Beyond the Wall- New Character Playbook and Class- The Cursed

The other day I posted a new character book and class- the Exiled Monk.  Yesterday I posted my houserules that I am incorporating into my soon-to-be Beyond the Wall game.

This campaign is going to be more fantastical and mystic than I normally ran- inspired by things like fairy tales, Scandinavian mythology and art, Labyrinth, Stardust, and Hellboy (lots of Hellboy).

I’ve been loving the posts that Trey Causey has been doing over at From the Sorcerer’s Skull about his campaign Azurth for D&D 5e (here’s the free 5e basic rules if you haven’t scoped them out yet).

Anyways- I really dug Trey’s rabbit and frog folk– and one of my favorite characters in Chrono Trigger is Frog- so I thought it would be fun to create a character playbook and class about a person who has been transformed into an anthropomorphic animal by a witch’s curse.

So here it be- enjoy!

The Cursed

PDF format- The Cursed

The Cursed 1

Somehow you’ve gained the ire of a witch that lived just on the outskirts of the village.  In the dead of night she placed a diabolical curse upon you.  You woke up to find yourself changed into an anthropomorphic animal.  How have you coped with such a curse?  You have to survive by your own steel, guts, and cunning.


You have always been quick and wily, but sometimes didn’t know when enough was enough (which might explain your current predicament).  Your Strength starts out at a 12, your Dexterity at a 10, your Wisdom at a 6, and all your other abilities at 8.

The Cursed 2

1d12 What did your parents do in the village?  What did you learn from them? Gain
1 They were the town drunks.  “You can only depend on yourself.” +2 Str, +2 Int, +1 Con
2 Your father was an outcast, rightfully or not +2 Int, +1 Wis, +1 ConSkill: Survival
3 Your parents were fishermen and you grew up by the river. +2 Dex, +1 Str, +1 WisSkill: Fishing
4 Your mom was an oddball and said she could read the future in the stars. +2 Wis, +1 Int, +1 ChrSkill: Astronomy
5 Your family worked a small farm outside the village. +2 Con, +1 Wis, + 1 ChaSkill: Farming
6 You spent much time in the mountains foraging for food and supplies. +2 Con, +1 Dex, +Wis, +1 Str
7 Your parents own the local inn.  You grew up meeting travelers and hearing their tales. +2 Cha, +1 Int, +1 Dex, +1 Wis
8 Your father was the local smith and taught you both hammer and bellows. +2 Str, +1 Dex, +1 ChaSkill: Smithing
9 Your father or other kept the old stories.  Your head is filled with them. +2 Int, +1 Cha, +1 WisSkill: Folklore
10 Your mother is the local constabulary.  She is fair and well respected. +2 Str, +1 Wis, +1 ConSkill: Investigation
11 You went on journeys into the woods with your father to gather herbs and berries. +2 Wis, +1 Con, +1 DexSkill: Herbalism
12 Your father was a local merchant.  You learned to name yoru price and charm your customers. +2 Cha, +1 Int, +1 DexSkill: Haggling


1d8 How did you distinguish yourself as a child? Gain
1 Children often fight, but you never lost. +2 Str, +1 Wis
2 There wasn’t a game you couldn’t win. +2 Dex, +1 Int
3 You were the toughest kid around. +2 Con, +1 Cha
4 No secret escaped you. +2 Int, +1 Dex
5 Your empathy made you a sought after confidant. +2 Wis, +1 Con
6 You never met someone who didn’t like you. +2 Cha, +1 Str
7 You solved everyone else’s problems, and never mentioned your own. +1 Str, +1 Con, +1 Cha
8 Everyone has something to teach, and you learned a little from them all. +1 Dex, +1 Int, +1 Wis


1d8 The other player characters were your best friends.  Who else in the village befriended you? Gain
1 The village elder taught you patience and calculation. +2 Wis, +1 Int
2 The local blacksmith took you in and kept you out of trouble. +2 Str, +1 Cha
3 You spent time with the hunters tracking game +2 Con, +1 Wis
4 You are set to marry the daughter of the local priest. +2 Cha, +1 Int
5 You’ve taken a local orphan girl under your wing.  Many in the village whisper she has magical powers. +2 Int, +1 Dex
6 You broke someone’s heart, or maybe they broke yours. +2 Wis, +1 Con
7 You spent most of your time alone in the wilderness. +1 Str, +1 Int,+1 Wis
8 The grizzled mercenary who settled in town taught you a thing or two. +1 Dex, +1 Con, +1 Wis


You angered a witch and have been transformed into an anthropomorphic creature (see below).  You are now a Warrior-Rogue.  You gain the class abilities Knacks (except Weapon Specialist) and Fortune’s Favor.  The player chooses the rogue ability: Back Attack or the Warrior ability: Cleave (Wrathofzombie houserules).  The player also chooses one skill: Stealth or Athletics

