Plant-like Life Form- Alternate Alien Brute Class for White Star- “I AM GROOT!”

I thought it would be fun to allow players to play a Groot like class should they want t0- so I created one for White Star.


Here you be!



Plant-like Life Form

Here’s the PDF- Plant-like Life Form

Groot 2

Plant-like Life Forms are extremely rare and bizarre creatures.  Each a single and unique creature; no one knows how these creatures are born or what is needed for them to come into existence.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions: Due to their bulk and physical structure, a PLF is unable to wear any armor whatsoever, however their physical structure is naturally thick, so they have a base AC of 7 [12].  PLFs do not use any weapons except their fits.

Bark Skin: Ignore 2 points of damage, except from fire which causes an additional 1d6 damage to the PLF.

Unarmed Combat: PLF’s are skilled at unarmed combat. Their massive wooden fists deal 1d6+1 damage.

Combat Machine: Against foes of one Hit Die (1 HD) or fewer, PLFs get free extra attacks per round that can be used against only them up to one extra per experience level of the PLF.

Regeneration: The PLF regains an extra 2 HP per night with 8 hours of rest.  Also if any piece of the PLF is cut off (IE. arms or legs), they will regrow in 1d4 days.  Furthermore a PLF is able to “regrow” from a single healthy twig from their body, should they ever be killed.  Fully growing to their original size takes twenty days minus their level.

Groot 1

Special Abilities: A PLF is able to use any of these special abilities whenever they choose.  They can use special abilities a number of times equal to their level + 1d4.

Entangle: The PLF is able cause small tendrils of vines and roots to grow from their body, arms, and legs and cause them to wrap around a target.  The intended target must make a Saving Throw to avoid becoming entangled.  Once a target is entangled they must succeed a Strength check (roll under their Strength score) to break free.

Grow: A PLF is able to grow 5 feet per round for 5 rounds.  When they do this, it takes all their concentration and they are unable to do anything but grow and move.  They cannot attack.  Shrinking to their normal size only takes 1 round.  When they grow, people are able to climb on them like a ladder.

Lash: The PLF is able to extend their arms like a whip to attack a target, doing 2d6+1 damage.  It has a range of 20 feet.

Shield: As a reaction, the PLF is able to form a shield of tree roots on their arm and absorb the damage of one attack.

Soil Life: A PLF is able to extend roots from their feet into the soil of the ground and instantly regain 1d6+level Hit Points back.

Lights: The PLF is able to summon a swarm of glittering fireflies that illuminate a 60 ft radius as if it were lit by lightbulbs.


Envelop (5th): The PLF is able to transform themselves into a gigantic ball of roots that are able to protect all inside.  Any creature inside this protective shell is immune to any damage, however while in this state the PLF suffers double damage from any attack as they have made themselves more vulnerable.





1 0 1+1 +0 13
2 2,000 2 +1 12
3 4,000 3 +2 11
4 8,000 4 +2 10
5 16,000 5 +3 9
6 32,000 6 +4 8

Plant-like Life Form Advancement Table




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