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5e Session Seven Recap Part II- We Don’t Have Fly Paper Big Enough to Help Us With Our Problem…

See Part I here

Fletch- played John’s wood elf rogue for most of the adventure, and then introduced his Snow Elf Cleric of Tittivilla

Stephen- Halfling barbarian level 1/fighter level 1

Chuck- High elf sorcerer

Liam- Gnome paladin

NPC- Benedict (Level 0 NPC)

Let’s Get the PHAT Loot

The group arrived at Gargomel’s and lumbered down into the basement to find Benedict and the girl they had rescued sitting on a bed, drinking tea.  The girl was still battered and bruised, but looked better.  The group nodded at the pair and then moved into Gargomel’s room- presenting the ruby to the skeleton wizard.  He cackled and looked at the ruby, “Freeeeeedom!  At last.”  He held his other hand over it and small lances of lightning left his palm and lanced the gem.  Gargomel looked at the group, the yellow pinpricks of light in his eye sockets growing larger, brighter, “I would leave this room if I were you…  I’m not entirely sure what will happen.”  The group heeded this warning with haste and left.  As the last person vacated, there was a small explosion and dust rolled out of the doorway.

The group all looked at one another, and then started to discuss what they were going to do with the chest and then returning to Saltmarsh.  A cough issued from the Gargomel’s room and then a very alive man came out, swatting the dust away from his face.  He looked at his hands, jubilant, “I must say, I didn’t expect THAT to happen!  I am FREE!  I am ALIVE!!”  Gargomel cackled.



Behold, the wizard (and drug lord) Gargomel!

Behold, the wizard (and drug lord) Gargomel!


He thanked the group profusely and ran into a room, emerging with a small lock box.  “For what you have done, I shall give you this.”  He opened the box and explained each of the rewards: a ring of protection (+1), a dagger of venom, 3 vials of acid, and 2 sun rods.

The group thanked him, and then decided to rest up for a bit, and wait for midnight to come so they could open their treasure chest, and claim the rewards inside.  While they waited, Benedict introduced the girl as Illiana.  She was shy and meek, but thanked them for their help.  She explained that she was from Saltmarsh and doesn’t know how or why she was kidnapped by the smugglers.

That night the group took out the treasure chest that they had found last session, and once more read the note (just to be absolutely sure that they wanted to go through with this):


You have come to plunder

Goods and treasures that are not yours.

So a choice is to be made,

If you desire what is to be had.

Four choices you have,

Potentially all of them good,

But all of them are bad.
Opening this chest within these catacombs,

Will yield fruits of your labor,

But it will corrupt you,

And change your behavior.


Opening this chest under the open sky,

While the sun shines bright,

Will grant quite an amazing sight,

Yet you will pay most dearly in a rather difficult fight.


Opening this chest under the open sky,

At the midnight hour

Will grant you amazing gifts indeed,

Yet others will constantly seek your power.


Finally you can choose to walk away

And leave my treasure to me.

However nothing is simple, nothing is free…

Should you leave, one of you will cease to be.”


With it finally decided the group opened the treasure chest and were all bathed in a sinister red light (a menacing  chuckling could be heard).  What was in the chest is below in white (in case any of my players read this recap)

Opening the chest outside at night: A flash of red light hits all who interested in chest.  Wherever they go there is a 1 in 6 chance that someone will seek after their goods and power and begin plotting and scheming on how to get it.  If a 2 is rolled the target hungers for the targets power, but is not willing to act.  Instead they treat the character(s) coldly and with disdain for 24 hours, after which they revert to their normal temperament with the characters. 


Always inside the chest: 500 GP

Bloodstone x2 (50 gp each)

Blue quartz x10 (10 gp each)

Jade statuette x1 (250 gp)

Small silver crown with obsidian and opals x1 (2,500 gp)- will take time in Saltmarsh to find someone to purchase or can go to a larger city (Vornheim or Daggerfall in River Kingdoms). 

