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Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- Ibglibdishpan

Week three in the journey of Savage Worlding the awesomeness of Strange Stars.




The Vokun have a distrust of disembodied minds, so they employ “humanoid computers” in the form of ibglibdishpan savants. Ibglibdishpan neural structure and training make them logical and dispassionate — ideal accountants, administrators, and archivists. Some are trained in interpreting the emotions of other humanoids and are given careers in law or diplomacy. Ibglibdishpan themselves are notoriously difficult to read; their expressions are almost always masks of perfect serenity. Their mental structure is not without problems, however; they are prone to neural deadlocks, crashes, or other forms of madness (SS, pg 17).  Trey’s post.


Genius in the Genes: Ibglibdishpan have been bred by the Vokun to excel in intellect.  Ibglibdishpan start with a d8 in Smarts.  The character may raise it to a d12+2 via normal advancement; the Expert and Master Edges may raise it to a d12+4 (SWDX, pg 42).

Humanoid Computer: The ibglibdishpan have the ability to process mental tasks faster than normal human comprehension.  When attempting to solve a mental task (IE. Complicated math, astrogate navigation, etc.) the time needed to figure it out is reduced by ¾.  Easy mental tasks (IE. mental math, etc.) are done almost instantaneously.

Cybernetics: The Vokun Empire has all ibglibdishpan enhanced with a mental cybernetics package at a young age.  The ibglibdishpan gets to choose one mental cybernetic package at character creation (click here for cyberware package options, pg 17- actual conversion for Strange Stars coming soon)

Weak: Ibglibdishpan are not known for their physical prowess.  An ibglibdishpan cannot raise their strength beyond a d6.

Neural Break: The enhancements given to the ibglibdishpan by the Vokun are not without their downfalls.  Anytime a ibglibdishpan is attempting a complex mental processes they must succeed at a TN 5 Spirit check or have a mental breakdown.  Failure means the ibglibdishpan is shaken and can recover by burning a benny or recover normally (SWDX, pg 68).  Should snake eyes be rolled (no benny can be burned to ignore this) the target develops a phobia (Minor) (SWDX, pg 30).  Should the ibglibdishpan roll snake eyes again the minor phobia becomes a Major hindrance.  This cycle repeats, allowing the ibglibdishpan to develop multiple phobias.  Elderly ibglibdishpan are usually riddled with multiple neurological dysfunctions.