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The Witch Hunter- A Beyond the Wall Elder Playbook

Here is a new playbook I just created for Beyond the Wall.  I used the Elder rules for this one.  I figured a Witch Hunter would have already suffered through some horrible shit, so it made sense to start them at level 2…  This one is a bit darker than any of the other playbooks I’ve done- or that I’ve seen for BtW.  I used some of the Occult Slayer 5e Martial Archetype I created awhile back for inspiration.

The Witch Hunter- Elder Playbook

Witch Hunter 1

You have been touched by the darkness that lurks in the hearts of humans, and it has shattered your life and left you a shell filled with a desire for vengeance.  You fight tirelessly against mages and witches who have let their hearts and minds become consumed by darkness.  A witch hunter is not afraid to dive into the depths of an old ruin, or plunder through a haunted mansion if it means bringing a rogue mage, or evil witch to justice.


Here’s the PDF version- The Witch Hunter- Elder Playbook


1d12 What did your parents do in the village?  What did you learn from them? Gain
1 They were the town drunks.  “You can only depend on yourself.” +2 Str, +2 Int, +1 Con
2 Your father was an outcast, rightfully or not +2 Int, +1 Wis, +1 ConSkill: Survival
3 Your parents were fishermen and you grew up by the river. +2 Dex, +1 Str, +1 WisSkill: Fishing
4 Your mom was an oddball and said she could read the future in the stars. +2 Wis, +1 Int, +1 ChrSkill: Astronomy
5 Your family worked a small farm outside the village. +2 Con, +1 Wis, + 1 ChaSkill: Farming
6 You spent much time in the mountains foraging for food and supplies. +2 Con, +1 Dex, +Wis, +1 Str
7 Your parents own the local inn.  You grew up meeting travelers and hearing their tales. +2 Cha, +1 Int, +1 Dex, +1 Wis
8 Your father was the local smith and taught you both hammer and bellows. +2 Str, +1 Dex, +1 ChaSkill: Smithing
9 Your father or other kept the old stories.  Your head is filled with them. +2 Int, +1 Cha, +1 WisSkill: Folklore
10 Your mother is the local constabulary.  She is fair and well respected. +2 Str, +1 Wis, +1 ConSkill: Investigation
11 You went on journeys into the woods with your father to gather herbs and berries. +2 Wis, +1 Con, +1 DexSkill: Herbalism
12 Your father was a local merchant.  You learned to name yoru price and charm your customers. +2 Cha, +1 Int, +1 DexSkill: Haggling


1d8 How did you distinguish yourself as a child? Gain
1 Children often fight, but you never lost. +2 Str, +1 Wis
2 There wasn’t a game you couldn’t win. +2 Dex, +1 Int
3 You were the toughest kid around. +2 Con, +1 Cha
4 No secret escaped you. +2 Int, +1 Dex
5 Your empathy made you a sought after confidant. +2 Wis, +1 Con
6 You never met someone who didn’t like you. +2 Cha, +1 Str
7 You solved everyone else’s problems, and never mentioned your own. +1 Str, +1 Con, +1 Cha
8 Everyone has something to teach, and you learned a little from them all. +1 Dex, +1 Int, +1 Wis


1d8 The other player characters have become your closest companions.  Aside from this ragtag group of kids, who else in the village befriended you? Gain
1 The village elder taught you patience and calculation. +2 Wis, +1 Int
2 The local blacksmith took you in and kept you out of trouble. +2 Str, +1 Cha
3 You spent time with the hunters tracking game +2 Con, +1 Wis
4 You are set to marry the daughter of the local priest. +2 Cha, +1 Int
5 You’ve taken a local orphan girl under your wing.  Many in the village whisper she has magical powers. +2 Int, +1 Dex
6 You broke someone’s heart, or maybe they broke yours. +2 Wis, +1 Con
7 You spent most of your time alone in the wilderness. +1 Str, +1 Int,+1 Wis
8 The grizzled mercenary who settled in town taught you a thing or two. +1 Dex, +1 Con, +1 Wis


You traveled the lands of men and seen the horrors that lurk outside these village walls.  You have come to the village for a reason. You become a level 2 Warrior-Rogue. You gain the class abilities Knacks and Highly Skilled, and the skill Occult Lore. You follow the warriors HP, BAB, and can wear any armor.  Also choose one of the following: Rage, Shield Master, Two Hander, The Archer, Valiant Protector, Two-weapon Fighting, Artful Dodge, Improved Initiative, or Ledge Crawler (wrathofzombie homebrew rules- see below).  The tables below will further define your class abilities. What do you have to teach this motley group of kids?

1d6 When did you first encounter a witch? Gain
1 A witch killed your mother in a ritual to summon a demon.  You managed to slay her before the ritual was complete. +3 StrSkill: Stealth
2 A witch enticed you and your sister into her house and attempted to bake you into a pie.  Only you escaped. +3 DexSkill: Escape Artist
3 A witch cast a curse on your village, causing many to develop a terrible sickness.  Many died, but you survived. +3 ConSkill: Healing
4 A witch bullied her way into your village and subjugated the entire population.  Many died in the mines, but you survived and managed to escape eventually. +3 WisSkill: Mining
5 You were kidnapped by a witch and treated as a slave for years.  Eventually you slit the hag’s throat while she slept and were able to find your way out of her swamp. +3 IntSkill: Survival
6 You heard tales of the witch that lived in a house with chicken legs and you decided to try and find her.  You did, and you still sometimes see her horrible visage when you close your eyes. +3 ChrSkill: Alertness


1d6 What was your most recent encounter with a witch? Gain
1 A witch had taken the guise of a beautiful young woman and was luring men to her hut and eating their flesh.  You found her and killed her. +2 WisSkill: Tracking
2 You found a witch counting the finger bones of the dead in a cemetery.  You slew her, burnt her body, and salted the ground.  The dead are now at rest. +2 StrSkill: Stealth
3 A witch actually saved your life, making you question your black and white view on all witches. +2 ChrSkill: Persuasion
4 You saw a witch summon a storm in a town you were passing through, nearly ripping everything apart.  She hopped on a broom and fled into the storm- you still seek retribution against her. +2 DexSkill: Weather sense
5 You were captured by a witch and whipped and tortured for days before a friend rescued, but lost their own life in the process.  The witch escaped justice that day, but you will still find her. +2 StrSkill: Survival
6 You know not all witches are evil and gross creatures.  You helped the local town witch gather herbs and heal a blight that was affected the local populace. +2 WisSkill: Herbalism


1d6 What caused you to choose your pupil?  The player to your right immediately gains +1 Wis, -1 Con and shares this event with you. Gain
1 A witch came to the village to seek revenge for you killing her sister.  The youth was with you and took up arms against the hag.  The bravery of the youth shone through, they immediately gain +1 Str. +2 Str, Knack: Defensive Fighter, Skill: Poisons
2 You wandered into the town, badly injured after fighting a witch on the outskirts of town.  The villagers feared you were cursed and left you alone, however the youth was brave and helped you tend your wounds.  The youth’s kindness saved your life, they immediately gain +1 Chr. +2 Con, Knack: Resilience, Skill: Athletics
3 The last winter was brutal and lasted longer than normal.  You agreed to venture out to find food in the storm.  The youth snuck out with you to help.  The youth was able to help you spot herbs and game, instantly gaining +1 Wis. +2 Dex, Knack: Fleet, Skill: Hunting
4 It was rumored a witch who could speak to the dead lived deep in the woods.  You ventured in to find her and discover her intentions.  The youth accompanied you, eager to learn.  The youth listened intently, instantly gaining +1 Int. +2 Wis, Knack: Defensive Fighter, Skill: Burial Lore
5 The village elder did not want you in the town, fearing you would bring a blight upon everyone.  The youth spoke up for you, speaking of your strength and valor.  The village elder agreed with the youth’s words, instantly granting them +1 Chr. +2 Chr, Knack Resilience, Skill: Persuasion
6 You came to the town to slay the local village witch.  A fight broke out and as you were about to deal the killing blow the youth stayed your hand, explaining that the witch was kind and had helped out the villagers for decades.  The quick actions of the youth stayed your hand and saved the witch, instantly granting them +1 Dex. +2 Str, Knack: Great Strike, Skill: Listening


