The Barghest- Filled With Self-loathing and Hunter of Mortals- Monster of Hubris

Barghest: Init +4; Atk bite +4 (1d4+2), claws +6 (1d6+2); AC 14; HD 5d8; MV 30’; Act 2d20 + 4; SP Feed, Infravision 30’, Shape Change, Unluck, Spells- cantrip, charm person, ESP, invisibility (spellcheck 1d20+3d5); SV Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +7; AL C.

Barghest 1

The barghest is a vile creature that resembles an animalistic humanoid covered in thick, coarse hair, comical-looking bat-like ears, a shriveled nose, and a mouth full of sharp, yellowed teeth.  The barghest is an intelligent beast filled with constant hatred and self-loathing, and looks upon humans with jealousy and a yearning to belong.  Barghests tend to live in the fringes of civilized areas, often in abandoned houses, nearby forests, or even in ruins, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Barghest 2

When possible a barghest will approach a lone target and attempt to ensnare their senses by casting charm person (DCC, pg 131).  If the target resists, the barghest will outright attack them, using their claws, teeth and spells to subjugate their prey.  Barghests are conflicted in their actions, acting violently against their victim, ravaging their body and mind as their flesh and soul are consumed.  Barghests sustain themselves by feeding on the flesh and memories of their victims.  Once a victim has been fully consumed, a Barghest gains access to all the memories and emotions of their prey, and are also able to sound exactly like them.  During this time the barghest is satiated and reveals in a false sense of belonging and contentment.  This state only lasts for one week, and once it has passed the self-loathing and hatred return.  The barghest will turn its sights on the victim’s family and friends, attempting to consume them one by one in the hopes of continuing the feeling of belonging and contentment.  If it cannot get to the family, it will simply find a new victim to consume.


A barghest can take the shape of a large black wolf at will.  It gains the stats and abilities of that creature while in this form.

Barghest 4

The despair of a Barghest saturates the area around it.  Any living target within a mile radius of a barghest is affected.  Things break, accidents happen, people tend to be more irritable.  All targets make Luck rolls two steps lower on the die ladder while in the affected area.  If a barghest has been in the area for over two months, targets also make all Personality rolls one step lower on the die ladder (no save).

Barghest 3


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