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Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- Yantrans

Week three in the journey of Savage Worlding the awesomeness of Strange Stars.



The Yantrans are near baseline human and a primitive people with a pervasive cultural belief in nonviolence whose idyllic world is used as a place of recreation by the Vokun elite. There are signs of that an advanced civilization once inhabited Yantra: The environment has been finely tuned, nanotechnology though dormant) still permeates the biosphere, and what appear to be primitive stone structures (shrines, mostly, for the superstitious Yantrans) actually show complex femto-level engineering. Vokun occupation of Yantra has been plagued by random network and equipment failures and a higher than usual number of disappearances and accidental deaths (SS, pg 17).

Baseline Human: Since yantrans are close to human they start with a free edge.

Secret Knowledge: Yantrans secret is that their world isn’t as primitive as visitors are made to believe.  The yantran’s have access to advanced technology and use it behind the scenes to interfere with Vokun elite that impose themselves on the planet.

Vibration Sense: All yantrans have antae on their heads that make it difficult for targets to sneak up on them.  Yantrans receive +2 to all Notice (Smarts) checks to detect people who are hiding (or attempting to stealth past them).

Superstitious: Yantrans are superstitious and have strange beliefs about their planet and the universe at large.  They start with the Delusional (Major) hindrance (SWDX, pg 29).