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New Beyond the Wall Cantrips, Spells, and Rituals Ported from Pathfinder

Btw Magic Book 2Recently I’ve been doing posts about Beyond the Wall.  It’s a great Neo-OSR style game.  I really dig its simplicity, its enchanted fairy tale approach, and I really enjoy the magic system that’s been created.

For my upcoming game I decided to go through the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and select spells I would like to convert to cantrips, spells, and rituals (because I apparently like punishing myself….)

So what’s new…?  How about 6 cantrips, 25 spells, and 23 rituals?!

I have NOT edited or proofed this document.  I was going cross-eyed just to get this thing done last night.

Oh well! Here is the PDF-Beyond the Wall Homebrew Spells

Hope you enjoy!  It was fun, but hard work!

Here is the houserules I’ve created for BtW

Here are the playbooks I’ve created

The Cursed

The Exiled Monk

The Pious Priest

The Foreign Diplomat