1d6 What memento do you keep with you that brings you luck? Gain
1 The silver longsword of your father. +2 Str, silver longsword
2 Your mother was a shield maiden, you carry her shield. +2 Con, reinforced shield
3 A book of strange fairy tales. +2 Int, book of fairy tales
4 A silver necklace with an hourglass pendant. +2 Wis, hour glass necklace
5 A sign of victory. +2 Str, shriveled, shrunken head of a witch
6 A sign of tragedy +2 Wis, the small toy of a child who died at the hands of a witch

Witch Hunter 2


<choose one of the following>

Rage– For the duration of one combat the warrior gains + 2 to attack and damage and + 2 Wisdom saves against mild-altering and fear effects, but suffers -2 to AC.  After combat the warrior is exhausted and suffers -2 to all rolls and AC until they rest for one hour.  This ability cannot be used again until the exhaustion has passed. (Thanks to Crypts and Things for the cool version of berserk- I modded it slightly).

Shield Master– The warrior knows how to use a shield effectively.  They gain an additional + 1 to their AC when wielding a shield.  Additionally a shield master can absorb two blows before their shield is shattered (

Two Hander– The warrior can wield a two-handed weapon more effectively, dealing maximum damage on their first attack in combat if the strike is successful.  All subsequent damage from successful attacks are resolved normally.

The Archer– The warrior has learned how to use a bow very effectively.  If the warrior doesn’t take another action in a round they are able to fire two arrows in a row.  Each attack must be resolved separately.

Valiant Protector– The warrior is trained to protect their companions, and can even risk their own life to save a threatened ally. Once per fight, when an ally within 30 feet is struck by an attack, the warrior may instantly move to interpose. They may choose to do so after the attack’s damage has been rolled. The original target takes no damage and the attack is re-rolled against the warrior instead.  The warrior can defend only against physical, tangible attacks, and not against magical afflictions or environmental damage (thanks Dawn of Spears).

Two-weapon Fighting– A rogue wearing light armor and holding a small weapon can make one additional attack a round.

Artful Dodge– A thief wearing light armor and no shield gains +2 to AC (again- nod to Crypts and Things).

Improved Initiative– The thief knows that those who are quickest to act usually live longest.  Add +4 to Initiative rolls.  (I am not using the static initiative bonus.  I’m doing Dexterity modifier + d20 rollif you are using the BtW static rules- just increase the rogues Initiative bonus to +2 instead.)

Ledge Crawler– A rogue’s movement is not slowed or hindered when walking along tight ropes, ledges, or cliffs.

The Alien Psychic Weapon- A White Star Class


 Alien Psychic Weapon 1

Where humans needed genetic manipulation, exposure to some cosmic radiation, or some other catalyst that allowed them to develop psychic powers, many aliens have developed these powers naturally.

Alien Mystics tend to use their abilities in a thoughtful and defensive manner, where the Alien Psychic Weapon tends to act first and question later.  They are quick to take the offensive, and are feared for their abilities and their unpredictable nature.  Their powers mirror those of Human Pscionics and share several powers with the Star Knight and Alien Mystic.


1 4,000 1+1 +0 13 1
2 8,000 2 +1 12 2
3 16,000 2+1 +2 11 3
4 32,000 3 +2 10 4
5 64,000 4 +3 9 5
6 128,000 5 +4 8 5


WEAPON/ARMOR RESTRICTIONS: Alien Psychic Weapons are trained in combat and can use daggers, mono-daggers, mono-swords, spears, swords, firearms, grenades, laser pistols, and laser rifles.  They can wear light or medium armor.



Alien Psychic Weapon 2

An Alien Psychic Weapon can use any of the 10 powers they choose, however only up to a limited number of times per day safely (see ABILITIES in table above).


Detect Thoughts: The psionicist is able to use the Star Knight meditation Detect Thoughts (WS, pg 63).

Clairvoyance: The psionicist is able to see another location up to 300 feet away for up to 1 hour.

Confusion: The psionicist is able to use the Star Knight meditation Confusion (WS, pg 65).

Mental Blast: This attack of pure mental energy causes 1d6/3 lvls damage. Other creatures that posses possessing psionic powers can make Saving Throw to avoid the damage.

Mind Control: This functions like Charm Person (WS, pg 60), but the psionicist must concentrate for duration.  Interruption allows for a new saving throw.

Shield: The psionicist is able to produce a shield of pure force as a reaction and negates the damage of 1 attack.

Telekinesis: The psionicist is able to use the Star Knight meditation Telekinesis (WS, pg 67).

Telepathy: The psionicist is able to use direct mind-to-mind communication with another target, regardless of language.  The psionicist is able to speak to a number of targets equal to 1 every three levels.

Binding: The psionicist is able to use the Alien Mystic gift Hold Person (WS, pg 69).

Precognition: The psionicist is able to see an event that will affect them in the near future (no more than 24 hours) and are able to alter the event.  Mechanically this means what when a psionicist fails a Saving Throw, they can declare this is the one they “knew” about and automatically succeed.

BRAIN PUSH: Once an Alien Psychic Weapon has exhausted the uses of their powers they are able to attempt to push beyond their normal limits.  The Alien Psychic must succeed a Saving Throw, success means that they are able to use one more power.  Should they fail, they suffer 2d6 Intelligence damage (this is temporary and recovers at a rate of one per day with rest) and is unable to act for 1d4 rounds due to sharp pain and agony piercing their brain.  Each additional time that the Alien Psychic Weapon attempts this, they suffer -5 to their roll.  Should a 1 ever be rolled on the Saving Throw the Alien Brain permanently loses 1 point of Intelligence.

SAVING THROW: Alien Psychic Weapons have a +2 bonus to all Saving Throws made to resist Giftsor Meditations.

LANGUAGES: Alien Psychic Weapons are able to speak the language of humans as well as their own language as well.  There is a chance that they are able to speak one additional language (GM’s call).

Alien Psychic Weapon 3

Beyond the Wall Session Recap- A Fog Descends and a Three-Headed Monkey is Lonely

Yesterday I kicked off my Beyond the Wall game (whether this will just be a one time thing or a sporadic get together, time will tell).  I had eight players, only three of which had ever RPG’d before.  I tried to make everything as easy as possible for everyone.  I described the three classes (rogue, warrior, and mage) and gave the standard descriptions of “warriors run up to stuff and go stabby stabby; rogues go sneaky sneaky and skilly skilly and sometimes stabby stab; mages are all stuck up and intellectual and cast spelly spells that hurt shit.”  With that intelligent description of everything I also let them know about multi-classing (which in BtW is SUPER simple) and then I asked them which of the classes each would like to play.  Once that was determined I read off the playbooks (think 5e backgrounds) for each class and let the players choose.

Here’s the roster we ended up with:


Kevin- Rogue (The Woodsman background)

Sammie- Rogue (The Untested Rogue background)

Michelle- Warrior (The Nobleman’s Wild Daughter background)

Tyler- Warrior-rogue (The Cursed background- one I wrote up)

Kelly- Warrior (The Village Hero background)

Jamie- Warrior (Dwarf Adventurer background)

Raymond- Mage (Self-taught Mage background)

Katrina- Rogue (Forgotten Child background)

I totally dropped the ball and even forgot to mention my Exiled Monk class and playbook– oh well.  I’m sure someone else will want to play or one of their characters will die.

With those decisions made we started rolling up our characters.  I did deviate from how BtW wants the characters done and nixed the create the village stuff.  I did this purposefully because A) we had a very short amount of time to play and creating the characters with 8 players was going to take a bit of time (took an hour and a half in total); B) the adventure I have written has the village frozen in time and covered in a thick mist- so they can create the village together once that bitch is free; and C) I’m not sure if we’ll get to really play again as all of us have busy fucking schedules…  so if it’s a one off- no point in creating the village.

