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Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- “Cold Egg”Ksaa

Ksaa Cold Egg



Ksaa are oviparous humanoids with some reptilian characteristics who are native to the Outer Rim. Ksaa have three sexes: large, aggressive, and territorial females; smaller, low-intelligence males; and human-sized, highly intelligent neuters. This last group are born from eggs incubated at a cooler temperature, hence the name khii gan(“cold egg”), meaning “eunuch” but also used  figuratively  to  connote  something like “cunning bastard.” (SS, pg 26).  Here’s Trey’s post on the Ksaa


Cunning: The process of incubating eggs at a cooler temperature causes these Ksaa to be highly intelligent.  Their intelligence starts at a d6 instead of a d4.


Barbels: These small appendages lead off the “Cold Egg’s” chin and are chemosensory.  A ksaa receives +2 to all Notice (Smarts) checks to detect people who are hiding (or attempting to stealth past them) or to detect a person’s emotional state, or to see if a person is lying.  These barbells are always active for these purposes.


Arrogant: Cold Egg kssa are known for their arrogance and belief that they are superior, not just others of their own species, but to other species in the universe.  A cold egg has the Arrogant (Major) hindrance (SWDX, pg 27).


Warm-blooded: The reptilian characteristics of the ksaa protect them from their cold-blooded descendants, however they are still extremely uncomfortable and susceptible to cold environments.  A ksaa suffers -4 to rolls to resist cold environmental effects.