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Fatespinner- Sorcerous Origin for 5e Dungeons and Dragons

Fatespinner- Sorcerous OriginFatespinner 1

While other sorcerers were born from a sordid tryst between dragons or fae with lesser mortals, you were conceived by the very cosmos themselves.  Within you lies the ability see and manipulate the strands of fate.  Your eyes crackle with lightning blue energy and your veins seem to have a soft glow, as the very power of the cosmos surges through your body.

You know that fate is yours to manipulate and that the power to move mountains or to control and destroy lesser being lies at your fingertips.  You are your own master and those that attempt to state otherwise generally end up dead by your hand.

Spin Fate: At 1st level a fatespinner is able to tap into the threads of what will be and manipulate it.  The fatespinner gains advantage on one roll of their choosing.  A fatespinner can use this ability once per day and must take a long rest before they can use it again.

Fatespinner 2

Fickle Finger of Fate: At 6th level the fatespinner can tap into the threads of fate and affect another creature.  The creature must succeed Wisdom save, DC 16, or gain disadvantage on their next roll.  A fatespinner can spend 5 sorcerery points and increase the number of disadvantage rolls to 3.  A fatespinner can use this ability once per day and must take a long rest before they can use it again.

Commune With the Cosmos: At 6th level the fatespinner can spend 5 sorcery points and cast the Augery spell (PHB, pg 215).  A fatespinner can use this ability once per day and must take a long rest before they can use it again.

Deny Fate: At 14th level a fatespinner can attempt to deny the cosmos of that which they hunger for most- the life essence of the sorcerer.  When the fatespinner is dropped to zero HP they can use this ability to gain an automatic success on one of their death saves.  Further a fatespinner can spend 7 sorcery points to gain another immediate success (or a total of 14 for two successes).  A fatespinner can use this ability once per day and must take a long rest before they can use it again.

Resist Fate: At 18th level a fatespinner can alter the outcome of fate.  By weaving the cosmos they are able to allow themselves (or one other friendly target within 120’) to reroll one failed roll (including failed death save).  A fatespinner can use this ability once per day and must take a long rest before they can use it again.

Seal Fate: At 18th level a fatespinner is able to manipulate the outcome of fate against a fallen comrade.  A fatesinner can use this ability to give a fallen ally an automatic success on one of their death saves.

fatespinner 3

Other 5e Goodies

Undead Slayer-Ranger Archetype

Arcane Archer- Ranger Archetype

Oath of the Fallen- Paladin oath

Blood Mage- Sorcerous origin

Goblin Race

CLAPtrap race

Ranger Archetype- The Arcane Archer

Arcane archers are rangers that have begun dabbling in the arcane arts to imbue their arrows with special properties to aid them in combat.  With a bow in hand, an arcane archer is a deadly adversary that uses their ranger training to track down and destroy enemies and vile horrors with extreme prejudice and accuracy.

Arcane Archer 1

Enchanted Arrows: At 3rd level an arcane archer can enchant a select number of arrows with elemental damage.  The ranger can imbue three arrows per day with fire, frost, or electricity.  On a successful attack the imbued arrow does an additional 1d6 damage (of chosen element).  Once per day after the ranger finishes a short rest they regain the ability to imbue one additional arrow.  Once used, the ranger must take a long rest before they can use it again.


At 7th level the number of arrows an arcane archer can enchant is increased to 5.


At 11th level when an arrow that is imbued with elemental energy critically strikes an opponent it explodes, and rather than dealing 1d6 damage to the target, it deals 1d10 damage to all targets within a 10 foot radius.


At 15th level the number of arrows an arcane archer can enchant is increased to 10.


An arcane archer can only have one enchantment on an arrow at a time. 


Split Shot: In lieu of their regular attack an arcane archer can summon two spectral arrows in their hand and fire them from their bow at the same time.  These arrows will strike two separate targets.  The attacks must be resolved normally.  An arcane archer can use this ability once per day, and must take a long rest before it can be utilized again.