A book and map to the Jade Ruins (dungeon dive)


Magical items in this chest:

Animated Shield

Shield of Missile Attraction- become cursed. 

Scroll of Insect plague x1

Potion of Speed x1

Wand of Web

The Next Morning and New Troubles

The next morning Gargomel asked the group if they would be interested in a business venture with him.  He wants to start producing SMURF again, but it’ll take time to do and he’ll need supplies.  He also made his fortune appraising rare items and antiquities…. He would like the group to find him a suitable place to set up shop in Saltmarsh, and a steward to run the shop while he is away from the city.  He also needs laborers to come and fix up his dilapidated house.  For their services he will give the group 10% of all he sells in SMURF sales or 10% of his appraisals/sales.  The group declined this offer, not wanting to become involved in the drug trade, and instead a new accord was struck; the group would receive a 15% discount on all appraisals he does for them and they would bring items to him first before any others.  He would- in return- only take 15% of the sale price as his earnings rather than his normal 30%.  The group agreed.  They then asked Illiana if would like a job running a shop.  She stuttered her thanks, and with that behind them the group packed up- ready for the 8 hour walk back to Saltmarsh.

When the group was roughly 2 miles from Gargomel’s mansion a thick fog suddenly appeared and then dissipated with a strong gust around.  In front of the group was a woman with an alabaster mask with two golden triangles going from the forehead, over the eyes, to the tip of the mouth.  In her hand was a chain that led to a naked, and badly beaten snow elf (Fletch’s new character).

To the woman’s right was three men wearing golden masks, bows drawn.  On her left were three men with no masks, bows drawn.  All had red and black leather armor.


Her voice rang clear when she spoke, “So you are the ones who interrupted our business transaction with the smugglers… Interesting… and unexpected.”  The woman then took notice of Illena, “Beautiful woman… little beat up and worse for wear…”  The group tried to offer their services to, mayhaps, fix whatever they ruined with the smugglers.  “You want to fix something that was in operation for years, and was delicate and special… No.. No no no…  the setback is inconvenient and minor… like your lives…  Kill them.”

She launched a stream of insects from her hands, obscuring the vision of everybody (and dealing 2d10 damage).  All in the 20′ radius suffered disadvantage on all rolls and movement was reduced to half.  Initiative was rolled and the group went to work attempting to kill all these peeps.  The men let loose arrows, and only a few actually struck anyone.  From the sky a buzzing noise was heard as two flies, the size of sheltie, appeared out of the fog, vomiting acid on Stephen and Liam.

The group focused their efforts on the woman first.  After she took a few hits, she cast misty step and appeared a distance away…  “Kill them fools!  We will meet again!”  She threw out her hands and a massive buzzing filled the air.  A fly the size of a car descended and scooped her up, disappearing into the low-lying clouds.  “Son-of-a-bitch!” Stephen shouted.  The halfling barbarian then turned his frustration onto one of the men with the golden mask, dropping him in one hit.  Chuck was defending himself from a man with no mask and one with a mask.  As they neared the ground erupted and a massive crocodile clamped its jaws down on the man with no mask.  He screamed and flailed as he was drug back down beneath the surface.  Chuck used his advantage to draw a short sword and a long sword, “I’ll show you barbarians and fighters how it is done!”  He attacked with both weapons and downed the minion with the golden mask (this got quite a few laughs).

Liam was throwing tridents at the flies that were swarming overhead.  His lil gnome was angry after vomit got on his armor and melted it (reducing his AC by 3 permanently).  Fletch grabbed a short sword from the fallen enemy that Stephen slayed and killed one of the maskless bandits, scooped him up, and ran into the fog to strip him and get himself some armor.

Stephen and Chuck were about to move on to new enemies when a terrible noise issued from both the bodies.  Their flesh tore apart and rising from the strands of skin where hideous anthropomorphic antmen.

Ant Spirit

“Oh fuck.”