The Beginning

I opened with the group being out in the wilderness doing a hunt.  I asked Kevin what they were hunting, as he was the woodsman- he said “Boar.”  Michelle said, “Oh that’s perfect!  I saved someone from a boar attack and that’s how I made my name in the village!” So that was a cool little thing right there- perfectly random, but it enhanced everyone’s experience right there.

So the group had a successful hunt (through narration) and went to bed.  When the woke in the AM there was a thick fog obscuring everything further than 10′ away.  The group did some thinking and questioning about the fog, but decided it would be best to head to the village.  They spend half a day walking back to the village.  When they got to the outskirts they realized that they heard no sounds- no villagers, no animals, no tools, etc.  The group took a few more steps into the village and could make out three silhouettes about 10′ away.  Kevin, Katrina, Sammy, and Tyler all stealthed up to take a look while Raymond did Sense Magic in the area.

The rogues came up on the two shapes and saw it was the local town herbalist and her son, completely still as if frozen in time.  It looked like they were playing a game- the son was running from his mother, looking back at her with a smile on his face… The herbalist’s face showing adoration for her child- frozen and unmoving.

Kelly went into the nearest building, which happened to be the blacksmith.  He was standing over his anvil hammering on a horseshoe.  The shoe completely cold- small embers that flew from the shoe after the hammer struck frozen in mid-air, small little bits of ash and dust.

The group met back up and divulged their findings to one another.  The group decided to head further into the town and heard a humming in the distance.  Someone in the party said, “Does this town have a local witch?”  Another player said, “Who do you think is singing…?”  So the group went to investigate the singing and went to the eastern outskirts of the village, and the rickety shack of Druscilla- the village’s witch.

DruscillaDruscilla was sitting on her porch, stroking her fat black cat, and watched the group approach.  “Well I see not ALL the village idiots were frozen in this fog.”  Michelle puffed up at once, “what do you mean idiots.”  “Those weak enough to succumb to this magic.”  Another player called out, “Is that why you’re not affected?”  Druscilla merely shurgged.

The group began asking her questions about what caused this fog and how to remove it.  Druscilla snorted deeply and coughed a big snot ball on to the porch and began playing in it with her long, broken big toe nail.  “Hrm… Let’s see- this is fae magic.  Something has angered the fae and it won’t go away until solved.”

“What do we do?  Where do we go?”

Druscilla made an incision on her forearm and let the blood drip into her snot ball and then continued toeing it, “You must find the prophet of the swamp- two days travel to the south of here…  He’ll have answers for you.  Look for the giant weeping willow where the hang virgins.  That’s where you’ll find him.”

The group gathered up their stuff and headed south.

Along the way they were ambushed by five bullywugs.


Three threw slings at the players, when they charged in, two others appeared from under the peat and began pelting the PC’s with slings as well.  This was a fun fight and several of the players took pretty good damage.  Both Michelle and Kelly (I think) rolled natural 20’s and were very excited to cleave the shit out of the bullywugs.  Michelle was on her horse and had charged one- piercing it through the eye, lifting it off the ground, and taking it with her and she maneuvered to make another charge.

After the fight the group decided to make camp.  That night Kelly was visited by a woman who was coming out of a dead tree stump.  Her flesh looked like wood, and she had branches and vines for hair.



The dryad thanked Kelly for their help in chasing off (or killing) the Bullywugs, as they have been hunting the animals in the area.  For their help, the dryad gave Kelly a bag of eight Good Berries (restores 1 HP when eaten).  She then disappeared back into her log.

That morning Kelly told the group what happened and they decided to move on.  After a few more hours of walking, the group found the weeping willow in the distance.

Weeping Willow

The group carefully approached it, scouting out around them.  Sitting in a thick branch was a monkey juggling three stones in one hand…  He was making deep guttural sounds.  Next to his neck on each side were two flaccid stalks that both hung sadly onto his chest.  One of the party members cleared their throat, “Ummm.  Hello?  Are you the prophet of the swamp?”

Three-headed Monkey

“Indeed I am the prophet of the swamp…  What do you want?” Aside: In a split moment decision I decided to give the three-headed monkey the voice of Benecio Del Toro when he had a gun in his head in Sin City.  I don’t know why, but the players dug it and I had fun giving a small chimp a really deep, gravely voice. 

There was a quick role-playing part here and the group found out that a evil bastard named Cy’nar came and stole the prophet’s other heads and now he’s lonely and that’s why the fog appeared… and it won’t lift until his friends are with him again.  The group asked where Cy’nar was and he told them he was to distraught to know or care.  Go check with the Swamp Mistress and she’ll guide you.  She’s just a mile to the west.

The group asked for help for getting his heads back and he gave them the three stones he was juggling, with no explanation and the group moved on.

The group walked for a short time and then heard a strange inhuman scream and several shouts.  The group crept on on the disturbance and saw three figures pulling a large bag and shouting, “You’re lucky Cy’nar wants you alive you freak!  Otherwise I’d skin you and wear you as a hat.”  Several of the rogues attempted to sneak up on the figures, but Katrina failed- instead sloshing loudly in the swamp water.

They could see three bandits clearly and a figure (a fourth) obscured by the fog in the distance.  The men were wearing black leather armor, had swords and bows, and were wearing leatherface type masks.  Both Sammie and Katrina shouted at the men, telling them to surrender or die (Sammie failed, and Katrina succeeded).  I rolled an opposing roll for the men, giving them negatives because of the sheer number of PC’s VS them.  They failed and immediately surrendered.  The whole group cheered (this was really cool- because it was minor, but for them it was a celebration- which makes it fucking awesome).

The group went back to the bag and opened it up, figuring the Swamp Mistress was within.  What popped out was not what they expected.

Swamp Mistress


The mistress thanked them and the group had a quick talk about why Cy’nar would want her (and all the Mistress said was it was probably because she knew exactly where he was, when everyone else didn’t).  So the Mistress sang a song and teleported the group to the outside of Cy’nar’s lair.

This is where we left off for the night.  Everyone had a great time and got a feel for RPGing.  Hopefully we’ll play again soon.

After Thoughts

This adventure was fun to write and fun to run.  I still have the whole dungeon created and ready to go.  I admit that this adventure was much more linear than I normally do, but I had a very short amount of time to play and I was treating this as if we were never going to get to play again and this was my shot to show 5 people what RPGing was like.  I think I succeeded as everyone told me that it was a ton of fun… so we’ll see if it every happens again:)


Mech Rules for White Star With Included Templates and Modifications


Mechs are massive robotic machines piloted by sentient humanoids that are used for defense and war on many planets.  The rules for mechs function much like combat for starships outlined in White Star, pg 48-52.

(Here’s the PDF- Mechs Rules for White Star)

Light Mechs

Light Mechs stand roughly 20’ tall and are capable of holding one pilot.  These mechs are lighter and more agile than any other mech, but are not as heavily reinforced or defended.  These mechs are largely used for upfront combat.


Light MechTemplate Base Cost: 10,000 credits
Armor Class 6 [13]
Hit Points 25
Shield Strength 1
Movement        120
Targeting +2


Puncher Mech

Puncher Mech


Puncher 13,475 credits
Armor Class 4 [15]
Hit Points 25
Shield Strength 1
Movement 120
Targeting +2
Attack Giant Blade x2 (2d6), or Giant Blade x1 (2d6) and Light Machine Gun x1 (2d6)
Modifications Damage Control Unit, Reinforced Hull x2
The Puncher Mech specializes in up front combat, armed with two giant blades or one blade and a light machine gun.  Most inexperienced mech pilots start driving Punchers into combat.  They are the most cost effective and expendable.