Arcane Archer1

Long Distance: At 7th level the arcane archer no longer suffers disadvantage for shooting arrows long distance.


Seeker Arrows: At 11th level the arcane archer can enchant his arrows to seek out the target.  This enchantment gives the arcane archer advantage on their attack rolls with the arrow.  An arcane archer can only have one enchantment on an arrow at a time. 

Arcane Archer

Phase Arrows: At 15th level the arcane archer can add a phase enchantment to their arrows.   The phase allows an arrow pass through solid objects (up to 3’ thick) and hit those behind cover.  The arcane archer resolves the attack normally.  An arcane archer can only have one enchantment on an arrow at a time. 

Other 5e Goodies

Undead Slayer-Ranger Archetype

Oath of the Fallen- Paladin oath

Blood Mage- Sorcerous origin

Goblin Race

CLAPtrap race


Borderlands Race for 5e- The CLAPtrap


Claptrap 1

You are a robot manufactured by the Hyperion Corporation.  While most of your metallic brethren adhere to their program and offer assistance to the people of Pandora, you have a short circuit and have somehow gained full sentience and freedom.

While your kin toils and adheres to their programming, your destiny is your own and you are enjoying the hell out of it!

CLAPtrap Traits

Ability Score Increase.  Your Constitution score increases by 2.

Age.  With proper repair and maintenance a CLAPtrap can survive for 500 years.  Hell, even without proper maintenance a CLAPtrap can survive for 500 years…  They just go a little crazy and are really grumpy.

Alignment.  CLAPtraps are all over the spectrum…  It depends on how many short circuits they have.

Size.  CLAPtraps are about 3 ½ feet tall, but weigh around 250 pounds.  Your size is small.

Speed.  Your base walking speed is 25 feet.

CLAPtrap Body.  You are immune to poisons and diseases and only require 4 hours of rest a day to recharge.  You suffer disadvantage to saving throws against lightning/electricity damage and take an additional 1d6+1 damage.  Your armor class is 11 + your Dexterity modifier.

Lowlight Vision.  Your optical lens allows you to have superior vision in dark and dim conditions.  You can see in dim light within 60 feet as if you were in bright light, and in darkness as if you were in dim light.  You cannot discern color in darkness, only shades of green in night vision.

Languages.  You speak English and bad English.  You also know a series of intricately rude hand gestures.

Subraces.  The three main types of CLAPtraps produced are Meat Grinders, Medical Assistants, and Service Traps.  Choose one of these models.


Meat Grinder


You were constructed to serve as a guard or attackbot for some rich person or business on Pandora.  Now you use your abilities for your own defense and personal gain.

Ability Score Increase.  Increase your Strength score by 1.

Heavy Metal.  You are covered in thicker armor plating.  Your armor class is 13 + your Dexterity modifier.

Buzz Saw Betty.  You have a large buzz saw in your central storage compartment.  You can use your bonus action to attack with the buzz saw if the target is in melee range.  Add your proficiency bonus to attack (no ability modifiers).  The damage of the buzz saw is 1d6.

Medical Assistant

medical claptrap

Your programming gives you the necessary tools to aid the quack doctors of Pandora with surgery, medical administration, and general clean up (it’s amazing how many extra body parts there are after a surgeon does his job ain’t it?).  You have taken to the wastes in search of treasure and fame, and use your abilities to keep the weaker fleshy people at your side alive.

Ability Score Increase.  Increase your Intelligence score by 1.

Hypo Spray. You have a small syringe that you can inject into a target to heal them of a poison, disease, or restore 1d4+1 HP.  You cannot do this again until you have a long rest.

Programing.  You are proficient in the Medicine skill.

Service Trap

Claptrap 2

You were programmed to fix computers and machinery that goes bunk on Pandora.  Now with your freedom, you use your programming to hack into people’s bank accounts and help yourself to their credits, or soup-up vehicles so you can go off-roading and crush a few bandit heads under your monster truck tires.

Ability Score Increase.  Increase your Intelligence score by 1.

Programing.  You are proficient with the hacking tool and Repair skill.