Chuck was then downed by the antman creature.  The crocodile reemerged from the waters and transformed into a ragged, sopping wet man who ran over and healed the fallen wizard.

Dorian the Druid

The fight was concluded with more batters and bruises, but in the end the group was victorious.

Fletch’s character was introduced, “Tim the Snow Elf.”  He and the druid, who went by the name Dorian were tracking a sickness that had been cropping up in the swamp when they were ambushed by these fiends.  “I would have saved you sooner if I could, Tim… but we were kind of out numbered.”  Said Dorian.  “I’ve known Tim since he arrived in Saltmarsh years ago from the north… from Vornheim.  Anyways, are you all heading back to Saltmarsh?”

The group all decided to travel together (safety in numbers and all that).

With that we ended the session.

This session was a bit combat heavy (especially with rolling the random badass encounter).  However I needed to set two stages one with the portal (should the group have found it- and they did) and the other with the mysterious masked people and interfering with their smuggling ring operation.

I let the group know that I’d like the next session (maybe two) to take place predominantly in Saltmarsh (should they choose).  We’ve been dungeon diving 5 out of 7 sessions, and I think it would be a nice change of pace to be in the city and flush out their characters.  Also they’ve learned quite a bit of information that they can research, etc.

They also have a ton of money that they can invest in new items, etc.


All in all this was a great session and I’m looking forward to session 8.

5e Session Seven Recap Part I- Puzzles, Riddles, and Difficult Decisions

Last session we left of with the group dealing with the death of Fletch’s dwarf barbarian, defeating a bone naga and claiming Ruby Eye of Shazal for the dead sorcerer Gargomel.  This session we finished off the apprentice’s secret lair and encounter a whole new set of problems.


Fletch- played John’s wood elf rogue for most of the adventure, and then introduced his Snow Elf Cleric of Tittivilla

Stephen- Halfling barbarian level 1/fighter level 1

Chuck- High elf sorcerer

Liam- Gnome paladin

NPC- Benedict (Level 0 NPC)

The group continued down to the southern area and found a wall with a gargoyle head that turned either left or right.  Fletch examined it and was about to roll for traps when I described the new situation.

Aside: I’ve decided to make some traps more like puzzles (and more interesting than just rolling), but structuring them in a flowchart layout (see picture below).  This was fun to watch, because it got the group debating on which way to turn the gargoyle head and wanting to be involved (yay!).  See the picture below:

Multi-tiered Trap

The group decided that the gargoyle’s head was function more like a combination lock and thought they may have missed the combination somewhere.  Stephen and Liam decided to go back and explore each room in an attempt to find it.  I decided to have a random encounter and gave it a 1-in-20 chance (and I rolled a 1)… soooo the bones of the bone naga reformed into a massive bone golem (I used the minotaur skeleton stats from the 5e MM).


Bone golem

Stephen and Liam ran like hell back to the group where a good fight ensued.  After taking a short rest (and regaining some HP), the group said screw it and played with the gargoyle’s head some more and managed to guess right and opened up secret door.


We’re Not in Kansas Anymore…

The group found a large room covered in thick roots, vines, and brambles.  In the back of the room was an arch that had a wispy green mist danced in-between the pillars.  The moment the group entered the room a flash of green light lanced from the arch and enveloped each of the group.

Suddenly the roots dislodged four humanoid-shaped creatures that looked as if they were made up of sticks and branches and two humanoid-shaped creatures made up of vines and leaves.  The group launched into combat and had a little bit of a tough time with these creatures.  After the second round, the dungeon vanished and the group found themselves in a lush Amazonian style rain forest.  Chuck muttered, “nooo..  We didn’t get the treasure in the dungeon…”  the group kept fighting, lighting one of the vine creatures on fire with oil and a torch.  However the creature ensnared Liam, lighting his little gnome on fire as well.

