, hacking, security, technology, alien cultures, trade, persuasion, intimidation, etc.

By-and-large a player character is able to attempt anything (however a GM is free to decided that certain things do require a skill, especially highly specialized things like hacking locks, etc.).  To do this the GM decides which attribute is appropriate and the player rolls a d20 and must roll equal to or under their attribute.  If they roll over, the attempt fails.  When a player character has a skill, they receive a +2 bonus.  A player may take a skill twice, giving them a +4 bonus.

Example: Big Eye James is attempting to pull a card from out of his cuff in a game of poker.  The GM asks if he has an appropriate skill.  James has sleight of hand, which the GM feels is more than appropriate for this situation.  Big Eye James has a Dexterity of 13- adding +2 to that for the Sleight of Hand skill.  Big Eye James rolls a 11 on his d20, thus succeeding on placing a card in his hand. 

Here’s what we ended up with:

Liam– An Assassin Djagga

Strange Stars pic

Liam choose his two skills of stealth and escape artist.  His race also gave him notice as a skill.

Fletch– A Tech Specialist Kosmonik


Fletch choose BLANK as his four skills

Nate- A scoundrel “Cold Egg” Ksaa (he’s an archaeologist, really).




Nate choose computers, stealth, archaeology, alien history, and xeno-biology as his five skills.


The Set Up

When we originally discussed what the group wanted to be, the vote was treasure hunters.  None of them wanted to captain a ship.  They wanted an NPC to “captain” and they would go where adventure led them or through discussion- steer the ship…  That’s Jake with me.

So the three of them are traveling on a medium transport by the name of “Within Arm’s Reach” captained by Reeves “Trick Shot” Hammond.  Trick Shot was a renowned scoundrel in his earlier age, but had taken ill with a rare wasting disease.  He lost his left eye, his right arm, and both his legs before a cure was found.  Trick Shot had a cybernetic eye and arm to replace what he lost, but refused to get his legs replaced, and instead uses a hover chair to cart himself around.

The group had landed on the dying planet of Deshret in the Zuran Expanse after receiving a tip from a friend that they had discovered an energy signature that was most likely a derelict ship that had crashed down in one of the few remaining patches of jungle left on the world.

The adventure starts with them roaring out of Within Arm’s Reach on their “Fingers” (hover bikes) along with two NPCs (a djagga named Fix and a human named Smelly) and Trick Shot and two NPC gunners riding in the Palm (a cargo loader).  See picture below.


To be continued- Riding through the jungle!  Ambush! Crashing!  And Death!


The Changeling Race/Class for White Star

I wanted to do a class/race inspired by Odo from DS9.  Thought it would be a fun fit for White Star.


The Changeling

Changeling 1

Here’s the PDF- The Changeling

Changelings are a strange race that hail from the farthest reaches of the galaxy.  No one knows if these creatures have their own homeworld or a society of their own.  Encountering a changeling is extremely rare and they are usually regarded with suspicion due to their ability to change into nearly any shape they desire.  Changelings have two natural states in which they exist; a liquid state (when they are at rest) and a humanoid form.


Changelings are often hired as spies or assassins.  Others take up the mantle of law officer or bounty hunter.


Level XP HD BHB ST Shapses/Day
1 0 1+1 +0 13 3
2 3,000 2 +1 12 4
3 6,000 3 +2 11 5
4 12,000 4 +3 10 6
5 24,000 5 +4 9 7
6 48,000 6+1 +4 8 8


The Changeling Abilities

Weapons and Armor Restrictions:  Changelings are proficient with clubs, daggers, mono-daggers, swords, mono-swords, laser pistols, and laser rifles.  Changelings tend not to wear any armor as it interferes with their ability to shape change, but can wear up to light armor.  Shape changing out of armor and into a different form takes an additional round.

Shape Change:

Changeling 3

Changelings are able to change their shape into any creature that they have seen or studied previously for at least five rounds.  The creature can be as small as a mouse or as large as a grizzly bear.  The changeling gains any attack that the creature has (IE. claw, bite, tentacle, etc.), and any movement ability (IE. swimming as a fish, speed as a cheetah, flight of a bird, etc.), and any other natural abilities the creature may have.  Changelings do not get special or supernatural type powers when changing into a creature.  A changeling can even coat themselves over technical displays and take on a chameleon-like appearance.  Anyone attempting to notice a changeling in this state must succeed at an Intelligence check -4.  A changeling surprises any target in 1-5 on a d6.

Changelings can take on the appearance of people and aliens as well, but do not gain access to their memories.  Changelings cannot replicate people who have overt cybernetic body parts, as they cannot change into things with gears or many moving parts.  Changelings can transform into inert objects like rocks, trees, fallen logs, vases, furniture, etc. as well.

A changeling can use this ability a number of times per day as indicated on the table above before becoming exhausted and having to remain in the last form or revert to their humanoid form.  Each transformation takes 1 round.