Stinger Mech

Stinger Mech


Stinger  15,750 credits
Armor Class 6 [13]
Hit Points 25
Shield Strength 1 [3]
Movement 120
Targeting +2
Attack Heavy Machine Gun x3 (4d6), Ion Charge x1 (optional), Proton Missiles x1 (8d6)
Modifications Cloaking Device, Shrapnel Cloud Unit (optional), Advanced Shielding x2 (optional)
Stinger Mechs are stealth mechs that lie in wait and attack at the most opportune moment.  Often times Stingers are employed in pincer attack tactics, sneaking up behind the enemy and opening up with their three heavy machine guns and then decimating the enemy ground troops and vehicles with their Shrapnel Cloud Unit.


Ripper Mech

Ripper Mech

Ripper 15,250 credits
Armor Class 6 [13]
Hit Points 25
Shield Strength 5
Movement 120
Targeting +2
Attack Heavy Machine Gun x1 (4d6), giant mono-blade (3d6) (chainsaw), flame thrower (4d6)
Modifications Advanced Shielding x2, jet pack
Ripper Mechs are used to breach the armor of other mechs, but more specifically the hulls of ships or the outside of buildings.  Their giant mono-blade chainsaw slices through armor as if it were tissue.  Once the area is breached, the Ripper will use its flame thrower to destroy any defenders that may be lying in wait.


Medium Mechs

Medium Mechs stand 30’ tall and are sturdier than light mechs.  Medium Mechs are used more as defenders than front line assault mechs (which is typically reserved for light and heavy mechs).


Medium MechTemplate Base Cost: 20,000 credits
Armor Class 5 [14]
Hit Points 85
Shield Strength +3
Movement 90
Targeting +2


Lancer Mech

Lancer Mech


The Lancer 35,640 credits
Armor Class 3 [16]
Hit Points 85
Shield Strength +5
Movement 90
Targeting +2
Attack Ion Charge (2d6), Heavy Machine Gun (4d6), Heavy Laser (6d6)
Modifications Rail Cannon (8d6), Reinforced Hull x2, Advanced Shielding x2
Lancers are a quadruped mech that is used to punch holes in heavily defended mechs, starships, or military installations.  These mechs are feared due to their attached Rail Cannon and their enhanced hull and shielding allows them to take a beating.


Anti-Air Mech

Anti-Air Mech


Anti-Air Mech 39,550 credits
Armor Class 5 [14]
Hit Points 85
Shield Strength +3
Movement 90
Targeting +4
Attack Heavy Laser x2 (6d6), Proton Missile x1 (8d8)
Modifications Advanced Targeting x2, Cloaking Device, Missile Counter Measure Unit
Anti-Air Mechs were created to defend against air vehicles and artillery.  These mechs will use their cloaking device to hide from enemy aircraft and then open up with their heavy lasers and proton missiles.  Their Counter Measure Unit allows them to withstand enemy missile attacks.



Heavy Mechs

Heavy Mechs stand 60’ tall and are the largest mechs produced.  These colossus metal structures lumber across the battle field dealing massive damage to other mechs or structures.  These mechs have a large cargo bay that is used to transport up to fifty ground troops or one light mech.


Heavy MechTemplate Base Cost: 100,000 credits
Armor Class 2 [17]
Hit Points 100
Shield Strength +5
Movement 60
Targeting +3


The Tank Mech 1

The Tank Mech


The Tank 134,600 credits
Armor Class -1 [20]
Hit Points 100
Shield Strength +8
Movement 60
Targeting +3
Attack Flame Thrower (4d6), Heavy Laser x2 (6d6), Heavy Machine Gun x1 (4d6), Rail Cannon (8d6)
Modifications Advanced Shielding x3, Damage Control Unit, Reinforced Hull x3
Tank Mechs are quadruped mechs and are the ultimate defenders for when enemies have breached the front lines.  These mechs have the thickest armor and best shields of any mech produced.  They can take a beating and dish it out in kind.



The Defiant

The Defiant

The Defiant 141,000 credits
Armor Class 2 [17]
Hit Points 100
Shield Strength +5
Movement 90
Targeting +6
Attack Automated Heavy Laser x1 (6d6), Heavy Machine Gun x3 (4d6), Heavy Laser x2 (6d6), Proton Missile x1 (8d6),
Modifications Advanced Targeting System, Shrapnel Cloud Unit, High-Yield Thrusters x3
The Defiant Mech is a massive metal frame of death and pain.  It is heavy armed with multiple gun and laser turrets, as well as Proton Missiles and Shrapnel Cloud Unit.  The Defiant is equipped with High-Yield Thrusters so it moves alarmingly fast for its size and bulk.  These mechs can easily wipe out a whole enemy force with ease.



Mech Modifications

ADVANCED SHIELDING: This modification adds +1 to a mechs’s Shield Strength. It may be purchased up to three times (x3). Base Cost: 30 credits.


ADVANCED TARGETING SYSTEM: This modification adds +1 mechs’ Targeting. It may be purchased up to three times (x3). Base Cost: 20 credits.


AUTOMATED WEAPONS: This modification allows one weapon to be mounted on the shoulder of the mech and operate without a gunner or pilot operating it. The automated weapon has a Base Hit Bonus of +0. This modification may be purchased once (x1) for a shoulder mounted weapon. Base Cost: 30 credits.


CLOAKING DEVICE: This modification allows a mech to cloak (see page 49). If the mech fires a weapon or activates its shields while cloaked it immediately becomes visible. This modification may be purchased only once for a mech (x1). Base Cost: 100 credits.


DAMAGE CONTROL UNIT: The mech has a group of small robots that can be deployed to fix damage to its structure.  These robots heal 1d6 HP per round for 6 rounds.  Once used the robots will retreat back into the mech and shut down to recharge for 8 hours.  Once this time has elapsed they can be summoned for more repairs.  Base Cost: 100


FLAME THROWER: This weapon releases a gout of flame in a 120 foot cone.  Any creature in the area takes 4d6 damage.  Organic creatures are immediately set ablaze taking an additional 1d6 damage per round until the fire is extinguished.  Base Cost: 30 credits.


GIANT BLADE: This large melee weapon is housed in the arm of the mech and is spring loaded to emerge in an instant.  It can be contracted back into the arm by the pilot.  The giant blade does 2d6 damage.  Base Cost: 10 credits.


GIANT MONO-BLADE: This functions exactly as a Giant Blade except the blade does 3d6 damage.  Base Cost: 20 credits.


HEAVY LASER: This weapons fires a massive beam of energy that deals 6d6 damage.  Base Cost: 30 credits.


HEAVY MACHINE GUN A heavy machine gun functions like a light machine gun, except that this weapon does 4d6 damage.  Base Cost: 20 credits.


HIGH-YIELD THRUSTERS: This modification allows a mech to travel faster. It adds +10 to a mech’s Movement. It may be purchased up to three times (x3). Base Cost: 20 credits.


ION CHARGE: This modification adds to a mech a single weapon with ion energy, causing less damage but causing the target’s engines to seize up. A mech’s weapon with the modification inflicts only 2d6 damage, but each time an enemy mech or starship is successfully hit with an ion charge it suffers -1 to Movement for the next round. It may be purchased once for each weapon on a mech (x1). Base Cost: 30 credits.


JET PACK: A mech with a jet pack can fly through the air at a movement of 50.  A jet pack can be used for 25 rounds before it needs to be refueled.  Base Cost: 100 credits.


LASER CANNON: This weapon fires a strong beam of energy that deals 4d6 damage.  Base Cost: 20 credits.


LIGHT LASER: This weapon fires a thin laser beam that deals 2d6 damage.  Base Cost: 15 credits.


LIGHT MACHINE GUN: Light machine guns are able to be mounted on a shoulder of a mech or take the place of the “hand” of the mech.  Light machine guns do 2d6 damage and fire ballistic projectiles.  Base Cost: 15 credits.


MISSILE COUNTERMEASURE: Some mechs have a defensive system mounted to their back.  If they are the target of a successful missile attack, they can launch the defensive counter measure, which tricks the rockets into going after the decoy.  Mechanically this means that the mech negates one successful proton missile attack.  This can be used once every turn.  Base Cost: 20 credits.