As the fight continued the jungle would fade, becoming ethereal, showing the dungeon wall behind it, just out of reach.  Eventually five of the six plant creatures were killed.  As the group turned to deal with the last vine monster a massive pink leg slammed on the ground, crushing it.  The group looked up to see a horrid monster; a massive pig head with huge tusks attached to a komodo dragon body.  Its body covered in pink scales and hair.  Stephen moaned, “Why did I buy you the monster manual as a present…?”  I laughed, “sorry dude…  This my own.  I had a dream about it.  I call it a piggard.  It’s a mix between a pig and a lizard.”

Suddenly there were cries from the jungle as arrows and spears were let loose from the foliage.  The piggard roared as several of the projectiles struck true.  Several humanoids with rich brown skin emerged from the trees, shouting at one another and the group in an unknown language.

Witch doctor


As soon as the chaos began, it was gone.  With a flash of light the group found themselves back within the dungeon.  The group looked around, shrugged, and decided to go examine the treasure chest that was encased in magical protection that they had found the previous session.

Decisions… Decisions…  Decisions…

The group decided to throw a rope around the treasure chest so they wouldn’t have to touch it and drag it out.  The moment the rope touched the magical aura, it lanced out and covered all of the party members.  Everyone rolled a Constitution save- Stephen and Chuck failing.  When the aura dissipated, Chuck had frog eyes and Stephen was covered in hundreds of hairy brown moles (the trap gave a mutation to those who failed their roll.  I used the cosmetic mutations table in my Hubris Mutant class).

The group heard a small click and saw that a small compartment in the front of the chest had opened, revealing a small rolled up piece of parchment.  Fletch carefully took it out, and saw in a neat calligraphy, the following:


You have come to plunder

Goods and treasures that are not yours.

So a choice is to be made,

If you desire what is to be had.

Four choices you have,

Potentially all of them good,

But all of them are bad.
Opening this chest within these catacombs,

Will yield fruits of your labor,

But it will corrupt you,

And change your behavior.


Opening this chest under the open sky,

While the sun shines bright,

Will grant quite an amazing sight,

Yet you will pay most dearly in a rather difficult fight.


Opening this chest under the open sky,

At the midnight hour

Will grant you amazing gifts indeed,

Yet others will constantly seek your power.


Finally you can choose to walk away

And leave my treasure to me.

However nothing is simple, nothing is free…

Should you leave, one of you will cease to be.”


The group debated for a long while and finally decided to carry the treasure chest with them back to Gargomel’s.  They would give him the ruby, see what happened to him once he got it, and decided to do from there (however the popular vote was to open the chest at midnight).

With that decided the group headed back towards Gargomel’s mansion…

To be continued…


5e Monster Stat Block Template- Feel Free to Steal (and a stated out monster)

I created this to use in my home 5e game- so when I create monsters it is easily accessible.  Feel free to use this.

Monster Stats (this is a word document- I created it in Publisher because I like that programs ease of editing/creating things).  Here are pictures below- one is the blank template and the other is a creature that is in my home game (inspired by Shadowrun’s bug spirits).

Monster Stats Blank


Ant Spirit Hybrid stats

The Iron Maiden- DCC Monster

I posted this picture on G+ yesterday and a bunch of people dug it and Michael Pfaff said someone needed to stat her up… So I did.

I considered what system to use and this picture just struck me as a motherfucking DCC monster- it’s metal and so is DCC… So that’s my reasoning- totally sound.

I am considering putting her in my Hubris campaign book..  We’ll see though.

The Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden: Init +8; Atk claw +8 melee (1d6 + life drain), barbed scythe +12 (2d8 damage + Lamented Existence; AC 16; HD 8d10, HP 75; MV 30’; Act 2d20; SP Un-dead traits (immune to non-magical weapons, flight, life drain), Lamented Existence, heads of the four generals; SV Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +7; AL C.

