White Star Tech Specialist Class Redone With New Skillset

The other day I created the Tech Specialist for White Star using the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Specialist class rules.  I think it works fine, but also thought that the skills were a bit limiting.  Later I started writing notes on my Scoundrel and Scout classes and realized that the skill rules for Beyond the Wall would work PERFECT for White Star, so thus went to incorporate those into the two new classes… People have really seemed to like this approach, so I decided to go back and change the Tech Specialist to fit in as well…  So here it is.

Here’s the PDF version- Tech Specialist- New Skill Layout

Tech Specialist

Tech Specialist 1

Pilots may be hot shot flying aces and can do quick fixes on a starship, it takes a Tech Specialist to keep one running indefinitely.  Tech Specialists know the ins and outs of almost any gizmo, or are able to muddle along until they figure it out and can utilize it.  Tech Specialists are always needed on a starship, space station, or ground bound in a factory.  They etch out their living fixing what others mess up and break.


Tech Specialist are not frontline fighters, but know how to take care of themselves.  Many receive combat training, knowing that eventually they may take a job that calls for them to be in the thick of things while attempting to fix a laser turret or shield generator.



Level XP HD BHB ST Skill Points
1 0 1 +0 15 4
2 1,250 2 +1 14 +2
3 2,500 3 +1 13 +2
4 5,000 3+1 +2 12 +2
5 10,000 4 +3 11 +2
6 20,000 5 +3 10 +2
7 40,000 6 +4 9 +2
8 80,000 6+1 +4 8 +2
9 160,000 7 +5 7 +2
10 320,000 8 +5 6 +2

Table: Tech Specialist Advancement


Tech Specialist Class Abilities

Weapon and Armor Restrictions:  Tech Specialists prefer to stay out of combat unless it is absolutely necessary.  However they know that sometimes they have to get into the thick of it.  A Tech Specialist can only wear light armor and their weapons are limited to clubs, daggers, firearms, grenades, mono-daggers, mono-swords, laser pistols, and laser rifles.


Skills: Tech Specialists are highly trained and begin play with 4 skills.  They also gain an additional skill at every odd level (IE. 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th).


Saving Throw: Tech Specialist receive a +2 bonus on Saving Throws against explosions and environmental hazards.

Tech Specialist 2

Tinker: Once per session a Tech Specialist is able to use the items at hand to create one of the following listed below if they succeed on a Tinkering Skill roll (or the GM can simply rule that they always succeed since this is a once per day ability):  Many of these items function like Advanced Equipment in White Star, pg 93.

  • Personal Shield: This item functions like the device described in White Star except it only absorbs 15 points of damage before shorting out and becoming useless. (15 points).
  • Phase Shield: This item functions like the device described in White Star except it only allows one passage through a wall before being rendered useless.
  • Psychic Inhibitor: This item functions like the device described in White Star except it only allows the wearer to be immune to one psychic attack or ability before shorting out.
  • Stealth Armor: This item functions like the device described in White Star except it can only be used once before being rendered useless.
  • Field Meds: When a medkit isn’t handy a Tech Specialist is able to create a make shift one, healing 1d6 HP.
  • Enhance Laser Weapon: The Tech Specialist is able to enhance a laser weapon, doubling its damage. After the initial attack roll a 1d6, if the result is a 1 the weapon shorts out and is useless.
  • Makeshift Laser Weapon: The Tech Specialist is able to piece together a make shift laser weapon from pieces lying around. The weapon functions like a laser pistol and has 1d4 shots before the energy is drained from the battery pack and the item is useless.
  • Taser: The Tech Specialist is able to piece together a make shift weapon that gives off an electrical discharge. The target hit by this must make a saving throw or be stunned for 1d3 rounds.  Once this is used the device is ruined.
  • Robot Repair: The Tech Specialist is able to piece together the items necessary to repair the damage to a robot.  After spending 1d4 rounds working on the robot regains 1d4 HP.


Dexterity XP: A Tech Specialist with a high Dexterity (15+) receives twice (x2) the normal Bonus XP for that attribute (10% not 5%).


Connections (4th): The Tech Specialist has made connections and is able to reach out and find help no matter where they are.  The Tech must succeed a Saving Throw (adding in their Charisma bonus).  If successful the Tech Specialist is able to find a friend (or a friend of a friend-or even a friend of a friend of a friend) nearby who is able to lend a hand.  This doesn’t mean that the person will necessarily do the task for free (or won’t betray the Tech Specialist for the right amount of credits), but is willing to help.  If the Tech Specialist fails their saving throw they are unable to find help for the current situation.


Skills: Each class, unless stated in their description starts with two skills of their choice.  Rather than creating an extensive list of skills, let the player come up with their own skills.  These can be things like piloting, hacking, security, technology, alien cultures, trade, persuasion, intimidation, etc.


By-and-large a player character is able to attempt anything (however a GM is free to decided that certain things do require a skill, especially highly specialized things like hacking locks, etc.).  To do this the GM decides which attribute is appropriate and the player rolls a d20 and must roll equal to or under their attribute.  If they roll over, the attempt fails.  When a player character has a skill, they receive a +2 bonus.  A player may take a skill twice, giving them a +4 bonus.


Example: Big Eye James is attempting to pull a card from out of his cuff in a game of poker.  The GM asks if he has an appropriate skill.  James has sleight of hand, which the GM feels is more than appropriate for this situation.  Big Eye James has a Dexterity of 13- adding +2 to that for the Sleight of Hand skill.  Big Eye James rolls a 11 on his d20, thus succeeding on placing a card in his hand. 

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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