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Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- Kuath

Week three in the journey of Savage Worlding the awesomeness of Strange Stars.



The Kuath are known throughout the galaxy as the fanatically conditioned shock troops of the Empire. They are seldom seen outside of their 2.5 m tall bio-armor suits, but they are near baseline humans, rarely older than their teens. The real Kuath are the culture these adolescents hail from, a Neolithic people living in coastal settlements with a symbiotic relationship with marine invertebrate collective intelligences known as Naga Ma— Dragon Mothers. The Dragon Mothers (under threat of destruction by Vokun military might) surrendered and were forced to provide armored and drugged Kuath soldiers as tribute. (SS, pg 17).  More delicious info on the Kuath.


Near Human: Kuath are near baseline human and start with a free edge.

Bio-armor: The bio-armor given to the kuath from the Dragon Mothers is strong and enhances their natural abilities, allowing them to be effective shock troopers for the Vokun Empire.  While wearing the bio-armor, a kuath’s strength is increased one step and their fists do str+d4 damage.  The armor provides +6 protection against melee, ballistics, or energy damage.  While in their bio-armor a kuath can survive in the vacuum of space for two hours before having to make Vigor checks to resist taking damage from decompression.  To keep the armor healthy, it must be soaked in a nutrient bath for 2 hours out of every 24.  If the armor has not been soaked in a bath in three days it dehydrates and crumbles to pieces.  The ingredients for the nutrient bath costs 500 credits for 5 uses.

All Thumbs: Kuath come from a Neolithic world and are not great with technology.  They have the All Thumbs (Minor) hindrance (SWDX, pg 28).

Wanted: This kuath has abandoned his duty as a shock trooper in the Vokun Empire and is now being hunted by Imperial agents.  They have the Wanted (Minor) hindrance (SWDX, pg 31).