RAIL CANNON: This massive weapon can only be mounted on an assault quadruped mech such as The Lancer or The Destroyer.  The ammunition from a rail gun ignores armor class, effectively reducing a target’s AC to 9 [10].  The rail cannon does 8d6 damage, but overheats after one shot and cannot be used again for 3 turns. Base Cost: 40 credits.


PROTON MISSILES: This modification adds to a mech weapon on a starship with physical projectiles capable of massive explosions. Once installed, proton missiles inflict 8d6 points of damage. However, it does no damage against a mech or ship which has a Shield Strength of 1 or higher. This modification may be purchased once (x1) per each weapon on a mech.  Base Cost: 10 credits.


REINFORCED HULL: This modification adds reinforced plating to a mech’s hull, increasing its protection. It adds -1 [+1] to a mech’s Armor Class. It may be purchased up to three times (x3). Base Cost: 2 credits.


SHIELD CAPACITOR: This modification reduces the rate at which a mech’s Shield Strength regenerates by one (1) round. It may be purchased up to three times (x3). Base Cost: 3 credits.


SHRAPNEL CLOUD UNIT: This fires an orb into the sky that explodes above the mech and showers a 50 foot area in large, jagged pieces of metal.  All vehicles and mechs in the area roll a 1d6, on a 1-3 they are hit by the shrapnel and suffer 3d6 damage.  Vehicles with rubber tires that are hit also have their tires destroyed and are difficult, if not impossible, to navigate.  Ground units must succeed a saving throw or take 5d6 damage from the cloud of death.  Base Cost: 30 credits.  Once this has been discharged another shrapnel orb must be purchased for base cost of 5 credits.

Plant-like Life Form- Alternate Alien Brute Class for White Star- “I AM GROOT!”

I thought it would be fun to allow players to play a Groot like class should they want t0- so I created one for White Star.


Here you be!



Plant-like Life Form

Here’s the PDF- Plant-like Life Form

Groot 2

Plant-like Life Forms are extremely rare and bizarre creatures.  Each a single and unique creature; no one knows how these creatures are born or what is needed for them to come into existence.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions: Due to their bulk and physical structure, a PLF is unable to wear any armor whatsoever, however their physical structure is naturally thick, so they have a base AC of 7 [12].  PLFs do not use any weapons except their fits.

Bark Skin: Ignore 2 points of damage, except from fire which causes an additional 1d6 damage to the PLF.

Unarmed Combat: PLF’s are skilled at unarmed combat. Their massive wooden fists deal 1d6+1 damage.

Combat Machine: Against foes of one Hit Die (1 HD) or fewer, PLFs get free extra attacks per round that can be used against only them up to one extra per experience level of the PLF.

Regeneration: The PLF regains an extra 2 HP per night with 8 hours of rest.  Also if any piece of the PLF is cut off (IE. arms or legs), they will regrow in 1d4 days.  Furthermore a PLF is able to “regrow” from a single healthy twig from their body, should they ever be killed.  Fully growing to their original size takes twenty days minus their level.

Groot 1

Special Abilities: A PLF is able to use any of these special abilities whenever they choose.  They can use special abilities a number of times equal to their level + 1d4.

Entangle: The PLF is able cause small tendrils of vines and roots to grow from their body, arms, and legs and cause them to wrap around a target.  The intended target must make a Saving Throw to avoid becoming entangled.  Once a target is entangled they must succeed a Strength check (roll under their Strength score) to break free.

Grow: A PLF is able to grow 5 feet per round for 5 rounds.  When they do this, it takes all their concentration and they are unable to do anything but grow and move.  They cannot attack.  Shrinking to their normal size only takes 1 round.  When they grow, people are able to climb on them like a ladder.

Lash: The PLF is able to extend their arms like a whip to attack a target, doing 2d6+1 damage.  It has a range of 20 feet.

Shield: As a reaction, the PLF is able to form a shield of tree roots on their arm and absorb the damage of one attack.

Soil Life: A PLF is able to extend roots from their feet into the soil of the ground and instantly regain 1d6+level Hit Points back.

Lights: The PLF is able to summon a swarm of glittering fireflies that illuminate a 60 ft radius as if it were lit by lightbulbs.


Envelop (5th): The PLF is able to transform themselves into a gigantic ball of roots that are able to protect all inside.  Any creature inside this protective shell is immune to any damage, however while in this state the PLF suffers double damage from any attack as they have made themselves more vulnerable.





1 0 1+1 +0 13
2 2,000 2 +1 12
3 4,000 3 +2 11
4 8,000 4 +2 10
5 16,000 5 +3 9
6 32,000 6 +4 8

Plant-like Life Form Advancement Table




Playable Alien Races From Strange Stars for White Star

A few weeks ago I did some posts of the various races from Strange Stars that a player may want to be when they are zooming around the cosmos of this awesome RPG setting.  I was planning on running the game using Savage Worlds… that is until the awesome White Star was released.  I’ve nixed the idea of using SW and am heading full steam ahead with using WS (awww..  Isn’t that fucking cute- they are backwards representations of one another).

With that decision I decided I need to create the same races using the WS rules.  I also made the decision not to enforce the race as class mantra.  Players  can be whatever race or class they damned well want.


Here is the description/rules on skills that I’ve adopted for WS.

Skills: Each class, unless stated in their description starts with two skills of their choice.  Rather than creating an extensive list of skills, let the player come up with their own skills.  These can be things like piloting, hacking, security, technology, alien cultures, trade, persuasion, intimidation, etc.

By-and-large a player character is able to attempt anything (however a GM is free to decided that certain things do require a skill, especially highly specialized things like hacking locks, etc.).  To do this the GM decides which attribute is appropriate and the player rolls a d20 and must roll equal to or under their attribute.  If they roll over, the attempt fails.  When a player character has a skill, they receive a +2 bonus.  A player may take a skill twice, giving them a +4 bonus.

Example: Big Eye James is attempting to pull a card from out of his cuff in a game of poker.  The GM asks if he has an appropriate skill.  James has sleight of hand, which the GM feels is more than appropriate for this situation.  Big Eye James has a Dexterity of 13- adding +2 to that for the Sleight of Hand skill.  Big Eye James rolls a 11 on his d20, thus succeeding on placing a card in his hand. 


The Alliance

Baseline Human


Humans are prevalent throughout the known universe, almost like a galactic cockroach.  Humans are tenacious and somehow always able to get themselves out of trouble.  Humans with one skill of their choice and also are born with innate luck.  Once per session they are allowed to reroll one failed roll.



Blesh 1

The blesh are a gestalt species blending human and nonhuman. Their insectoid bioroid forms grow like fruit from cybernetic trees on their homeworld. Their minds are a fusion of post-sapient alien intelligence with one of 1,803 digitized human minds downloaded from a crashed ark. Blesh are a peaceful species with reverence for other sophonts. Perhaps due to the human component of their minds, they have a strong curiosity about ancient human artifact (SS, pg 11).


Chitin: The thick carapace of the blesh allows them to ignore two points of damage from any attack.

Cybernetic Enhancements: Blesh are “born” with cybernetic enhancements when they emerge from their flesh pods that are attached to their cybernetic tree.  A blesh starts with one piece of cyberware listed in White Star, pages 95-96 for free.

Linked Healers: When the blesh are away from their cybernetic trees they heal slower than normal creatures at 1 HP back every two days instead of 1 per day.  When near a cybernetic tree, a blesh heals 2 HP back per day.

Recommended classes: Tech Specialist or Pilot.




Resembling beings out of the paleo-spiritual memes of Earth, the winged deva are the most mysterious of the Alliance’s members. The deva are supportive of the Alliance and promote peace but are largely aloof from the affairs of other cultures. They are primarily concerned with their Great Work: the repair of 10 moon-sized artificial worlds in their home system. These are said to be huge brains and possibly components of an even greater mind (SS, pg 11).


