The Occult Slayer (Witch Hunter)- a 5e Fighter Martial Archetype

Witch hunter 2

The occult slayer (often called a witch hunter) is someone who fights tirelessly against magic users who have let their hearts and minds become consumed by darkness.  An occult slayer is not afraid to dive into the depths of an old ruin, or plunder through a haunted mansion if it means bringing a rogue mage, or evil cleric to justice.

While some occult slayers follow the creed of a god of light or healing, and often team up with paladins or clerics of the same order, others are fueled by vengeance, having had their life destroyed (or the lives of loved ones) by dark and terrible magic.

An occult slayer knows that they are often the only defense against these corrupted forces and are willing to pay a terrible price to do so.  All occult slayers become addicted to a potion called Arcania, which grants them many of their powers and abilities to combat magic users.

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Brew Arcania– At 3rd level the Occult Slayer learns the secrets of brewing the strange concoction that gives them their powers against the arcane.  The herbs and spices needed are usually readily available in nature and the blood of the occult slayer is easily at hand.  The occult slayer must spend an hour (short rest) foraging in nature to find the ingredients.  Arcania must simmer for one hour on a hot fire.  If not used, Arcania goes inert after 24 hours.

At 10th level the occult slayer is able to brew a more potent form of Arcania, causing the potion to last for 48 hours before becoming inert.  An occult slayer can never have more than two Arcania potions at one time.

Should an occult slayer not take a dose of Arcania, they suffer Disadvantage to all physical rolls due to going through withdrawal.

Weapon Bond– At 3rd level you are able to bond with one melee weapon of your choice.  This ritual takes 8 hours (the length of a long rest) and the weapon is imbued with strange properties as runes are etched into the hilt, blade, etc.

Once the ritual is complete the occult slayer is able to wield this weapon at their magical foes.  Spell casters (divine, natural, or arcane) take an additional 1d6 damage if successfully struck by the weapon.

If the weapon is lost or destroyed, the occult slayer cannot bond with a new for one week.  After the duration has passed, they can begin the ritual to bond with another weapon.

Know Your Enemy– Starting at 3rd level the Occult Slayer gains the Mage Slayer feat (PHB, pg 168).

Detect Magic– At 7th level an occult slayer is able to detect magical auras of people and objects as per the Detect Magic spell (PHB, pg 231).  An occult slayer can use this ability a number of times per day equal 1+ Intelligence modifier.  When you take a long rest, all expended uses are refreshed.

The occult slayer must have taken a dose of Arcania for this ability to work.

Spell Reflection– Starting at 7th level an occult slayer is able to use the Arcania flowing through their veins to cause spells targeted at them to rebound at the caster.  Area affect or touch spells are not able to be reflected.  An occult slayer can use this ability once per day at 7th level, twice per day at 10th level, and three times per day at 18th level.


The occult slayer must have their bonded weapon in their hand and have taken a dose of Arcania for this ability to work.

Nondetection Cloak– At 10th level an occult slayer is able to cloak themselves from magical detection once per day as if by the Nondetection spell (PHB, pg 263).  This only effects the occult slayer and their gear.

The occult slayer must have taken a dose of Arcania for this ability to work.

Improved Weapon Bond– At 15th level the bond between the occult slayer and their weapon strengthens.  If the occult slayer lands a successful attack on a magic caster, they take an additional 2d6 damage.

Blank Thoughts– At 18th level an occult slayer can cause the Arcania in their burn out, granting them immunity to mind-affecting spells such as charms, compulsions, patterns, phantasms, and morale effects.  The occult slayer can do this as a reaction.  Once the Arcania is out of their system they cannot use any abilities that require a dose of Arcania to function until they consume another vial.  They are immune to all these effects for a number of hours equal to 1 + their Wisdom modifier.

The occult slayer must have taken a dose of Arcania for this ability to work.

Improved Mage Slayer– At 18th level the occult slayer now gains advantage on spells cast against them by creatures within 15 feet rather than 5 feet.

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6 thoughts

  1. The only thing that I see as being OP about this is the Weapon Bond’s bonus damage. Starting at 1d6 each attack means that your damage goes through the roof, and it just gets worse. Clerics get their bonus damage because they don’t have as many attacks as fighters do. I’d suggest dropping the bonus damage and just stating that your bonded weapon is considered magical for the purposes of resistances, if the weapon was not magical to begin with.

  2. Finally. I’ve been looking for a port of the 3.5e Occult Slayer Prestige Class to 5e. Granted, there’s not a lot of spell caster enemies until higher levels in 5e, and for some reason no one likes playing at high levels…. I’ve never understood that, but meh. I’m glad I found this.

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