Oracle- Divine Sorcerous Origin

I thought it would be fun to hack the Pathfinder Oracle class to 5e… At first I pondered doing it at a cleric variant… but then decided to hell with that, since an oracle is born and not trained, it made more sense (to me) to make it a sorcerous origin and just have the sorcerer cast clerical spells rather than arcane ones.

I looked at the miracles in the Pathfinder Advanced Players guide and took some inspiration from them, but largely just took the domains mentioned in the 5e book and just created some abilities that I felt fit the flavor.

Anyways, enjoy!


Oracle 1


Years ago, before you were born, your mother or father came across a god disguised in mortal form and they fell madly in-love.  While their love was potent and burned bright, it was not meant to be.  Eventually your deity-parent returned to their realm, leaving your mortal parent to care for you.  When you were born, it was immediately evident that you were special and not cut of the normal ilk.  You were conceived by an all-powerful deity and the very power of divinity courses through your veins.  While clerics, existing as lesser beings, must beg and pray for their spells and abilities from their gods, you wield the raw might of righteousness and power at your fingertips.


Casting Variation

An oracle does not cast arcane spells like other sorcerers, but instead casts cleric spells.  An oracle still knows a limited number of spells (PHB, pg 100) and does not need to prepare (or pray) their spells to cast them.  The oracle chooses spells from the cleric spell list.


Oracle Curse

At 1st level a cleric chooses a curse that hinders them in some way.  While you are born from a deity, your mortal flesh is still weak, and the power that birthed you has also afflicted you.

 Oracle 3

Clouded vision– Your eyes are clouded over, obscuring your vision beyond 30 feet and you see only in shades of white, grey, and black.  However you gain the benefits of darkvison and can see up to 60 feet in complete darkness.

Deaf– You cannot hear and suffer all negative conditions associated with this malady.  However you gain advantage to sight based perception checks.

Haunted– Trickster and slightly malicious spirits follow you around and cause havoc around you.  Whenever the GM feels it is appropriate they can roll a 1d4.  On a 4 the spirits decide to have fun.  This can manifest in any number of interesting ways.  Here are some examples: Items are harder to find in your pack; small gusts of wind blow out your candle/torch; items you drop spin 10 feet away from you; small items fall of shelves or fly across the room.  Add Mage Hand to your list of spells known.

Lame– One of your legs is lame and doesn’t work right.  If your movement speed is 30 ft, reduce it by 10.  If it is 25 ft, reduce it by 5.  Your movement cannot be reduced by armor.

Tongues– When in times of stress or battle you begin speaking in tongues.  Choose a new language and add it to your list of bonus languages.  During combat or stressful situations you can only speak or understand that language.  This does not affect your spellcasting ability unless the spell states it must be spoken in a specific language.

Wasting– Your body is wasting away and you look like a shriveled, nearly dead husk.  You suffer disadvantage to all Charisma based checks that deal with appearance (except Intimidation) and receive 1 less hit point per level (minimum of 0).  You also gain advantage to all Constitution saves vs disease.



At 1st level choose a mission that reflects the whisperings of the deities that the echo through the oracle’s head.   As the oracle gains levels the abilities grow in power.  Once this choice is made, it cannot be undone.   – Choose a mission:

Battle– You are proficient with all simple weapons and shields (wielding a shield can impede on your spellcasting ability).

Death– You gain advantage on knowledge rolls against the undead.

Knowledge– You are proficient in the History skill.

Life– You are proficient in the Medicine skill.

Vengeance– If an enemy successfully strikes you with a spell or attack, your next attack against them, if successful, deals an additional 1 point of damage.


6th level

Battle– You are proficient with all martial weapons.  Also, if you take no other action, you gain a second attack as a bonus action.

Death– When you kill an enemy with a weapon or spell, you gain 1d4 HP back (cannot go over maximum hit points).

Knowledge– You gain advantage on any Intelligence roll dealing the knowledge or history.

Life– Once per day you can spend 5 sorcery points and send out a burst of healing energy.  Any friendly target within a 30 foot radius is healed for 2d4+1 HP.

Vengeance– If you take damage from an enemy you gain advantage on your next attack roll against that target.


14th level

Battle– You gain a second melee or ranged attack per round.

Death– You are immune to diseases transmitted by undead creatures.

Knowledge– You are able to cast Augury one time per day for free.

Life– You gain the use of the second wind ability (as per fighter class).

Vengeance– If an enemy strikes you in combat they must succeed a DC 15 Wisdom save or suffer disadvantage on all future attacks against you for 1d4 rounds.


18th level

Battle– Once per day you can spend 7 sorcery points to issue a fierce battle cry, granting all advantage to all allies on their next three melee or ranged attack rolls.

Death– You ignore your first failed roll on your Death Save (once per day).

Knowledge– Once per day you can spend 7 sorcery points and drain the Intelligence from a creature.  The afflicted target suffers disadvantage to all Intelligence based rolls for 24 hours.

Life– You gain advantage on your first roll on your death save (once per day).

Vengeance– When a creature strikes you with a physical or magical attack that deals damage you can spend 10 sorcery points and reflect that damage back at the attacker.  By spending an additional 5 points you can also deal that damage to two additional targets within 15 feet of the attack.

Oracle 2

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