Wizard Arcane Tradition- The Iron Kingdoms Gun Mage


You hear the chaotic symphony of magic ringing in your ears.  You understand the elegance in the chaos, and revel in it.  Where your boring wizard-brethren spend their time delving into ancient forgotten tomes attempting to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos, you are in the thick of battle, enjoying the life and death struggle, and are exhilarated in victory.

Your understanding of magic grows as you experiment in battle as does your skill with your wheellock weapons.  You know that it’s only a matter of time before you are killed in some horrific manner, but until that time you are going to enjoy the action, the thrill, and the chaos that only fighting and magic can bring.

Wheellock Firearm Bond

Gun Mage 3

At 2nd level you learn a ritual that creates a magical bond between you and a wheellock weapon of your choice.  The ritual takes 8 hours to perform and the wheellock weapon must be within reach the whole time.  Once you are bonded with the weapon gain the ability to deliver touch spells through the bullets of your weapon with a successful attack roll.  You deal weapon damage as well as the spell effects/damage.

You are also able to summon your bonded wheellock weapon as a bonus action on your turn, causing it to teleport instantly to your hand so long as you and the weapon are on the same plane of existence.

You are proficient with all wheellock weaponry.

Rapid Reload– At 6th level a gun mage can reload their gun at an alarming rate.  Instead of taking three rounds to reload, the gun mage can do it in 2.

Enchanted Runes– At 6th level you are able to etch an enchanted colored rune into the barrel of your gun.  Once per day can cause this rune to activate.  Once the rune has been activated it fades from the barrel of your weapon.


At 10th level a gun mage learns additional rune colors.  You can choose runes from the secondary color list as well.

At 14th level the wizard can etch two runes on their gun barrel.  You cannot have two of the same color active at one time.

Rune Colors

Red– Instantly heal yourself for 2d4+1 HP.

Green– Gain resistance to an attack (physical or magical).

Blue– Regain the use of a 1st or 2nd level spell slot.

Secondary Colors

Black– An enemy struck with one of your bullets must make a DC 12+your Int modifier or suffer disadvantage on their next save against one of your spells.

Yellow– The gun mage is able to cast one spell of 1st through 3rd level as if it occupied a spell slot of one higher (IE a 3rd level spell cast in a 4th level slot).  When this spell is cast it only consumes the original spell slot.

Orange– The wizard can consume a spellslot and channel the energy into a single shot.  Each spell level equals 1d8 additional damage.  This can be decided after the attack is successful.  This additional damage is determined after a critical success.

Lightning Reload– At 10th level a gun mage can reload their gun at an alarming rate, Instead of taking three rounds to reload, the gun mage can do it in 1.

Magic Bullets– At 14th level you learn the ability to enchant up to three bullets with special properties.

The choice is mad at the time of shooting the gun.

Choose from below:

Seeker– This enchantment gives the gun mage advantage on their attack rolls with their bullet.

Long Distance– The gun mage no longer suffers disadvantage for shooting their wheellock weapon long distance.

Phase– This enchantment allows the bullet to pass through solid objects (up to 3’ thick) and hit those behind cover.  The gun mage resolves the attack normally.

A gun mage can only have one enchantment active on a bullet at one time.

Gun Mage 4


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8 responses to “Wizard Arcane Tradition- The Iron Kingdoms Gun Mage

  • Dustin

    I like the idea of this, just a question though, based on some of your pictures you posted with it it seems the gun mage can use leather armor?

  • Dustin Gibbons

    I am using Asgardian gods, two worlds really. The main world Neckron is flat world, litereally flat in an egg shaped field with the elemental planes above. On the other side of the world (think of it as an upside down pyramid) there is a world called Dreadlyn, was once called Morbdravia. Anyways Dreadlyn is a wasteland type place where magic is rare. Sort of like Forgotten Sun. But anyways the wasteland world has a lot of steam punk elements. I am using some final fantasy elements such as airships (though players haven’t encountered that yet) Also sand runners basically ships that run on sand. Dreadlyn doesn’t have any water only a large ocean of moving sand.

  • wrathofzombie

    Sounds bad ass! Are you doing any session recaps?

  • Dustin Gibbons

    I have the main world Neckron’s campaign book typed up. If you give me your email address or something I can email it to you. I used a random map editor for my world map lol

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