The Alien Psychic Weapon- A White Star Class


 Alien Psychic Weapon 1

Where humans needed genetic manipulation, exposure to some cosmic radiation, or some other catalyst that allowed them to develop psychic powers, many aliens have developed these powers naturally.

Alien Mystics tend to use their abilities in a thoughtful and defensive manner, where the Alien Psychic Weapon tends to act first and question later.  They are quick to take the offensive, and are feared for their abilities and their unpredictable nature.  Their powers mirror those of Human Pscionics and share several powers with the Star Knight and Alien Mystic.


1 4,000 1+1 +0 13 1
2 8,000 2 +1 12 2
3 16,000 2+1 +2 11 3
4 32,000 3 +2 10 4
5 64,000 4 +3 9 5
6 128,000 5 +4 8 5


WEAPON/ARMOR RESTRICTIONS: Alien Psychic Weapons are trained in combat and can use daggers, mono-daggers, mono-swords, spears, swords, firearms, grenades, laser pistols, and laser rifles.  They can wear light or medium armor.



Alien Psychic Weapon 2

An Alien Psychic Weapon can use any of the 10 powers they choose, however only up to a limited number of times per day safely (see ABILITIES in table above).


Detect Thoughts: The psionicist is able to use the Star Knight meditation Detect Thoughts (WS, pg 63).

Clairvoyance: The psionicist is able to see another location up to 300 feet away for up to 1 hour.

Confusion: The psionicist is able to use the Star Knight meditation Confusion (WS, pg 65).

Mental Blast: This attack of pure mental energy causes 1d6/3 lvls damage. Other creatures that posses possessing psionic powers can make Saving Throw to avoid the damage.

Mind Control: This functions like Charm Person (WS, pg 60), but the psionicist must concentrate for duration.  Interruption allows for a new saving throw.

Shield: The psionicist is able to produce a shield of pure force as a reaction and negates the damage of 1 attack.

Telekinesis: The psionicist is able to use the Star Knight meditation Telekinesis (WS, pg 67).

Telepathy: The psionicist is able to use direct mind-to-mind communication with another target, regardless of language.  The psionicist is able to speak to a number of targets equal to 1 every three levels.

Binding: The psionicist is able to use the Alien Mystic gift Hold Person (WS, pg 69).

Precognition: The psionicist is able to see an event that will affect them in the near future (no more than 24 hours) and are able to alter the event.  Mechanically this means what when a psionicist fails a Saving Throw, they can declare this is the one they “knew” about and automatically succeed.

BRAIN PUSH: Once an Alien Psychic Weapon has exhausted the uses of their powers they are able to attempt to push beyond their normal limits.  The Alien Psychic must succeed a Saving Throw, success means that they are able to use one more power.  Should they fail, they suffer 2d6 Intelligence damage (this is temporary and recovers at a rate of one per day with rest) and is unable to act for 1d4 rounds due to sharp pain and agony piercing their brain.  Each additional time that the Alien Psychic Weapon attempts this, they suffer -5 to their roll.  Should a 1 ever be rolled on the Saving Throw the Alien Brain permanently loses 1 point of Intelligence.

SAVING THROW: Alien Psychic Weapons have a +2 bonus to all Saving Throws made to resist Giftsor Meditations.

LANGUAGES: Alien Psychic Weapons are able to speak the language of humans as well as their own language as well.  There is a chance that they are able to speak one additional language (GM’s call).

Alien Psychic Weapon 3

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