The Church of Titivilla of Vornheim- The Flesh Domain for 5e

Church of Titivilla

Priestess 1

The Horned Queen, Goddess of All Flesh – once built its temples inside the living bodies of Sacred Beasts (colossal goat-like creatures) – but, so far as anyone knows, none remain. The church still operates out of ordinary buildings all over the continent (Vornheim, pg 6).


The Flesh Domain

The flesh domain is controlled by the goddess Titivilla.  Only her priests and priestesses are granted access to this domain.  The flesh domain grants access to the ability to alter and control flesh of yourself and others.


Flesh Domain Spells
Cleric Level Spells
1st charm person, inflict wounds
3rd blindness/deafness, hold person
5th bestow curse, vampiric touch
7th compulsion, polymorph
9th dominate person, contagion



Bonus Proficiency

When you choose this domain at 1st level, you gain proficiency in Persuasion and in the whip and scimitar.


Blessing of the Flesh

Starting when you choose this domain at 1st level, you can use your action to touch a willing creature other than yourself and give it advantage on charisma checks that deal with reaction (IE- performance, persuasion, etc).  This blessing lasts for 1 hour or until you use this feature again.  You


Channel Divinity: Alter the Flesh

Starting at 2nd level you can use your Channel Divinity to alter your or another’s appearance as if by the Alter Self spell (PHB, pg 211).  This functions as the spell describes except you can target another individual, not just yourself and you don’t have to maintain concentration to keep up the spell.  You can only have this ability affecting one target at a time.


Channel  Divinity: Devoted to You

Starting at 6th level you can use your Channel Divinity to compel a creature within 30 feet to do anything to please you.  The creature receives a Wisdom save (DC 8+ your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier).  If the creature fails it will do one of four things (DM’s choice): (1) attack your enemies for 1d3 rounds; (2) give you its most treasured item; (3) prostrate itself at your feet for 4 rounds; (4) use an ability, spell, items, etc to help a friend/ally that is in trouble (if there is no ally in trouble- it will prostrate at the cleric’s feet for 4 rounds).



Starting at 8th level you can use a reaction to transfer the physical damage you take from an attack to a creature of your choosing.  The creature receives a Constitution save (DC 8+ your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier) to avoid this effect.  You can do this a number of times equal to 1+ your Wisdom modifier.  After you take a long rest you regain all expended uses.


Avatar of the Faith


At 17th level the cleric is able to summon a spectral avatar of Tittivilla.  This vile creature resembles an emaciated anthropomorphic goat creature with yellow glowing eyes.  When the avatar is summoned roll 1d4 to determine ability: (1) all allies of the cleric within 30’ of the avatar gain resistance to all physical damage; (2) all enemies of the cleric that are within 30’ of the avatar suffer vulnerability to all physical damage (3) The avatar heals the cleric for 3d6 HP when it manifests- each round after it manifests the avatar has a 5-6 chance to heal the cleric for 2d6 HP; (4) the cleric’s weapon turns into a jagged serrated blade that is coated in a swirling red glow.  Once on each of the cleric’s turns when they hit a creature with a weapon attack, it deals an additional 2d8 damage.  The avatar remains for 1 minute before disappearing back into the nether.  It can be sent away with a banishment spell.  The cleric can do this once per day for free and afterwards can use their Channel Divinity spell to summon it again.

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