The Iron Maiden was once a powerful general in the king’s grand army.  She led a failed march against a heavily fortified keep owned by an enemy of her king.  The army generals were quick to place blame on her and her troops.  Her troops were all executed as she was made to watch.  She was then soaked in their blood for two weeks in the freezing cold as a public spectacle.  She was then tortured for sport and beheaded, her head and body left on display as a warning for failure.  There it remained for 1 year, until it disappeared.  Shortly after her body disappeared each of the four generals that presided over her execution were found dead.

The Iron Maiden is an undead creature filled with hatred and bitterness.  She holds her severed head high in one hand while she rambles incoherently about injustice and atrocity.  Her eyes roll, her mouth froths, and blood flows from her neck.  She can attack with one claw attack once per round and those touched by her must succeed a DC 16 Fort save or lose 1d3 Stamina (temporary).  If a target rolls a one on their Fort save they lose 1d6 Stamina permanently.  She can also attack with a jagged scythe.  Those struck by this terrible weapon must make a DC 14 Will save or suffer the memories of Iron Maiden as she watched her loyal soldiers die.  They collapse to the ground and weep uncontrollably for 2d4 rounds.  Floating around the Iron Maiden are the four severed heads of the generals who betrayed her.  Once per round she can cause one of her choosing to act.

General Bryth– The general hovers before a target grants +4 additional armor to the Iron Maiden.  This effect lasts for 2d6 rounds.

General Mordon– The generals teeth are sharp and jagged.  He gets a bite attack of +4 and does 2d4 damage.  If he successfully hits he latches onto the target and does 2d4 damage each round unless a DC 14 Strength check is passed.

General Grys– The face of this general is gaunt and covered in frost.  He releases a 20’ cone of cold at all targets in front of him.  Targets caught in the blast suffer 5d6 damage and are slowed, reducing their movement speed by half for 2d4 rounds.  If a successful DC 14 Fort save is made the target takes half damage and is not slowed.  This attack can only be done once every 5 rounds.

General Fythyr– Was the adviser on magical tactics.  This head is able to cast one wizard spell every 5 rounds.  Roll 1d3 to determine the level of the spell.  Then roll 1d20 on the spell list (DCC, pg 127) to determine the spell cast.  If the spell doesn’t make sense (IE Patron Bond)- simply reroll.  The general casts spells at a 1d20+1d10+1d4.

5e Session Six Recap- Out of the Mansion (Sinister Secrets of Saltmarsh) and Into the Evil Apprentice Wizard’s “Secret Lair”


Fletch- Dwarf barbarian

Stephen- Halfling barbarian level 1/fighter level 1

Chuck- High elf sorcerer

John- Wood elf rogue

NPC- Benedict (Level 0 NPC)

We ended last session with the group pretty much completing the Sinister Secrets of Saltmarsh modulem, save for the two remaining rooms.

A Surprise Conversation…

The group went to the first unexplored room back in the barracks area, which belonged to the mage leader, and ransacked it- finding a spellbook, three potions of healing, a potion of Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, and another potion (but I forget what it is at this point), and a book of erotic poetry (fully illustrated).

Then next room was boarded up.  Stephen used his crowbar and plied off the planks and opened the door.  Inside the room there was a long table with seven skeletons sitting at it (think the One-Eyed Willy scene in Goonies).  The room was covered in cobwebs and dust.


When Stephen entered the room a candelabra on the table flickered to life with eerie blue flames.  The skeleton seated in the most ornate chair coughed dust and hitched on its jaw as yellow pin pricks of light began to glow in its eye sockets.

“Ah..  Guests… It’s been a long time since anyone has been brave enough to venture into this room.”

The group stood wary- waiting for all the skeletons to attack.

“I am Gargamel- or at least I used to be.  Owner and leader of this mansion.”

“What are you doing here?” Asked Stephen.

“My apprentice betrayed me- killing me and the others.  Somehow my spirit was trapped in this form, and in this room!  I cannot leave.  I yearn to be free.  If you destroy the Ruby Eye of Shazal- then I shall be free.”

