The Bionic Soldier- New Class for White Star- and New Cyberware Options as well

I’ve always had a soft spot for Street Samurai in Shadowrun, so I figured I’d do one for White Star as well.

The Bionic Soldier

Here it is in PDF format- The Bionic Soldier

Bionic Soldier 2


Some soldiers train all their lives to become highly efficient killing machines, others allow themselves to be carved up and have their humanity replaced with the cold efficiency of science and machinery.  These soldiers have had more cyberware installed in their body than is normally recommended, and have become more machine than man.  They are highly skilled in combat and prefer to be in the front lines, blasting enemies with big guns or hurting them with their fists.


1 0 1+1 +1 15
2 2,000 2 +2 14
3 6,000 3+1 +3 13
4 12,000 4 +4 12
5 24,000 5+1 +5 11

Table: Bionic Soldier Advancement


Bionic Soldier

Weapon and Armor Restrictions:  Bionic Soldiers are highly trained in combat.  They do not have any restrictions on weapon or armor selection.

Skills: A Bionic Soldier starts with two skills of their choice (see below).

More Machine Now Than Man: Bionic Soldiers start play with six pieces of cyberware and are unable to receive any more enhancements.  This is one above the recommended amount, but balances out with other characters in the long run.  The life of a Bionic Soldier is short, brutal, and possibly profitable.  A Bionic Soldier is required to take Cybernetic arms (WS, pg 95) as one of their six cyberware upgrades.  These pieces can be selected from the cyberware options in White Star, pages 95-96 or the new cyberware options (see below).

Mechanical Anatomy: All the cyberware Bionic Soldier has had surgically implanted makes it difficult to heal them.  They cannot be healed by Cure Light Wounds and may be immune to several other Meditations and Gifts, at the GM’s discretion.  Med-kits heal for the allotted amount.

Bionic Soldier 1

Fists of Fury: The Bionic Soldier’s cybernetic fists hurt when they connect with a target.  When fighting without a weapon in melee combat they roll 1d6+1 for damage.

Skills: Each class, unless stated in their description starts with two skills of their choice.  Rather than creating an extensive list of skills, let the player come up with their own skills.  These can be things like piloting, hacking, security, technology, alien cultures, trade, persuasion, intimidation, etc.

By-and-large a player character is able to attempt anything (however a GM is free to decided that certain things do require a skill, especially highly specialized things like hacking locks, etc.).  To do this the GM decides which attribute is appropriate and the player rolls a d20 and must roll equal to or under their attribute.  If they roll over, the attempt fails.  When a player character has a skill, they receive a +2 bonus.  A player may take a skill twice, giving them a +4 bonus.

Example: Big Eye James is attempting to pull a card from out of his cuff in a game of poker.  The GM asks if he has an appropriate skill.  James has sleight of hand, which the GM feels is more than appropriate for this situation.  Big Eye James has a Dexterity of 13- adding +2 to that for the Sleight of Hand skill.  Big Eye James rolls a 11 on his d20, thus succeeding on placing a card in his hand. 



New Cyberware


Here are several new pieces of cyberware, in addition to those listed in White Star pages 95-96, that can be found in Strange Stars.


Bone Enhancement: The character has been injected with small nanites that chemically treat their bones, causing them to become thicker and more resistant to damage.  The character’s bones can never be broken.  Additionally the character ignores 2 points of damage from any attack.


Computer Brain: A small computer has been installed in the character’s brain, allowing them to plug a cord directly from a port in their skull to another computer or ship.  The human brain allows for quicker processing than a holo-vid or hand-held computer, shortening response time by 25%.


Cybernetic Ears: The characters ears have been replaced with synthetic ones.  The character is able to hear double the range of normal ears and they receive +2 to any Saving Throws against sonic attacks/damage.


Cybernetic Grappling Hand: This cybernetic hand looks like a large three-pincer claw that is able to grapple and lock onto whatever it is holding indefinitely.  It can also be fired at a target or item up to 15 feet away.  The character must make a successful ranged attack to grab a hold of the target or item.


Dexterity Augmentation: Small nodes are installed on the spine, increasing the character’s Dexterity by 1 point (max of 18).


Emotion Suppressor: A small chip has been implanted into the target’s brain that allows them to ignore emotions.  Once per hour, as a reaction, the target is able to “turn off” their emotions and negate or block any effects that would affect them, such as charm person, fear, etc.


Muscle Augmentation: Small nodes are implanted in the major muscle groups of the character, increasing the character’s Strength by 1 point (max of 18).


Nanites: The character has a small store of ninites stored in their spleen that are released each night to aid in healing injuries.  Each night of undisturbed rest the character restores and additional 1 HP back.


Sleep Regulator: The character has a chip implanted on their adrenal gland, which causes it to produce more adrenaline, allowing the character to stay up for 48 hours without sleep and suffer no adverse effects (aside from not recovering any lost hit points).   After being up for 48 hours the character must sleep for 12 hours to feel rested.


Voice Modulator: The character has had their voice box replaced with a piece of cyberware.  The character is able to mimic another person’s voice almost perfectly with this piece of hardware.

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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