The Proper Tools.  You have a hacking tool installed in your system.


Thank you for your service! And welcome to Pandora!

The Bizarre and Strange Characteristics of the Wizard’s Spellbook in Hubris

So many magical items have personalities, powers, and machinations.  The other day I was considering how this is never really done to wizard’s spellbooks… and those are FILLED with spells and untapped arcane energies.  It just made sense to me to create something like that in Hubris.

Zak S. did a great job making books new and strange in Vornheim:

“It is known to some scholars that the skins of snakes can be read like books. Those who speak the serpent language know that these creatures continuously hiss their titles. As they grow, the animals revise and expand themselves, shedding old knowledge for new. The most common and convenient

method of reading a snake (among human ophidobibliologists) is to have it slither through an ivory serpent-reader – a sphere with ornately carved orifices and channels.  Common snakes are usually fairly uninteresting works – garter snakes tend to be cookbooks, corn snakes are generally works of adventure fiction with cliche characters or too-convenient endings.  Rarer breeds- 100’ anacondas, albino cobras- often contain long-forgotten secrets or comprise unique works of poetry or philosophy.  Giant snakes are typically encyclopedias or great multi-volume sagas representing the myths and theogonies of entire cultures. Nagas are linguistic texts, translating from the languages of snakes to the languages of humans. The snakes growing from the heads of medusae are generally reference works—(Vornheim, pg 8)”.


This is a cool and unique idea and really served as inspiration.  I wanted to make spellbooks more than just tomes of spells that the wizard flips through.  I found the picture below and thought that this would be a cool idea for a spellbook.  What if an image with a personality and quirks manifested on the page to bother the wizard, guide or heckle them, etc.

Spell book


I decided to use the structure of familiars and magic items in DCC as a reference for this (also wanted to keep it in line with the rules).  Anyways, enjoy!

The Wizard’s Spellbook (here it is as a PDF: Wizard’s Spellbook)

Spellbook 1

A spell book isn’t just a dusty old tome with a bunch of squiggly lines and jibberish that a caster reads and mumbles to be able to summon massive fireballs, bring forth demons, or move mountains.  No… these books are filled with weird runes, riddles, bizarre and horrible phrases that lesser minds were not meant to see or know.  If a mere mortal without any magical talent or training were to attempt to read these passages they would be driven mad from the images and horrors that assault their mind.  Or worse, their eyes catch fire and melt out of their sockets.

It should come as no surprise that a wizard’s spellbook is anything but mundane.  The wizard casts a ritual when they obtain their spellbook, imbuing it with a sliver of their essence.  The book becomes a living thing with a personality and features.

Go to the table that fits the wizard’s alignment and roll 1d5 to figure out the book’s cover, appearance, personality, and quirks.


Special Ability– The wizard must succeed a Luck roll.  Success means the caster rolls 1d3 and gains that special ability while the book is in their possession.

Spellbook 3

The Wizard’s spellbook and Other Spellbooks– If a wizard finds another spellbook, roll on the table below to figure out its personality.  The two spellbooks will interact with one another, often striking up conversations, getting in fights, and becoming increasingly jealous of one another.

Spellbook 5

Lawful Alignment  
Roll Book Cover Appearance Personality Quirks Special
1 Reflective mirror type material. Angelic looking female, hair moving gently in a breeze. Extremely vain.  Craves and needs compliments about her beauty. Needs to see reflection in mirror once per day or gets grumpy. 1) conjure a handheld mirror 1x/day for 1 turn; 2) +1 to persuasion rolls; 3) +1 spell damage against demons
2 Yellowish leather, slightly warm to touch. Golden sun, flares arc off of the orb. Proud.  Believes in truth and hates lies. Gives of a slight glow in complete darkness.  Boasts about it. 1) lights up like torch when held in hand; 2) Gi ves +2 to Fort saves resisting cold (environment); 3) +1d3 damage to fire spells
3 Grey binding, rough and pitted. An old and stern looking version of the wizard’s mother. Cranky and always frowns and complains. Constantly corrects the wizard and chastises for wrong-doings. 1) +1 Spellcasting rolls; 2) +1 Will saves; 3) +1 to intimidation on children
4 Book is covered in feathers. Regal eagle head. Proud and piercing gaze. Judgmental and stern.  Mistrusts people and never forgives liars. Screeches when fish or small wildlife is near. 1) Can summon 1 fish for food per day; 2) 1x/day- gain +30′ range to vision for 1 turn; 3) +1d3 spellcheck against liars
5 Bound in necrotic flesh The horrific visage of a severed zombie head fills the pages. Warns of the horrors of undeath and wants the wizard to kill any undead they come across. Hates undead and moans and wails when they are near. 1) +1 to saves against undead enemies; 2) +1d3 to spellchecks against undead targets; 3) +1d3 to spell damage against undead targets.

