The Scoundrel Class for White Star (And Strange Stars) RPG

With the release of the awesome OSR White Stars RPG, I’ve decided NOT to go the Savage Worlds route with Strange Stars, but use White Stars instead (because it’s THAT awesome).

The other day I created a Tech Specialist class that peeps really seem to be digging (yay me)… and have a few ideas for more.

Today I was tossing ideas back and forth with Chuck Thorin from They Might be Gazebos! and he had a really cool idea for a scoundrel class and it inspired me to do my own.  I tweaked some of the cool shit he came up with .

Here it is in PDF format- Scoundrel White Star Class

The Scoundrel

Scoundrel 1



Masters of deception and lies, Scoundrels lead lives of debauchery, shady deals, and seeking a healthy profit margin.  While the Aristocrat is the silver-tongued devil and impresses people with their words and flashy clothes, the Scoundrel is down in the muck, loading illegal cargo into a ships hold in the dead of night or in a seedy bar negotiating deals on the latest and greatest pirated sim-hologram vids.  They are concerned more with profit than loyalty, knowing that a few extra credits is all it takes to sway a person’s allegiances to do what the Scoundrel desires.


Scoundrels are not front line fighters, preferring to slink in the shadows and attack targets unawares.



1 0 1 +0 15
2 2,000 2 +1 14
3 4,000 3 +1 13
4 8,000 3+1 +2 12
5 16,000 4 +3 11
6 32,000 5 +3 10
7 64,000 6 +4 9
8 128,000 6+1 +4 8
9 256,000 7 +5 7
10 512,000 8 +5 6

Table: Scoundrel Advancement

Scoundrel Class Abilities

Weapon and Armor Restrictions:  Scoundrels prefer to strike quickly and fight dirty.  A Scoundrel can only wear light armor and their weapons are limited to clubs, daggers, firearms, grenades, mono-daggers, mono-swords, and laser pistols.


Skills: A Scoundrel starts with five skills of their choice.  See skills below

Scoundrel 2

I Shot First: Right before combat begins the Scoundrel rolls 1d6- if the result is a 5 or 6, the Scoundrel gets to take a free shot at a target before initiative is rolled.


I Call it Luck: Once per session a Scoundrel can test their luck.  When a Scoundrel is required to make a d20 roll, they roll 2d20s and take the better of the two.


Untrustworthy: If a Scoundrel succeeds on a sneak attack, they do an additional 1d6 damage to the target.


Saving Throw: Scoundrels receive a +1 bonus on Saving Throws against explosions and traps and +1 to Saving Throws against attempts to influence them or cloud their mind.


Dexterity XP: A Scoundrel with a high Dexterity (15+) receives twice (x2) the normal Bonus XP for that attribute (10% not 5%).


Crime Lord (8th): When a Scoundrel reaches 8th level they are able to establish their own crime ring.  The crime lord attracts unsavory cohorts who will follow his lead and serve loyally (if the price and rewards are right) as shakedown artists, smugglers, confidence men, etc.  Each month of in game time, roll 3d6 x 10- this is the amount of credits the Scoundrel receives from their crime ring.


Skills: Each class, unless stated in their description starts with two skills of their choice.  Rather than creating an extensive list of skills, let the player come up with their own skills.  These can be things like piloting, hacking, security, technology, alien cultures, trade, persuasion, intimidation, etc.


By-and-large a player character is able to attempt anything (however a GM is free to decided that certain things do require a skill, especially highly specialized things like hacking locks, etc.).  To do this the GM decides which attribute is appropriate and the player rolls a d20 and must roll equal to or under their attribute.  If they roll over, the attempt fails.  When a player character has a skill, they receive a +2 bonus.  A player may take a skill twice, giving them a +4 bonus.


Example: Big Eye James is attempting to pull a card from out of his cuff in a game of poker.  The GM asks if he has an appropriate skill.  James has sleight of hand, which the GM feels is more than appropriate for this situation.  Big Eye James has a Dexterity of 13- adding +2 to that for the Sleight of Hand skill.  Big Eye James rolls a 11 on his d20, thus succeeding on placing a card in his hand. 

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