“We’re not in the habit of negotiating with skeletons… On general principal- undead things of any nature.”  Said Stephen.

“That’s a good principal… however if you agree I will give you the password to my apprentices “secret lair” (he made quotation marks with his bony fingers) and you can help yourself to whatever spoils you find there… also you can have whatever you want from my laboratory…”

“How do we know you are trustworthy?” Chimed in Chuck.

“Yeah- and once free won’t do undead stuff and be evil?” Added Stephen.

Gargamel chuckled, “well you don’t… The word of a skeleton isn’t much.  And I wouldn’t say I’m the most noble of people.  I dabble in magic, am greedy, bitter, miserly…  Oh and I make drugs.”

“Fair enough.” Everyone said.

In the end the group agreed to help.  They went into the laboratory and found several potions of healing, a rare book on the philosopher’s stone, a vile of SMURF, and a pouch of 250gp.

When they came out of the laboratory Gargamel handed them a shriveled mummified eye and said to drop this at the base of the weeping willow one mile west from his manner.  Then they would know when to speak the password, which is “Starlight.”

The group then left Benedict and the unconscious woman that the found last session with Gargamel.  They gave Benedict a short sword and a shield.  Once again he took on an awkward Hugh Grant manner, “I’m..  well..  I’m afraid I don’t know how to use a sword.  It’s never come up at my training with the clergy of Pelor.  It’s rather embarrassing you see…”

Fletch grabbed him and said, “You swing it at things and make them die- so you don’t die.”

Stephen said, “You hold this end (pointing to the pommel) and put the pointy end into bad things.  You use the shield to help you not die.”

Bennedict took the weapons and struck a warriors pose, “I FEEL MIGHTY!!”  The group chuckled and left.

Aside: This is severely altered from what actually was supposed to be in that room in the Sinister Secrets of Saltmarsh module.  In the original it’s just a room with six skeletons that attack and there’s a fight and ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz…  My group really liked it when I came up (jokingly) that the owner of the manner was named Gargamel and was creating a strange blue drug called SMURF…  So I kept it.  I figured it’d be fun to actually have them meet him (and also get them some SMURF).  This ended up being a great little role-playing spot in the middle of a dungeon dive, and I’m happy that I made the alteration.  

Into the “Secret Lair”…

The group made it to the weeping willow, placed the mummified eyeball in the ground and watched a skull emerge from the ground and the eye going into its left socket.  The eye became gooey and normal looking.  The skull looked around at all the party, “Guests of the master?  It’s been a long time since we’ve had–”

“STARLIGHT” Stephen shouted.

“Oh- well if you’re going to be rude… then fine.”  The skull sunk back into the earth, and a passage way opened beneath the weeping willow (which them prompted Fletch to compare this to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban).

Fletch decided he would go down the stairs first and not, you know the rogue, and immediately set of a fire trap that burnt off what little hair he had.  The group then put John out front to check for traps as they went.

The group went into a room and found animal cages that lined the room… but in the corner was a strange sight.  There was an octopus in a cage filled with sand.  In the corner of the cage was a little magical sun that kept it warm.  The octopus pointed to tentacles at the lock on the cage imploringly.

Fletch went over to investigate the octopus and was immediately attacked by a hidden lightning memphit.  This was nasty little fight (there isn’t one of these creatures in the MM- so I used the ice memphit as a base and just made it up).  The creature did thunderclap and any melee attack that hit him caused 1d4 damage to the attacker.  John was knocked unconscious (or damned near) and Fletch was severely hurt, but in the end they dropped the little bastard.

After the fight Stephen went and let the octopus out of its cage.  Stephen felt an empathic link between himself and the octopus.  Stephen now has a sand octopus animal companion.




This picture inspired me to put in a land octopus.