Angelic Wings: Deva have wings that utilize energy harmonics that allow them to fly in atmosphere or even in the vacuum of space.  A deva flies at a rate of 250 feet per round.  A deva can only fly short distances in space (roughly 1000 miles) before they become exhausted and unable to carry on.  They can cover that distance in roughly 3.5 hours.

Vacuum Resistant: Deva are able to survive in the vacuum of space without any protective suit and do not take damage from decompression for 6 hours before having to make a saving throw to avoid taking damage due to exposure.  When they make the Vigor check they receive +2 to the roll.

Recommended classes: Aristocrat or Alien Mystic.




The gnomes are small humanoids who live and mine within asteroids. Their society resembles that of eusocial insects; they have two castes (managers and workers) and only one Mother at a time produces young per clan. A gnome Mother is actually an external womb generated by the mating of a female and male. Gnomes are gregarious and inquisitive but slow and deliberate in their thought process (SS, pg 11).


Likeable: Gnomes are gregarious and friendly.  They receive +1 to any Charisma reaction roll or saving throw.

Infravision: The gnomes are a subterranean race and have evolved to be able to see heat signatures in the dark.  Gnomes have darkvision up to 60 feet.

Natural Weapons: Gnomes have small claws that aid them in burrowing and delving tunnels in the asteroids they inhabit.  Their claws do 1d6-2 damage.

Recommended classes: Choose one- Manager (Aristocrat) or Worker (Alien Brute).



Hyehoon 1

The hyehoon are humanoids spliced from avian and hominid DNA. They are a dynamic and inquisitive culture, producing explorers, scientists, diplomats and traders. The hyehoon face internal strife from conflict with the minority religious faction known as the Eden Seekers, who reject their legendary creator, the gengineer Anat Morao, and seek to devolve their species to nonsapience by purifying their avian genome (SS, pg 11).


Avian DNA: Hyehoon’s are extremely agile.  They receive +1 to any save involving Dexterity.

Academic: Hyehoon gain two bonus skills at character creation.  These can be skills like history, technology, scouting, diplomacy, etc.

Thin Bones: The hollow bone structure of the Hyehoon.  Their kind cannot have a Constitution higher than 10.

Recommended classes: Aristocrat or Alien Mystic.




The neshekk banking and investment clans are the financial backbone of the Alliance. They have a reputation for ethical behavior and conservative investment and also for strict adherence to the letter of contracts. Neshekk are greatly concerned (possibly obsessed) with security and privacy. They never go into public without their elaborate privacy screens/firewalls, called nizara, in place. Off-worlders are restricted to certain areas of Kuznuh, and it is a misdemeanor to view any public space unfiltered by the metascape (SS, pg 11).


Banker: All neshekk have financial connections to the banking consortium for the Alliance.  A neshekk’s starting credits is 3d6 x 20 rather than the normal 3d6 x 10.

Wheeler and Dealer: A neshekk know how to make a deal.  Once per session, if a neshekk

fails a Charisma-based roll, they can reroll, but must take the second result, even if it is lower.

Recommended classes: Aristocrat or Tech Specialist.




The Smaragdines are the visionaries of the Alliance, known for their psi abilities. All citizens are required to have at least rudimentary skills because the crystalline megapolis of Smaragdoz is ruled by a group-mind Consensus: The captured thoughts and desires of the citizens form an entity of pure thought that makes laws by decree. All Smaragdine children are tested for psi abilities, and the most promising are sent to one of a number of academies (SS, pg 11).


Consensus: The great group-mind bestows base knowledge to all Smaragdines, thus allowing them to start play with two additional skills.

Psionic: Nearly all Smaragdines have some psi capability.  Those that aren’t tend to be pitied and looked down on in their society.

Isolated: Smaragdines are shocked when they leave their homeworld and not connected to the group-mind, missing the constant whispers that trail through their mind.  They suffer -1 to all mental-based saving throws.

Recommended classes: Aristocrat or Alien Mystic.



Not actual art from Strange Stars, but still a bad ass picture.

Not actual art from Strange Stars, but still a bad ass picture.

The Alliance’s greatest warriors are the thrax. A clone race created for conquest by a long-forgotten culture, they still structure their society along martial lines.


Brute: Thrax have been engineered to be hardy.  They gain an additional 1 HP per level.

Monomolecular Blade: The most important possession to a thrax is their monomolecular blade, which is a symbol of their stature amongst their own kind.  Thrax begin with a Star Blade (SW, pg 32).  Should a thrax ever lose their monomolecular blade they are treated as an outsider amongst their own kind until they reclaim it or have a new one created.

Battle Armor: Thrax begin with battle armor (treat as medium armor).  This armor is intricately crafted for each thrax.  Replacing this armor costs 150 credits (5 times the normal cost of medium armor).

Recommended classes: Star Knight or Alien Brute.


The Empire



The Engineers (mnadnzat; mnaat sing.) are responsible for much of the Empire’s technology. Though humanoid, they have characteristics like Paleo-Earth crustaceans, including eight limbs and a metallic carapace. All the engineers have cybernetic enhancements and symbiotic nanites. They can back up their minds for download into new bodies should their old ones be damaged beyond repair. Engineers make poor fighters, but their aptitude for technology makes them excellent technicians and (of course) engineers. Though they are essential to the Empire’s function, the Vokun keep them under close control due to a fear of artificial intelligence (SS, pg 17).


Adept Skills: Engineers begin play with the Repair and Engineering skills.

Engineering Genius: The engineers have been designed to be the fixers of the Empire.  Once per session an Engineer can change a failed Repair or Engineering to an automatic success.

Metal Carapace: The thick plating of an engineer allows them to ignore two points of damage from any attack.

Multiple Arms: The engineers have 8 arms.  Engineers can complete technical tasks (or repairs) in half the time than normal.

Recommended classes: Tech Specialist or Pilot.






The Vokun have a distrust of disembodied minds, so they employ “humanoid computers” in the form of ibglibdishpan savants. Ibglibdishpan neural structure and training make them logical and dispassionate — ideal accountants, administrators, and archivists. Some are trained in interpreting the emotions of other humanoids and are given careers in law or diplomacy. Ibglibdishpan themselves are notoriously difficult to read; their expressions are almost always masks of perfect serenity. Their mental structure is not without problems, however; they are prone to neural deadlocks, crashes, or other forms of madness (SS, pg 17).


Genius in the Genes: Ibglibdishpan have been bred by the Vokun to excel in intellect.  Change an ibglibdishpan’s intelligence to 15 if the character rolled anything less.

Humanoid Computer: The ibglibdishpan have the ability to process mental tasks faster than normal human comprehension.  When attempting to solve a mental task (IE. Complicated math, astrogate navigation, etc.) the time needed to figure it out is reduced by ¾.  Easy mental tasks (IE. mental math, etc.) are done almost instantaneously.

Cybernetics: The Vokun Empire has all ibglibdishpan enhanced with a mental cybernetics package at a young age.  The ibglibdishpan begins play with a translator chip and X cyberware already installed.

Weak: Ibglibdishpan are not known for their physique.  Change an ibglibdishpan’s Strength to 10 if the character rolled anything higher.

Neural Break: The enhancements given to the ibglibdishpan by the Vokun are not without their downfalls.  Anytime a ibglibdishpan is attempting a complex mental processes there is a 25% chance with that the peculiar mental structure of the ibglibdishpan may lead to some sort of failure. The ibglibdishpan must succeed a Saving Throw. Should they fail, consult the following table.  Roll 1d6:

  1. catatonic state, repeating the last statement made for d100 minutes
  2. screams for d100 seconds, then returns to previous activity as if nothing happened.
  3. develop a phobia which lasts for 2d12 weeks.
  4. develop a reaction akin to Stendhal Syndrome for d4/2 hours.
  5. seizure for 1d4 min. -1 to all rolls until a period of rest.
  6. lose 1-2 points of intelligence for 1d20 days. At that the end of that period, a second Saving throw must be made. Failure means the loss is permanent.

Recommended classes: Aristocrat or Tech Specialist.




