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Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- The Bomoth



Woon is the home moon of the bomoth, a species resembling giant caterpillars and renowned as musicians. A popular theory (likely suggested by their appearance) is that bomoth are a larval form of some other organism. Visitors to the underground mushroom forests of their home moon occasionally report sightings of butterfly-winged creatures resembling human females flitting through the twilight. Such sightings are dismissed as the result of exposure to the psychoactive fungi spores in the atmosphere (SS, pg 15).  Here’s Trey’s post on the bomoth.

Large: Bomoth are larger than most species.  Increase the bomoth’s toughness by 1.

Carapace: The carapace of the bomoth is not hard like a crustacean or spider, but still provides some protection.  Increase their Toughness by 1.

Sticky Hands: The bomoth are able to climb porous surfaces with ease.  Treat them as if they have the wall walker spell active at all times (SWDX, pg 118).

Musical Talent: All bomoth are renowned for their musical aptitude.  A bomoth begins with the Musical Instrument (specific) (Agility) skill at a d6.

Mimic: Bomoth are able to mimic almost any sound or voice.  A target being tricked by this must succeed a Smarts roll -2 to realize they are being tricked.

Slow: Due to their massive bulk, bomoths are extremely slow.  Their pace is a 3 and they only roll a d4 when running.

Bad Eyes: Even though the bomoth have multiple eyes, their eyesight isn’t the greatest.  They have the Bad Eyes (minor) hindrance (SWDX, pg 28).

Slow to Act: Maybe due to their lackadaisical attitude, or due to the psychotropic mushrooms that the bomoth are often consuming, they are slow to jump into the fray (any fray).  No matter the situation, the bomoth will not act in the first round, instead standing and pondering, observing, tinkering, or even eating.