The group found a huge treasure chest in another room that was swirling with magical energy.  They decided to leave it alone for the time being.  They went a ruined and dilapidated library and found three skeletons.  Stephen threw a hand axe at one and then shut the door on them, figuring he’d open the door and throw axes at them, wearing them down.  This would have worked if a door at the end of the hall didn’t burst open, disgorging 5 more skeletons.  Another brutal fight- Fletch was knocked unconscious and John and Stephen were badly hurt.

After the fight the group decided to go in the library to look around and take a short rest to regain some HP.  The group didn’t find any books of interest, but there was a humanoid body in the corner of the room covered in a strange brown moss.  The group kept clear of it… except Fletch decided to throw a torch at it to see what happened.  The thing exploded in a cloud of brown spores.  Everyone had to make a Constitution save.  Stephen rolled a natural 20 (so he was motherfucking-fine), John and Chuck failed and Fletch rolled a critical failure.

Some Friend Die Nobly, Some Die Stupidly

John and Chuck were dropped to ZERO HP and I told them to start rolling their death saves, but Stephen acted fast and dumped two of their few remaining healing potions down their throats, saving their lives and bringing them back into the land of consciousness.

Fletch’s dwarf, on the other hand, was dead.  Deader than dead dead.  Dead.  Now I know that in the mantra of 5e what I SHOULD have done is have him at ZERO HP and have one (or two) fails on his death saves… but no..  I’m of the mind that you critically fail a save- bad shit happens.  I like my meat hot, my coffee black, and my D&D fucking deadly.

The group said a few not so kind words at the dwarf who almost ended them all and then looted his body.  Chuck noticed that some of that moss was growing on the cheeks of the dwarf and began casting ray of frost at the body until it was a block of ice- figuring that would keep the moss at bay.

Fletch had to leave for the night- and decided to make White Elf cleric who follows the Goddess of All Flesh, Tittivilla.  He will hail from Vornheim.

The group rested and then continued up the path into a large room.  The room was empty except for an alabaster pedestal was a skull with a single ruby eye.

John went to check to see if the pedestal was trapped, and failed to realize that the skull was rising off of it, uncoiling a large bony serpentine body.


I had altered the bone naga a little bit to be more inline with a party of 4-5 2nd or 3rd level party members.  I was a little nervous after Fletch left (because it still was a hard battle).  Even with the tricks up its sleeve, the group eventually beat the naga down and gathered up the ruby eye.


We left off there with Stephen and John gaining level three.  John choose the Assassin rogue path.


Next Session

The group still has a few more rooms to explore in the dungeon… then back to Gargamel… then back to SALTMARSH!

The Church of Titivilla of Vornheim- The Flesh Domain for 5e

Church of Titivilla

Priestess 1

The Horned Queen, Goddess of All Flesh – once built its temples inside the living bodies of Sacred Beasts (colossal goat-like creatures) – but, so far as anyone knows, none remain. The church still operates out of ordinary buildings all over the continent (Vornheim, pg 6).


The Flesh Domain

The flesh domain is controlled by the goddess Titivilla.  Only her priests and priestesses are granted access to this domain.  The flesh domain grants access to the ability to alter and control flesh of yourself and others.


Flesh Domain Spells
Cleric Level Spells
1st charm person, inflict wounds
3rd blindness/deafness, hold person
5th bestow curse, vampiric touch
7th compulsion, polymorph
9th dominate person, contagion



Bonus Proficiency

When you choose this domain at 1st level, you gain proficiency in Persuasion and in the whip and scimitar.


Blessing of the Flesh

Starting when you choose this domain at 1st level, you can use your action to touch a willing creature other than yourself and give it advantage on charisma checks that deal with reaction (IE- performance, persuasion, etc).  This blessing lasts for 1 hour or until you use this feature again.  You


Channel Divinity: Alter the Flesh

Starting at 2nd level you can use your Channel Divinity to alter your or another’s appearance as if by the Alter Self spell (PHB, pg 211).  This functions as the spell describes except you can target another individual, not just yourself and you don’t have to maintain concentration to keep up the spell.  You can only have this ability affecting one target at a time.