Pseudopods: If a changeling takes no other action (including movement or attack) they can form up to 4 pseudopods that reach up to 10’ and make an attack with each.  They deal 1d6-1 damage.

Unknown Physiology: Changelings do not need to eat or drink, are immune to most (GM’s call) diseases and poisons, and are immune to critical hits (if the GM is using that optional rule).

Regeneration: Every 24 hours a changeling must revert to a liquid state and regenerate for 8 hours.  During this time they regain HP as per the normal rules.  Each hour past the initial 24 a changeling must succeed at a Savings Throw to remain in the shape that they are in.  They cannot shape change at all.  Each additional hour the changeling suffers -1 to their roll (IE. a changeling that has gone on for 29 hours suffers -5 to their Savings Throw).

Changeling 2

Assassin Class for White Star- Updated

Yesterday I posted the Assassin class for White Star and got some really good feedback, so I made some changes.  Here you be:


Assassin 1

Here’s the PDF- Assassin

Assassins are hired guns that are renowned for getting the job done at any cost.  Some have creeds or rules that they live by, while others are unscrupulous and don’t care about casualties so long as they get the job done and take out their mark.


You travel the stars taking on contracts and making sure that the last thing your mark feels is the cold piercing of your blade, or the hot energy from your laser before the light fades from their eyes.


1 0 1 +0 15
2 2,000 2 +0 14
3 4,000 3 +1 13
4 8,000 4 +2 12
5 16,000 4+1 +3 11
6 32,000 5 +3 10
7 64,000 5+1 +4 9
8 128,000 6 +4 8
9 256,000 6+1 +5 7
10 512,000 7 +5 6


Assassin Abilities

Assassin 2

Weapons and Armor Restrictions: Assassins are trained in all weaponry and trained in wearing light armor.

Deadly Aim: If the Assassin has a sniper rifle (laser or ballistic) and does nothing but aim at a target for three rounds their shot is deadly accurate. The target must succeed a Saving Throw or be killed by the Assassin’s shot. A target that succeeds at their Saving Throw suffers 2d6 damage.

Deadly Strike: If the Assassin has a small blade (either a dagger or mono-dagger), studies a target for three rounds, and successfully sneaks up on a target their attack is deadly accurate. The target must succeed a Saving Throw or be killed by the Assassin’s knife attack. A target that succeeds at their Saving Throw suffers 2d6 damage.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Assassins are highly trained in hand-to-hand combat and do 1d6+1 damage with their fists.

Stealth: Assassins live in the shadows. When they hide it’s almost as if they are invisible. An Assassin who moves while hiding can do so at up to half their normal pace with no penalty. An assassin can move up to full speed with a -5 to their Dexterity check.

Savings Throw: Assassins gain +2 to Saving Throws against Death and Poisons.

Swoop Racer Class for White Star

The Gnomish Embassy posted an bunch of cool alternative class options for the Pilot class recently.  It inspired me to create a Swoop Class of my own for my upcoming Strange Stars campaign.

Swoop Racer

Swoop Racer 2

Here’s the PDF version-Swoop Racer

Swoop racers seek the thrills of speed on their heavily-modified swoops.  These speed demons are known for their reckless devil-may-care attitudes and live and die as fast as their vehicles.  They often take to the stars searching for new terrain and courses to race on, forming an entourage of other racers that accompany them.

1 0 1 +0 15
2 1,250 2 +0 14
3 2,500 3 +1 13
4 5,000 3+1 +2 12
5 10,000 4 +3 11
6 20,000 5 +3 10
7 40,000 6 +4 9
8 80,000 6+1 +4 8
9 160,000 7 +5 7
10 320,000 8 +5 6

Swoop Racer 1

Swoop Racer Abilities

Weapons and Armor Restrictions:  Swoop riders are proficient with clubs, daggers, mono-daggers, firearms, laser pistol, and grenades.

Pour it On!: Swoop racers know how to fiddle with their rides and get a little more juice out of them.  The Swoop Racer is able to double their vehicle’s speed for 3d6 rounds by succeeding on a Savings Throw.  A Swoop Racer’s vehicle can only handle one burst of speed per hour.  Doing any further bursts of speed will destroy the vehicle’s engine.

Road Warrior: Swoop Racers are highly skilled at riding their vehicles in all sorts of environments.  Once per session a Swoop Racer is able to reroll one Dexterity check or failed Saving Throw when it is dealing with their ride.

Shoot on the Go: Swoop Racers are able to shoot a one-handed weapon (laser pistol or firearm) while driving their ride without any modifiers while anyone else who attempts this suffer -4 to their attack roll.

Gang Leader (4th): At 4th level a Swoop Racer becomes the leader of a gang of other aspiring Swoop Racers.  This crew is known for their brash and sometimes thuggish behavior and will come to the aid of their leader should it be needed.

Swoop Racer 3