1d6 What did you do to incur the witch’s ire? Gain
1 You accidentally killed her familiar during a hunt. +3 DexSkill: Tracking
2 You mocked her incessantly for being different. +3 StrSkill: Intimidate
3 You got drunk and accidentally set her house on fire. +3 ConSkill: Drinking
4 You got into a fight with another villager and trampled through her vegetable garden. +3 StrOne skill of your choice
5 Mistaken identity.  Someone robbed her and she thought it was you. +3 ChrSkill: Persuasion
6 You accidentally messed up a potion she had been working on for quite some time. +3 IntSkill: Herbalism


1d6 What animal form did you take? Gain
1 You are an anthropomorphic fox. +2 IntAnimal Bonus-Skill: Scent
2 You are an anthropomorphic rabbit. +2 DexAnimal Bonus-Initiative +1
3 You are an anthropomorphic frog. +2 ConAnimal Bonus-Skill: Jumping
4 You are an anthropomorphic mole. +2 WisAnimal Bonus-Skill: Notice- Tremorsense*
5 You are an anthropomorphic lynx. +2 StrAnimal Bonus-Claws- 1d4 damage
6 You are an anthropomorphic raccoon. +2 DexAnimal Bonus-Skill: Trap-finding


1d6 What challenges have you faced in your new form?  The player on your right was present. Gain
1 The villagers fear and ostracize you.  The player to your right prevented you from being lynched by angry townsfolk, gaining +1 Chr. +2 WisKnack: Defensive Fighter
2 You ventured into the woods to die and found courage after you battled a small band of goblins.  The player to your right went into the woods to stop you and aided you in combat, gaining +1 Str. +2 StrKnack: Great Strike
3 You poured over ever book in the elder’s library and every book and scroll in the witch’s hut.  The player to your right aided you in your research, gaining +1 Int. +2 IntKnack: Great Resilience
4 You’ve accepted your situation and have begun honing your skills.  The player to your right was there for you and leant a willing ear, gaining +1 Wis. +2 StrKnack: Great Strike
5 You earned the respect of the village after you defended them from a small goblin raid.  The player to your right was there in the thick of it with you, gaining +1 Dex. +2 DexKnack: Fleet
6 The lord of a castle wants to hunt you and has sent several scouts in an attempt to capture you.  The player to your right was there and took an arrow to the shoulder to save you, gaining +1 Con. +2 ConKnack: Player choice (except weapon specialization)


1d6 What item did you find in the witch’s hut after she fled? Gain
1 A bleached skull +2 Dex, the skull talks to you while you sleep
2 A beautiful ceremonial dagger. +2 Str, a silver dagger
3 A bundle of incents and herbs +2 Chr, ceremonial incents and herbs
4 A thick tome +2 Int, book with the ritual: Unseen Servant
5 A fancy leather belt with a pouch +2 Con, leather belt and pouch.  Pouch contains 2d6 silvers
6 A shiny and polished short sword and shield. +2 Str, a short sword and simple shield

* You can feel the vibrations in the earth of any creature within 30’ with a successful Notice roll.

 The Cursed 3

Class Abilities

Hit Dice: d8

Initiative Bonus: +2

Armor: Due to their more delicate/fragile frame a Cursed can wear any armor lighter than plate.


Knacks: As per Warrior Class (Beyond the Wall, pg 10).

Fortune’s Favor: As per Rogue Class (Beyond the Wall, pg 11).

<Choose One>

Cleave– If a warrior’s attack strikes their intended target successfully they may make another attack on an adjacent target.


Back Attack– A rogue that successfully sneaks up on a target can make an attack at a + 2.  If successful the attack deals an additional 2d6 damage.  (normal back attack rule will be no “+” modifiers and only an additional 1d6 damage).





Level Experience Base Attack Bonus PoisonSave Breath Weapon Save PolymorphSave SpellSave Magic ItemSave
1 0 +1 13 16 12 15 14
2 2,000 +2 13 16 12 15 14
3 4,000 +3 13 16 13 15 14
4 8,000 +4 13 16 13 15 14
5 16,000 +5 12 15 11 13 12
6 32,000 +6 12 15 11 13 12
7 64,000 +7 12 15 11 13 12
8 120,000 +8 12 15 11 13 12
9 240,000 +9 11 14 9 11 10
10 360,000 +10 11 14 9 11 10


Removing the Curse– Removing such a powerful curse should be a great adventure such as slaying the dragon that dwells within the Mountain of Sorrow, or discover the fae lunar path and gain the blessing of the Lunar King, etc.  Should the curse be removed the Cursed still gains levels as described, but looses the Animal Bonus ability granted by their animal type.

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