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Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- The Kosmoniks

Another fantastic voyage with Savage Worlding the awesomeness of Strange Stars.



The Kosmoniks are space-adapted and acclimated to hyperspace. They are traders and sometimes pirates. They live and travel in ovoid, rune-inscribed ships or operate node terminal stations. Kosmoniks are friendly but superstitious and given to finding hidden meaning and seeing signs in events.  All Kosmoniks are mute; They communicate with each other via sign language but also carry translators (SS, pg 20).  Here is Trey’s post on Kosmoniks.


Adapted to Vacuum: Kosmoniks have adapted themselves to the rigors of hyperspace and vacuum.  If a kosmonik is in the vacuum of space without a protective suit they do not suffer damage from decompression for 2 rounds before having to make Vigor check to avoid wounds.  When they make the Vigor check they receive +2 to the roll.

Kosmonik Mask: The strange flat mask of the kosmonik feeds rapid information to the wearer (kosmoniks only- it responds to their bioreadings).  While the mask is on, threat the wearer as if they have the Jack of all Trades edge (SWDX, pg 39) even if they do not meet the prerequisites.

Agile: Kosmonik are agile.  They begin with a d6 in Agility rather than a d4.

Gravity: Kosmonik have adapted to all forms of gravity and do not suffer -2 to actions when they are in a gravity that is not their natural state.

Mute: Kosmoniks do not have vocal cords.  They speak through sign language and gestures.  They do have a translator that speaks the words of their signs to others.  They do understand languages.

Small: Kosmoniks are smaller than most average species.  They suffer -1 to Toughness.

Weak: Kosmonik’s are not known for their strength.  They can never raise their strength beyond a d6.