The Witch Hunter- A Beyond the Wall Elder Playbook

Here is a new playbook I just created for Beyond the Wall.  I used the Elder rules for this one.  I figured a Witch Hunter would have already suffered through some horrible shit, so it made sense to start them at level 2…  This one is a bit darker than any of the other playbooks I’ve done- or that I’ve seen for BtW.  I used some of the Occult Slayer 5e Martial Archetype I created awhile back for inspiration.

The Witch Hunter- Elder Playbook

Witch Hunter 1

You have been touched by the darkness that lurks in the hearts of humans, and it has shattered your life and left you a shell filled with a desire for vengeance.  You fight tirelessly against mages and witches who have let their hearts and minds become consumed by darkness.  A witch hunter is not afraid to dive into the depths of an old ruin, or plunder through a haunted mansion if it means bringing a rogue mage, or evil witch to justice.


Here’s the PDF version- The Witch Hunter- Elder Playbook


1d12 What did your parents do in the village?  What did you learn from them? Gain
1 They were the town drunks.  “You can only depend on yourself.” +2 Str, +2 Int, +1 Con
2 Your father was an outcast, rightfully or not +2 Int, +1 Wis, +1 ConSkill: Survival
3 Your parents were fishermen and you grew up by the river. +2 Dex, +1 Str, +1 WisSkill: Fishing
4 Your mom was an oddball and said she could read the future in the stars. +2 Wis, +1 Int, +1 ChrSkill: Astronomy
5 Your family worked a small farm outside the village. +2 Con, +1 Wis, + 1 ChaSkill: Farming
6 You spent much time in the mountains foraging for food and supplies. +2 Con, +1 Dex, +Wis, +1 Str
7 Your parents own the local inn.  You grew up meeting travelers and hearing their tales. +2 Cha, +1 Int, +1 Dex, +1 Wis
8 Your father was the local smith and taught you both hammer and bellows. +2 Str, +1 Dex, +1 ChaSkill: Smithing
9 Your father or other kept the old stories.  Your head is filled with them. +2 Int, +1 Cha, +1 WisSkill: Folklore
10 Your mother is the local constabulary.  She is fair and well respected. +2 Str, +1 Wis, +1 ConSkill: Investigation
11 You went on journeys into the woods with your father to gather herbs and berries. +2 Wis, +1 Con, +1 DexSkill: Herbalism
12 Your father was a local merchant.  You learned to name yoru price and charm your customers. +2 Cha, +1 Int, +1 DexSkill: Haggling


1d8 How did you distinguish yourself as a child? Gain
1 Children often fight, but you never lost. +2 Str, +1 Wis
2 There wasn’t a game you couldn’t win. +2 Dex, +1 Int
3 You were the toughest kid around. +2 Con, +1 Cha
4 No secret escaped you. +2 Int, +1 Dex
5 Your empathy made you a sought after confidant. +2 Wis, +1 Con
6 You never met someone who didn’t like you. +2 Cha, +1 Str
7 You solved everyone else’s problems, and never mentioned your own. +1 Str, +1 Con, +1 Cha
8 Everyone has something to teach, and you learned a little from them all. +1 Dex, +1 Int, +1 Wis


1d8 The other player characters have become your closest companions.  Aside from this ragtag group of kids, who else in the village befriended you? Gain
1 The village elder taught you patience and calculation. +2 Wis, +1 Int
2 The local blacksmith took you in and kept you out of trouble. +2 Str, +1 Cha
3 You spent time with the hunters tracking game +2 Con, +1 Wis
4 You are set to marry the daughter of the local priest. +2 Cha, +1 Int
5 You’ve taken a local orphan girl under your wing.  Many in the village whisper she has magical powers. +2 Int, +1 Dex
6 You broke someone’s heart, or maybe they broke yours. +2 Wis, +1 Con
7 You spent most of your time alone in the wilderness. +1 Str, +1 Int,+1 Wis
8 The grizzled mercenary who settled in town taught you a thing or two. +1 Dex, +1 Con, +1 Wis


You traveled the lands of men and seen the horrors that lurk outside these village walls.  You have come to the village for a reason. You become a level 2 Warrior-Rogue. You gain the class abilities Knacks and Highly Skilled, and the skill Occult Lore. You follow the warriors HP, BAB, and can wear any armor.  Also choose one of the following: Rage, Shield Master, Two Hander, The Archer, Valiant Protector, Two-weapon Fighting, Artful Dodge, Improved Initiative, or Ledge Crawler (wrathofzombie homebrew rules- see below).  The tables below will further define your class abilities. What do you have to teach this motley group of kids?

1d6 When did you first encounter a witch? Gain
1 A witch killed your mother in a ritual to summon a demon.  You managed to slay her before the ritual was complete. +3 StrSkill: Stealth
2 A witch enticed you and your sister into her house and attempted to bake you into a pie.  Only you escaped. +3 DexSkill: Escape Artist
3 A witch cast a curse on your village, causing many to develop a terrible sickness.  Many died, but you survived. +3 ConSkill: Healing
4 A witch bullied her way into your village and subjugated the entire population.  Many died in the mines, but you survived and managed to escape eventually. +3 WisSkill: Mining
5 You were kidnapped by a witch and treated as a slave for years.  Eventually you slit the hag’s throat while she slept and were able to find your way out of her swamp. +3 IntSkill: Survival
6 You heard tales of the witch that lived in a house with chicken legs and you decided to try and find her.  You did, and you still sometimes see her horrible visage when you close your eyes. +3 ChrSkill: Alertness


