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Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- Voidgliders

Week three in the journey of Savage Worlding the awesomeness of Strange Stars.



Voidgliders are vacuum-adapted humanoids who were considered a nuisance by the Vokun until their natural ability to detect hyperspace nodes was discovered. The Vokun continue to let the voidgliders live in their clan groups, but they have confined all they could find to a reservation within the asteroid belt of one system. They take volunteers to serve as scouts for their star navy.  (SS, pg 17).  Trey’s kick ass post on the Voidgliders.


Voidglider names are not translatable in any language and often times are given nicknames as a form of identification.

 Vacuum Immunity: Voidgliders are able to survive in the vacuum of space without any protective suit and do not take damage from decompression at all.  All a voidglider needs to survive in space is food, water, and sunlight.  When they feel the effects of radiation exposure they hunker down in a cave or asteroid for a time, until the effects dissipate.

Flight: Voidgliders have giant black dragonfly wings that unfurl from their backs and allow them to fly in zero-G environments at a pace of 10 (1d10 for running).  These wings are actually symbiotic living solar panels that allow them to generate plasma sails that allow the voidglider to “sail” through the cosmos.

UV Sight: Voidgliders are able to most of the UV spectrum.

Natural Hyperspace Detector: Voidgliders are prized in the Vokun Empire for their natural ability to detect hyperspace nodes.  Voidgliders can begin to detect a hyperspace node within 871,000 km if they are not distracted or really concentrating.  Within 600,000 km a voidglider gets a stronger sense of where it is and able to pinpoint direction slightly better.  The closer a voidglider gets to the hyperspace node, the better they are able to determine the exact location.  If the voidglider gets withint 300,000 km (less than the distance of Earth to the moon) they are able to lead anyone right to the node.

Brain Structure: Voidgliders are wired differently and worry more about clan politics than anything else.  It costs two points per step to raise a voidglider’s Smarts at character creation and two Advances to raise Smarts during game play.

Outsider: Voidgliders are rarely comfortable outside of their clan-structure for long periods of time.  They suffer -2 to Charisma with any other creature except other Voidgliders.

Clueless: The politics or happenings of the galaxy are of little importance to voidgliders at large.  They care about the workings and survival of their clan.  A voidglider has the Clueless (Major) hindrance (SWDX, pg 28).