Channel  Divinity: Devoted to You

Starting at 6th level you can use your Channel Divinity to compel a creature within 30 feet to do anything to please you.  The creature receives a Wisdom save (DC 8+ your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier).  If the creature fails it will do one of four things (DM’s choice): (1) attack your enemies for 1d3 rounds; (2) give you its most treasured item; (3) prostrate itself at your feet for 4 rounds; (4) use an ability, spell, items, etc to help a friend/ally that is in trouble (if there is no ally in trouble- it will prostrate at the cleric’s feet for 4 rounds).



Starting at 8th level you can use a reaction to transfer the physical damage you take from an attack to a creature of your choosing.  The creature receives a Constitution save (DC 8+ your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier) to avoid this effect.  You can do this a number of times equal to 1+ your Wisdom modifier.  After you take a long rest you regain all expended uses.


Avatar of the Faith


At 17th level the cleric is able to summon a spectral avatar of Tittivilla.  This vile creature resembles an emaciated anthropomorphic goat creature with yellow glowing eyes.  When the avatar is summoned roll 1d4 to determine ability: (1) all allies of the cleric within 30’ of the avatar gain resistance to all physical damage; (2) all enemies of the cleric that are within 30’ of the avatar suffer vulnerability to all physical damage (3) The avatar heals the cleric for 3d6 HP when it manifests- each round after it manifests the avatar has a 5-6 chance to heal the cleric for 2d6 HP; (4) the cleric’s weapon turns into a jagged serrated blade that is coated in a swirling red glow.  Once on each of the cleric’s turns when they hit a creature with a weapon attack, it deals an additional 2d8 damage.  The avatar remains for 1 minute before disappearing back into the nether.  It can be sent away with a banishment spell.  The cleric can do this once per day for free and afterwards can use their Channel Divinity spell to summon it again.

Wheellock Weapons Master- 5e Martial Archetype for Fighter



The Wheellock Weapons Master specializes in the strange and bizarre weapons known as “guns.”  You have learned how to wield this clunky, smoky, and dangerous new fangled contraptions with deadly accuracy and efficiency.   You enjoy the sleek feel of the barrel, the rush of power of over life you wield at a safe distance.


You smile as a target falls into your sights and you burn them down with a single shot; the great equalizer.  Let the fools play with their toy blades and the mages fling their spells… you can drop them both before they even know you are there.


Vital Shot– At 3rd level you learn how to shoot a person in the soft fleshy parts.  If your shot hit a person that is suffering disadvantage against you (not know you’re there), you do an additional 1d6 damage against them.  This increases to 2d6 at level 14.  If an attack is a critical, the damage from Vital shot is factored in afterwards.

Pistoleer 2

Pistol Whip– At 3rd level you are able to take a bonus action and hit a creature with the butt of your pistol or rifle if they are within melee range.  The butt of a pistol does 1d4 damage while the butt of a rifle does 1d6 damage.  This damage is considered bludgeoning for the purpose of overcoming resistance.


Rapid Reload– At 7th level a wheellock Weapons Master can reload their gun at an alarming rate.  Instead of taking three rounds to reload, you can do it in 2.


Sniping Shot– At 10th level you have learned how to hit a target in the most vital areas.  If you have successfully hidden and your target is unaware of you, you can make a shot with your rifle to do massive damage.  If the attack is successful treat the damage as though it was a critical.  Vital shot can be used in conjunction with sniping shot.


Longshot– At 10th level you no longer suffer disadvantage when firing your pistol or rifle long distance.

Rifleman 1

Lightning reload– At 14th level a wheellock Weapons Master can reload their gun at an alarming rate.  Instead of taking three rounds to reload, you can do it in 1.


Penetrating Shot– At 18th level you’ve learned exactly where to shoot, that much is true.  Your shots ignore any armor your target may be wearing (except natural armor/hide).   Your bullets also ignore resistance.


Rifleman 2