1d6 What was your most recent encounter with a witch? Gain
1 A witch had taken the guise of a beautiful young woman and was luring men to her hut and eating their flesh.  You found her and killed her. +2 WisSkill: Tracking
2 You found a witch counting the finger bones of the dead in a cemetery.  You slew her, burnt her body, and salted the ground.  The dead are now at rest. +2 StrSkill: Stealth
3 A witch actually saved your life, making you question your black and white view on all witches. +2 ChrSkill: Persuasion
4 You saw a witch summon a storm in a town you were passing through, nearly ripping everything apart.  She hopped on a broom and fled into the storm- you still seek retribution against her. +2 DexSkill: Weather sense
5 You were captured by a witch and whipped and tortured for days before a friend rescued, but lost their own life in the process.  The witch escaped justice that day, but you will still find her. +2 StrSkill: Survival
6 You know not all witches are evil and gross creatures.  You helped the local town witch gather herbs and heal a blight that was affected the local populace. +2 WisSkill: Herbalism


1d6 What caused you to choose your pupil?  The player to your right immediately gains +1 Wis, -1 Con and shares this event with you. Gain
1 A witch came to the village to seek revenge for you killing her sister.  The youth was with you and took up arms against the hag.  The bravery of the youth shone through, they immediately gain +1 Str. +2 Str, Knack: Defensive Fighter, Skill: Poisons
2 You wandered into the town, badly injured after fighting a witch on the outskirts of town.  The villagers feared you were cursed and left you alone, however the youth was brave and helped you tend your wounds.  The youth’s kindness saved your life, they immediately gain +1 Chr. +2 Con, Knack: Resilience, Skill: Athletics
3 The last winter was brutal and lasted longer than normal.  You agreed to venture out to find food in the storm.  The youth snuck out with you to help.  The youth was able to help you spot herbs and game, instantly gaining +1 Wis. +2 Dex, Knack: Fleet, Skill: Hunting
4 It was rumored a witch who could speak to the dead lived deep in the woods.  You ventured in to find her and discover her intentions.  The youth accompanied you, eager to learn.  The youth listened intently, instantly gaining +1 Int. +2 Wis, Knack: Defensive Fighter, Skill: Burial Lore
5 The village elder did not want you in the town, fearing you would bring a blight upon everyone.  The youth spoke up for you, speaking of your strength and valor.  The village elder agreed with the youth’s words, instantly granting them +1 Chr. +2 Chr, Knack Resilience, Skill: Persuasion
6 You came to the town to slay the local village witch.  A fight broke out and as you were about to deal the killing blow the youth stayed your hand, explaining that the witch was kind and had helped out the villagers for decades.  The quick actions of the youth stayed your hand and saved the witch, instantly granting them +1 Dex. +2 Str, Knack: Great Strike, Skill: Listening


1d6 What memento do you keep with you that brings you luck? Gain
1 The silver longsword of your father. +2 Str, silver longsword
2 Your mother was a shield maiden, you carry her shield. +2 Con, reinforced shield
3 A book of strange fairy tales. +2 Int, book of fairy tales
4 A silver necklace with an hourglass pendant. +2 Wis, hour glass necklace
5 A sign of victory. +2 Str, shriveled, shrunken head of a witch
6 A sign of tragedy +2 Wis, the small toy of a child who died at the hands of a witch

Witch Hunter 2


<choose one of the following>

Rage– For the duration of one combat the warrior gains + 2 to attack and damage and + 2 Wisdom saves against mild-altering and fear effects, but suffers -2 to AC.  After combat the warrior is exhausted and suffers -2 to all rolls and AC until they rest for one hour.  This ability cannot be used again until the exhaustion has passed. (Thanks to Crypts and Things for the cool version of berserk- I modded it slightly).

Shield Master– The warrior knows how to use a shield effectively.  They gain an additional + 1 to their AC when wielding a shield.  Additionally a shield master can absorb two blows before their shield is shattered (

Two Hander– The warrior can wield a two-handed weapon more effectively, dealing maximum damage on their first attack in combat if the strike is successful.  All subsequent damage from successful attacks are resolved normally.

The Archer– The warrior has learned how to use a bow very effectively.  If the warrior doesn’t take another action in a round they are able to fire two arrows in a row.  Each attack must be resolved separately.

Valiant Protector– The warrior is trained to protect their companions, and can even risk their own life to save a threatened ally. Once per fight, when an ally within 30 feet is struck by an attack, the warrior may instantly move to interpose. They may choose to do so after the attack’s damage has been rolled. The original target takes no damage and the attack is re-rolled against the warrior instead.  The warrior can defend only against physical, tangible attacks, and not against magical afflictions or environmental damage (thanks Dawn of Spears).

Two-weapon Fighting– A rogue wearing light armor and holding a small weapon can make one additional attack a round.

Artful Dodge– A thief wearing light armor and no shield gains +2 to AC (again- nod to Crypts and Things).

Improved Initiative– The thief knows that those who are quickest to act usually live longest.  Add +4 to Initiative rolls.  (I am not using the static initiative bonus.  I’m doing Dexterity modifier + d20 rollif you are using the BtW static rules- just increase the rogues Initiative bonus to +2 instead.)

Ledge Crawler– A rogue’s movement is not slowed or hindered when walking along tight ropes, ledges, or cliffs.

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