New Robot Variants for White Stars and Strange Stars

Here are some new robot variants for the awesome White Stars.

Infosophont: Infosophonts are AI beings that exist free of a permanent body.  Their “bodies” are data storage boxes that are protected (and often times hidden) by security measures, firewalls, and even automated weaponry.  Infosophonts have the ability to put their consciousness into various chassis (being the other robot types listed below and in White Star pg 27).  The infosophont must have purchased a new chassis (or hacked into one that has not been programmed with its own personality and abilities).  The infosophont gains all the abilities of that chassis and can stay in that body indefinitely.  A chassis costs 1,000 credits.  An infosophont has two versions of hit points.  They have the hit points of their level and hard points, which is how much damage their AI data storage box can take.  When a chassis is destroyed the Infosophont suffers 3d6 hard point damage and its consciousness is immediately transported back its data storage location.  The Infosophont can then place its consciousness in a new chassis (if it has one available).  Doing so takes 3d6 rounds to boot the new chassis up and upload the AIs consciousness.  Hard Points are repaired very slowly, at a rate of 1 per day as the Infosophont has to repair and rewrite damaged code and programs.  An Infosophonts Hard Points are equal to their Constitution score.  Should an Infosophont be reduced to zero Hard Points, their program shorts out and is damaged beyond repair.  Infosophonts are from Strange Stars.   Here is more on Infosophonts from Trey.


Assassin Droid

Assassin Droid: Assassin models are extremely sleek models that look nearly human (if not a perfect replica).   Change an Assassin Droid’s Dexterity to 15 if the character rolled anything less.  Assassin Droid’s also have the skill Stealth, are able to use the Scout Ability Deadly Aim (see below) and also if the Assassin Droid does a successful sneak attack, they do an additional 1d6 damage to the target.  Assassin droids have a holdout laser pistol in one arm and a holdout mono-dagger in the other.  Assassin droids are proficient in laser pistol, daggers, mono-daggers, and laser rifles.


Deadly Aim: If the Scout has a sniper rifle (laser or ballistic) and does nothing but aim at a target for 2 rounds their shot is deadly accurate.  The target must succeed a Saving Throw or be killed by the Scout’s shot.  A target that succeeds at their Saving Throw suffers 2d6 damage. 

Medical Droid

Medical: Medical robots are highly appreciated for their expertise and quick ability to patch up patients.  Under the care of a medical droid a target recovers double the hit points back per full day of uninterrupted rest.  A medical droid is able to shut down for 8 hours to synthesis needed medical supplies.  During this time the robot cannot run self-repair and being in this state does not count as the robot shutting down to recharge, however the medical robot is immobile and out of the action during this time.  At the end of the 8 hours the robot has generated 1d3 med kits and 1 anti-poison pill, these go inert if not used within 24 hours.  Once per week the medical robot is able to fabricate an Adrenaline Booster (WS, pg 97).  The Adrenaline Booster goes inert if not used within the week.  Medical robots have a stun gun and a laser pistol attached to their chassis.  A target hit with the stun gun must succeed a Saving Throw or be stunned for 1d4 rounds.

 Scout Droid

Scout: A Scout Robot does not have legs, but instead hover jets that give the robot a movement of 12 feet and allows the robot to hover up to 15 feet off of the ground.  Scouts are have the skill Tracking.  Scout robots can survive even in the harshest environments and do not suffer any environmental damage from heat or cold.  Scout robots have the ability to record video and audio for up to 150 hours and transmit their recordings to another receiver.  Scout robots have a with a laser pistol and laser rifle built onto their chassis.  The scout robot has either stealth armor or a personal cloaking device installed (WS, pages 95 and 98).  Player’s choice.

Pleasure Droid

Pleasure Model: This model of robot looks like an extremely attractive humanoid.  These models are popular in many seedy dens of debauchery and sin as they don’t need as much rest as true humanoids, do not need food or water, and are able to tailor themselves to the needs and desires of their customers.  Change a Pleasure Model robot’s Charisma to 16 if the character rolled anything less.  Pleasure Model’s have the skill Persuasion.  Pleasure Model’s also make great manipulators and are able to wrap a mark around their finger.  A Pleasure Model is able to use the Silver-Tongue ability (Aristocrat, pg 17) with any target that they are “engaged with.”  Pleasure models are proficient with daggers, mono-daggers, and laser pistols.


Skills: Each class, unless stated in their description starts with two skills of their choice.  Rather than creating an extensive list of skills, let the player come up with their own skills.  These can be things like piloting, hacking, security, technology, alien cultures, trade, persuasion, intimidation, etc.


By-and-large a player character is able to attempt anything (however a GM is free to decided that certain things do require a skill, especially highly specialized things like hacking locks, etc.).  To do this the GM decides which attribute is appropriate and the player rolls a d20 and must roll equal to or under their attribute.  If they roll over, the attempt fails.  When a player character has a skill, they receive a +2 bonus.  A player may take a skill twice, giving them a +4 bonus.


Example: Big Eye James is attempting to pull a card from out of his cuff in a game of poker.  The GM asks if he has an appropriate skill.  James has sleight of hand, which the GM feels is more than appropriate for this situation.  Big Eye James has a Dexterity of 13- adding +2 to that for the Sleight of Hand skill.  Big Eye James rolls a 11 on his d20, thus succeeding on placing a card in his hand. 


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