What’s on Their Festering Dead Body Table for Hubris

It’s been a bit since I’ve done a Hubris post….  The editing is going well.  I have roughly 60 pages left to edit, and then onto the next phase- kickstarter and all that!  My girlfriend is doing the second round of proofs, and I am making the edits to hers and my changes…  It’s been a fun ride creating Hubris, but man am I ready to be done with this!

Anyways here’s a table of random horrific items that you can find on a creatures dead body.  Just insert these where you (as the Judge) feel is fun and interesting to do.  Once an item has been rolled, cross it out and create a new one.

Table 8-X: What’s on Their Festering Dead Body
2d30 Item(s)
2 Some form of alcohol
3 A book on: 1) poisons; 2) taxidermy; 3) plant of Hubris (pg XX); 4) gods of Hubris; 5) cults; 6) romantic novel; 7) pornographic pictures depicting strange acts and positions
4 Sprigs and sprockets and wad of chewing sap
5 2d20 silver pieces
6 Vial of coagulated blood
7 Human skull with ruby in eye socket- when held in hand can talk to undead.
8 The Eyeballs of a Peeping Tom- When put in person’s mouth they can see through walls.  Lasts for 1d6 rounds before shriveling and dissolving
9 Raunchy-themed deck of playing cards
10 Convulsing Sphincter Muscle of an Ox- Can be used as manacles.  Highly resistant to damage
11 Incense stick x5- they smell really good
12 Everburning torch- always alight, but no heat
13 Winter blanket- smells like goats and mold
14 Intestines of a Bloated Pig Demon- used as high quality rope and stomach serves as a grappling hook
15 Vial of Smoke- will transport all in a 15ft radius in random direction: roll 1d6 1) 100 ft; 2) 500 ft; 3) 1000 ft; 4) 1 mile; 5) 5 miles; 6) 10 miles
16 Bag of Ashes- tastes sweet if eaten.  Causes target to sleep for 1d4 hours (no save)
17 Composite Short Bow- add strength mod and +1 to attack and damage
18 Small Imp Idol- every morning 1d8 random mundane items are found in your bag/pockets
19 Severed Head- must be placed on hand like a puppet.  When used in this fashion the head is able to talk and discern lies told to it 
20 Flask of oil x4
21 Mirror
22 Candle With Blue Flame- when held can see in dark perfectly, even magical darkness.  Blinded for equal amount of time after using.  Candle can stay light for 3d3 hours.
23 Vial of boogers
24 Bladder of a Badger- Always full. Always warm.  Can drink to avoid dehydration, but will become ill
25 Bag of blood soaked mail bound for a major city
26 Flask of Acid x2- 1d8 damage to all in 5’ radius, permanently reduce armor worn by half of damage amount
27 The Belly Buttons of Ten Slaughtered Virgins- when placed on the hands acts as small suction cups and aids in climbing
28 Silver Halberd- adds +1d6 damage to undead
29 Incense Stick x3- fall unconscious when lit.  Make Luck save- if successful, increase gain 1 point of Luck for 24 hours
30 Chisel, Pick axe, and Miner’s hat with candle
31 Kidney Stones of Prisoners- works as caltrops… or daily rations
32 Crossbow with 2d10 bolts
33 Vial of Hemlock Poison- DC 16 Fort Save- Success really ill for one week- failure results in death
34 Serrated Short sword
35 Attack Chihuahua
36 Winter Scarf- it’s warm, but really ugly
37 Bag of Marbles
38 Ulcerated Stomach of the Three Pronged Goat- stomach is used as a bag that can hold items.  Already holds 2d5+2 random items, many of them (Judge’s call) are weird, horrifying, and yet strangely entertaining
39 Skull Dagger- additional 1d4 bleeding damage until successful DC 14 Fort save
40 Small Stone Idol- rub blood on it and it will answer one question
41 Necklace of Eyeballs- can tell when someone is lying while worn
42 Hour Glass
43 Prayer Beads
44 Piece of Marble with Strange Glowing Rune- smearing 2d5 HP of blood on this will summon a strange creature.  Use Summon spell (pg XX)
45 Vial of Oatmeal- drink it and skin is transformed to same consistency as oatmeal.  Affected target ignores 4 points of damage, but decreases AC by 2.  Lasts 2d2 hours
46 Blowgun with 5 darts coated in sleeping concoction
47 A Vial of a Child’s Tears- invigorating to good chaps and horribly toxic to naught blokes
48 Face of a Scorned Lover- can “rip off” your own face and wear this flesh and become a beautiful woman.   Personality bonuses, voluptuousness, and attitude abound!  You are flooded with emotions and memories that are not your own and they are often acute and painful!  You can only take her face off when committing the act she was doing when she died….
49 3d16 gold pieces
50 Brass Scarab Necklace
51 Dying Breath of Old Man- DC 14 Will save, or be crushed by the regret of things left undone.  Unable to act for 2d6 hours
52 Rusted Laser Pistol- has 3d4 shots left before battery is drained.  Does 2d8 damage and ignores AC
53 Rusted chamber pot
54 Jar of Angry Insects- roll 1d6: 1) bees; 2) spiders; 3) hornets; 4) moths; 5) leeches; 6) praying mantises
55 3d3 strips of wooly mammoth jerky
56 Lucky Ogre Big -Toe- rub to gain an additional +2d3 on any three rolls, but suffer 2d4 temporary drain on Luck the next day
57 Brain Preserved in a Jar- The label on the jar says the brain belonged to “Abby Normal”
58 Blood stained bandages- smell of infection and rot
59 3d100 copper pieces
60 Fist-sized ruby-

3d100 copper pieces
Fist-sized ruby- worth 2d100 + 100 gold pieces (if sold).  Once per day the person can shake the ruby and 2d20 + 10 gold pieces will fall out.  While this is in the owner’s possession, they suffer -2d4 to their Luck ability score

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2 responses to “What’s on Their Festering Dead Body Table for Hubris

  • Eric

    I will have to use this table in my next session. I’ve been using your deities for Hubris in my campaign, and they are a big hit with my players. Looking forward to being able to back this.

    • wrathofzombie


      Glad your players dig the gods! It was fun writing them. My players got tangled up with Yelsa and had two clerics of her and one became (a mutant) an apostle of her will.. Good times.

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