The Kuath are known throughout the galaxy as the fanatically conditioned shock troops of the Empire. They are seldom seen outside of their 2.5 m tall bio-armor suits, but they are near baseline humans, rarely older than their teens. The real Kuath are the culture these adolescents hail from, a Neolithic people living in coastal settlements with a symbiotic relationship with marine invertebrate collective intelligences known as Naga Ma— Dragon Mothers. The Dragon Mothers (under threat of destruction by Vokun military might) surrendered and were forced to provide armored and drugged Kuath soldiers as tribute.


Near Human: Kuath are near baseline human and begin play with +1 in a chosen attribute (up to a max of 18).

Bio-armor: The bio-armor given to the kuath from the Dragon Mothers is strong and enhances their natural abilities, allowing them to be effective shock troopers for the Vokun Empire.  While wearing the bio-armor, a kuath’s strength is increased by +2.  The armor also increases their attack and damage with their fists by +1.  The armor is heavy and provides +6 protection against melee, ballistics, or energy damage.  While in their bio-armor a kuath can survive in the vacuum of space for two hours before having to make a Savings Throw to resist taking damage from decompression.  To keep the armor healthy, it must be soaked in a nutrient bath for 2 hours out of every 24.  If the armor has not been soaked in a bath in three days it dehydrates and crumbles to pieces.  The ingredients for the nutrient bath costs 50 credits for 5 uses.

Recommended classes: Mercenary or Alien Brute.




Voidgliders are vacuum-adapted humanoids who were considered a nuisance by the Vokun until their natural ability to detect hyperspace nodes was discovered. The Vokun continue to let the voidgliders live in their clan groups, but they have confined all they could find to a reservation within the asteroid belt of one system. They take volunteers to serve as scouts for their star navy.  (SS, pg 17).  Voidglider names are not translatable in any language and often times are given nicknames as a form of identification.


Vacuum Immunity: Voidgliders are able to survive in the vacuum of space without any protective suit and do not take damage from decompression at all.  All a voidglider needs to survive in space is food, water, and sunlight.  When they feel the effects of radiation exposure they hunker down in a cave or asteroid for a time, until the effects dissipate.

Flight: Voidgliders have giant black dragonfly wings that unfurl from their backs and allow them to fly in zero-G environments at a movement of 30 feet.  These wings are actually symbiotic living solar panels that allow them to generate plasma sails that allow the voidglider to “sail” through the cosmos.

UV Sight: Voidgliders are able to most of the UV spectrum and also have Darkvision 120 feet.

Natural Hyperspace Detector: Voidgliders are prized in the Vokun Empire for their natural ability to detect hyperspace nodes.  Voidgliders can begin to detect a hyperspace node within 871,000 km if they are not distracted or really concentrating.  Within 600,000 km a voidglider gets a stronger sense of where it is and able to pinpoint direction slightly better.  The closer a voidglider gets to the hyperspace node, the better they are able to determine the exact location.  If the voidglider gets withint 300,000 km (less than the distance of Earth to the moon) they are able to lead anyone right to the node.

Recommended classes: Alien Mystic or Scout.





The Yantrans are near baseline human and a primitive people with a pervasive cultural belief in nonviolence whose idyllic world is used as a place of recreation by the Vokun elite. There are signs of that an advanced civilization once inhabited Yantra: The environment has been finely tuned, nanotechnology though dormant) still permeates the biosphere, and what appear to be primitive stone structures (shrines, mostly, for the superstitious Yantrans) actually show complex femto-level engineering. Vokun occupation of Yantra has been plagued by random network and equipment failures and a higher than usual number of disappearances and accidental deaths (SS, pg 17).


Baseline Human: Yantrans are near baseline human and begin play with +1 in a chosen attribute (up to a max of 18).

Secret Knowledge: Yantrans secret is that their world isn’t as primitive as visitors are made to believe.  The yantran’s have access to advanced technology and use it behind the scenes to interfere with Vokun elite that impose themselves on the planet.  A yantran character begins play with one advanced item tech (WS, pg 94-95).  The GM gets final say on if the chosen item is appropriate.

Vibration Sense: All yantrans have antae on their heads that make it difficult for targets to sneak up on them.  The threat range of a creature attempting to surprise a yantran is reduced by 1 (IE. a thug that normally would surprise a target on a 1-2 on a d6 is now only able to surprise on a 1).

Recommended classes: Scout or Mercenary.





Woon is the home moon of the bomoth, a species resembling giant caterpillars and renowned as musicians. A popular theory (likely suggested by their appearance) is that bomoth are a larval form of some other organism. Visitors to the underground mushroom forests of their home moon occasionally report sightings of butterfly-winged creatures resembling human females flitting through the twilight. Such sightings are dismissed as the result of exposure to the psychoactive fungi spores in the atmosphere (SS, pg 15).


Large: Bomoth are larger than most species, roughly 5 to 8 feet long.

Carapace: The carapace of the bomoth is not hard like a crustacean or spider, but still provides some protection.  It reduces any damage taken by 1.

Sticky Hands: The bomoth are able to climb porous surfaces with ease.  They do not need to make any roll to succeed at this

Musical Talent: All bomoth are renowned for their musical aptitude.  A bomoth begins with a Musical Instrument skill of their choice at character creation.

Mimic: Bomoth are able to mimic almost any sound or voice.  A target being tricked by this must suffers -2 to their Savings Throw to avoid being tricked.

Slow: Due to their massive bulk, bomoths are extremely slow.  Their movement is only 8 feet, rather than the normal 12.

Slow to Act: Maybe due to their lackadaisical attitude, or due to the psychotropic mushrooms that the bomoth are often consuming, they are slow to jump into the fray (any fray).  No matter the situation, the bomoth will not act in the first round, instead standing and pondering, observing, tinkering, or even eating.

Recommended classes: Alien Mystic or Aristocrat.



Strange Stars pic

The vaguely feline humanoid djägga are hunters by nature and instinct, and many choose to hunt other sophonts as bounty hunters or assassins. Djägga tend to be solitary and are often mistrustful of others, but they’re loyal. They are also keen to avenge any perceived betrayal. Competitions can trigger their predator instincts, so it’s prudent to avoid games with djägga, particularly ones involving a physical component.


Agile: The feline grace of the djägga is known throughout the galaxy.  Change a djägga’s Dexterity to 15 if the character rolled anything less.

Darkvision: Djägga can see up to 90 feet in complete darkness.

Claws: Djägga have natural claws that do 1d6-1 damage.

Keen Senses:  Djägga have heightened senses and start play with the Notice skill.

Recommended classes: Scout or Alien Brute.




The Kosmoniks are space-adapted and acclimated to hyperspace. They are traders and sometimes pirates. They live and travel in ovoid, rune-inscribed ships or operate node terminal stations. Kosmoniks are friendly but superstitious and given to finding hidden meaning and seeing signs in events.  All Kosmoniks are mute; They communicate with each other via sign language but also carry translators (SS, pg 20).


Adapted to Vacuum: Kosmoniks have adapted themselves to the rigors of hyperspace and vacuum.  If a kosmonik is in the vacuum of space without a protective suit they do not suffer damage from decompression for 2 rounds before having to make Savings Throw to avoid wounds.  When they make the Savings Throw they receive +2 to the roll.

Kosmonik Mask: The strange flat mask of the kosmonik feeds rapid information to the wearer (kosmoniks only- it responds to their bioreadings).  While the mask is on, threat the wearer as if they have a base knowledge of whatever task they are performing (thus not needing a skill for highly specialized tasks- they do not gain a +2 as if they had a skill, however).

Gravity: Kosmonik have adapted to all forms of gravity and do not suffer any penalties to actions when they are in a gravity that is not their natural state.

Mute: Kosmoniks do not have vocal cords.  They speak through sign language and gestures.  They do have a translator that speaks the words of their signs to others.  They do understand languages.

Recommended classes: Scout or Tech Specialist.




