Wheellock Weapons Master- 5e Martial Archetype for Fighter



The Wheellock Weapons Master specializes in the strange and bizarre weapons known as “guns.”  You have learned how to wield this clunky, smoky, and dangerous new fangled contraptions with deadly accuracy and efficiency.   You enjoy the sleek feel of the barrel, the rush of power of over life you wield at a safe distance.


You smile as a target falls into your sights and you burn them down with a single shot; the great equalizer.  Let the fools play with their toy blades and the mages fling their spells… you can drop them both before they even know you are there.


Vital Shot– At 3rd level you learn how to shoot a person in the soft fleshy parts.  If your shot hit a person that is suffering disadvantage against you (not know you’re there), you do an additional 1d6 damage against them.  This increases to 2d6 at level 14.  If an attack is a critical, the damage from Vital shot is factored in afterwards.

Pistoleer 2

Pistol Whip– At 3rd level you are able to take a bonus action and hit a creature with the butt of your pistol or rifle if they are within melee range.  The butt of a pistol does 1d4 damage while the butt of a rifle does 1d6 damage.  This damage is considered bludgeoning for the purpose of overcoming resistance.


Rapid Reload– At 7th level a wheellock Weapons Master can reload their gun at an alarming rate.  Instead of taking three rounds to reload, you can do it in 2.


Sniping Shot– At 10th level you have learned how to hit a target in the most vital areas.  If you have successfully hidden and your target is unaware of you, you can make a shot with your rifle to do massive damage.  If the attack is successful treat the damage as though it was a critical.  Vital shot can be used in conjunction with sniping shot.


Longshot– At 10th level you no longer suffer disadvantage when firing your pistol or rifle long distance.

Rifleman 1

Lightning reload– At 14th level a wheellock Weapons Master can reload their gun at an alarming rate.  Instead of taking three rounds to reload, you can do it in 1.


Penetrating Shot– At 18th level you’ve learned exactly where to shoot, that much is true.  Your shots ignore any armor your target may be wearing (except natural armor/hide).   Your bullets also ignore resistance.


Rifleman 2


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