Ksaa are oviparous humanoids with some reptilian characteristics who are native to the Outer Rim. Ksaa have three sexes: large, aggressive, and territorial females; smaller, low-intelligence males; and human-sized, highly intelligent neuters. This last group are born from eggs incubated at a cooler temperature, hence the name khii gan(“cold egg”), meaning “eunuch” but also used  figuratively  to  connote  something like “cunning bastard.” (SS, pg 26)


Ksaa Cold Egg

Cunning: The process of incubating eggs at a cooler temperature causes these Ksaa to be highly intelligent.  Change the Cold Egg ksass’s intelligence to 15 if the character rolled anything less.

Barbels: These small appendages lead off the “Cold Egg’s” chin and are chemosensory.  The threat range of a creature attempting to surprise a ksaa is reduced by 1 (IE. a thug that normally would surprise a target on a 1-2 on a d6 is now only able to surprise on a 1).  The barbells also are able to detect a person’s emotional state, or to see if a person is lying.  The person attempting to deceive the ksaa must make a Savings Throw and suffers -2 to their roll. These barbells are always active for these purposes.

Warm-blooded: The reptilian characteristics of the ksaa protect them from the cold unlike their cold-blooded relatives, however they are still extremely uncomfortable and susceptible to cold environments.  A ksaa suffers -2 to Savings Throws to resist cold environmental effects.

Recommended classes: Aristocrat or Mercenary.


Star Folk

Star Folk

The Star Folk travel between worlds in caravans of living starships. They declare festivals on planets where they make landfall, sharing eclectic, primitivist music, non-fabricated wares, psychedelic drugs, and xenophilic sexual encounters. In passing, they impart facets of their quasi-religious philosophy (a mishmash of elements of ancient mysticism) that embraces the seemingly conflicting elements of radical individualism and universal interconnectedness. They also play practical jokes and minor confidence games meant as performance art on authority figures and those they consider too narrow-minded.  Star Folk of all ages presumably exist, but the ones most frequently encountered as visitors to other societies are in their teens or twenties— or at least that’s how they appear. Some engage in radical body-shaping, modifying their baseline form or changing their sex on a temporary basis (SS, pg 21).


Gamblin’ Folk: Pretty much all Star Folk learn the tricks of the trade of their people and how to take people to the cleaners.  Star Folk start with the Gambling skill.

Lucky: Star Folk are known to be shucksters, cheats, and tricksters.  This has gotten more than a few of them into deep trouble with the wrong type; however they always seem to get out of trouble.  Once per session a Star Folk can reroll a failed roll.

Artistic: Star Folk are artistic and playful, often times playing their trades to barter.  Choose one of the following skills: Music; Art; Sculpting; Dance.

Not to be Trusted: The reputation of Star Folk is known far and wide.  Star Folk suffer -2 to Charisma with people who have heard of their confidence artist ways.

Doesn’t Believe in Money: Star Folk don’t use currency, preferring to ply their trades and barter for goods or services.  Should a Star Folk receive money (either through gambling, stealing, or gratuity), they tend to forget about it shortly after acquiring it.  Star Folk will only hang on to money for 24 hours before discarding it.


The Bionic Soldier- New Class for White Star- and New Cyberware Options as well

I’ve always had a soft spot for Street Samurai in Shadowrun, so I figured I’d do one for White Star as well.

The Bionic Soldier

Here it is in PDF format- The Bionic Soldier

Bionic Soldier 2


Some soldiers train all their lives to become highly efficient killing machines, others allow themselves to be carved up and have their humanity replaced with the cold efficiency of science and machinery.  These soldiers have had more cyberware installed in their body than is normally recommended, and have become more machine than man.  They are highly skilled in combat and prefer to be in the front lines, blasting enemies with big guns or hurting them with their fists.


1 0 1+1 +1 15
2 2,000 2 +2 14
3 6,000 3+1 +3 13
4 12,000 4 +4 12
5 24,000 5+1 +5 11

Table: Bionic Soldier Advancement


Bionic Soldier

Weapon and Armor Restrictions:  Bionic Soldiers are highly trained in combat.  They do not have any restrictions on weapon or armor selection.

Skills: A Bionic Soldier starts with two skills of their choice (see below).

More Machine Now Than Man: Bionic Soldiers start play with six pieces of cyberware and are unable to receive any more enhancements.  This is one above the recommended amount, but balances out with other characters in the long run.  The life of a Bionic Soldier is short, brutal, and possibly profitable.  A Bionic Soldier is required to take Cybernetic arms (WS, pg 95) as one of their six cyberware upgrades.  These pieces can be selected from the cyberware options in White Star, pages 95-96 or the new cyberware options (see below).

Mechanical Anatomy: All the cyberware Bionic Soldier has had surgically implanted makes it difficult to heal them.  They cannot be healed by Cure Light Wounds and may be immune to several other Meditations and Gifts, at the GM’s discretion.  Med-kits heal for the allotted amount.

Bionic Soldier 1

Fists of Fury: The Bionic Soldier’s cybernetic fists hurt when they connect with a target.  When fighting without a weapon in melee combat they roll 1d6+1 for damage.

Skills: Each class, unless stated in their description starts with two skills of their choice.  Rather than creating an extensive list of skills, let the player come up with their own skills.  These can be things like piloting, hacking, security, technology, alien cultures, trade, persuasion, intimidation, etc.

By-and-large a player character is able to attempt anything (however a GM is free to decided that certain things do require a skill, especially highly specialized things like hacking locks, etc.).  To do this the GM decides which attribute is appropriate and the player rolls a d20 and must roll equal to or under their attribute.  If they roll over, the attempt fails.  When a player character has a skill, they receive a +2 bonus.  A player may take a skill twice, giving them a +4 bonus.

Example: Big Eye James is attempting to pull a card from out of his cuff in a game of poker.  The GM asks if he has an appropriate skill.  James has sleight of hand, which the GM feels is more than appropriate for this situation.  Big Eye James has a Dexterity of 13- adding +2 to that for the Sleight of Hand skill.  Big Eye James rolls a 11 on his d20, thus succeeding on placing a card in his hand. 



New Cyberware


Here are several new pieces of cyberware, in addition to those listed in White Star pages 95-96, that can be found in Strange Stars.


Bone Enhancement: The character has been injected with small nanites that chemically treat their bones, causing them to become thicker and more resistant to damage.  The character’s bones can never be broken.  Additionally the character ignores 2 points of damage from any attack.


Computer Brain: A small computer has been installed in the character’s brain, allowing them to plug a cord directly from a port in their skull to another computer or ship.  The human brain allows for quicker processing than a holo-vid or hand-held computer, shortening response time by 25%.


Cybernetic Ears: The characters ears have been replaced with synthetic ones.  The character is able to hear double the range of normal ears and they receive +2 to any Saving Throws against sonic attacks/damage.


Cybernetic Grappling Hand: This cybernetic hand looks like a large three-pincer claw that is able to grapple and lock onto whatever it is holding indefinitely.  It can also be fired at a target or item up to 15 feet away.  The character must make a successful ranged attack to grab a hold of the target or item.


Dexterity Augmentation: Small nodes are installed on the spine, increasing the character’s Dexterity by 1 point (max of 18).


Emotion Suppressor: A small chip has been implanted into the target’s brain that allows them to ignore emotions.  Once per hour, as a reaction, the target is able to “turn off” their emotions and negate or block any effects that would affect them, such as charm person, fear, etc.


Muscle Augmentation: Small nodes are implanted in the major muscle groups of the character, increasing the character’s Strength by 1 point (max of 18).


Nanites: The character has a small store of ninites stored in their spleen that are released each night to aid in healing injuries.  Each night of undisturbed rest the character restores and additional 1 HP back.


Sleep Regulator: The character has a chip implanted on their adrenal gland, which causes it to produce more adrenaline, allowing the character to stay up for 48 hours without sleep and suffer no adverse effects (aside from not recovering any lost hit points).   After being up for 48 hours the character must sleep for 12 hours to feel rested.


Voice Modulator: The character has had their voice box replaced with a piece of cyberware.  The character is able to mimic another person’s voice almost perfectly with this piece of hardware.