Spellbook 4


Neutral Alignment  
Roll Book Cover Appearance Personality Quirks Special
1 Dull grey A bored, chubby man with lanky greasy hair. Apathetic, woeful, and doubts the wizard will ever really succeed at anything. Giggles when the wizard fails at a task.  Sighs deeply when they succeed. 1) +2 to saves against spells that change emotions; 2) 1x/day- gain +1 temporary Luck point; 3) 1x/day- ignore 1d4 damage (as reaction).
2 Vibrant red felt Young girl in a country dress. Peppy and attempt to shake you out of your neutrality. Constantly asks questions, and wants to be held up so she can see. 1) 1x/day- increase Personality by +1d3; 2) 1x/day reroll one failed skill or attack roll; 3) +1 to saves against sleep or charm spells
3 Sickly green leather An ooze undulates across the pages. Believes that it can tell the future and has experienced all known realities.  Is almost never right about outcome. When the wizard is injured the book oozes with slime. 1) Ignore 2 points of damage against oozes; 2) +1d3 to spell damage against oozes; 3) 1x/day- Allow wizard to reroll failed knowledge check
4 Dull brown fur w/ tails sticking out of the pages An anthropomorphic ratman sits on the pages, twitching his nose, looking shifty. Always wants to cut a deal to get out of trouble. Reluctant to help the wizard for fear of getting caught and tortured.  Also afraid of other rats. 1) 1x/day- +1d2 Luck for 1 turn; 2) +1 melee damage to rodents; 3) +1 to spellcasting against rodents
5 The cover is made of rope A man hanging from a tree, gently swinging back and forth. The man’s voice is hoarse and he makes gargling noises when he talks. He feels he is a coward and constantly fears death. The book fears that should the wizard be killed, it will experience final death, and pleads with the wizard to hide when there is danger. 1) A; 2) A; 3) A


Spellbook 2

Chaotic Alignment  
Roll Book Cover Appearance Personality Quirks Special
1 Blood red leather Giant, aggressive looking bloodshot eye. Aggressive and demands satisfaction for wrong-doings against the wizard. Constantly calls the wizard weak and flawed.  Stroking the binding calms it down. 1) 1x/day- +1d3 to melee attack roll; 2) 1x/day- gain +1d3 to all spell damage for 1 turn; 3) +1 to Will saves against spells that calm emotions
2 Bound in human flesh, stitched together Man being flayed alive by hooks and needles. In constantly pain, laments his existence. Screams in agony when the wizard is injured.  Weeps quietly when the wizard tries to sleep. 1) 1x/day- ignore 1d3 damage per attack for 2d4 rounds; 2) 1x/day- cause target to suffer -1d3 to Will save for 1 round; 3) +1d3 to spell casting against followers of Drallic the Flayer
3 Covered in white fur with black spots A gnoll’s face covers the pages. Aggressive and desires the wizard to venture out and cause havoc.  Whispers about rewards should this be accomplished. The gnoll takes delight in the suffering of others and lets out a hideous cackling laugh when others are injured. 1) 1x/day- gain ability to track by scent for 1 turn; 2) 2x/day- +1d3 to spell damage; 3) 1x/day- make Luck roll- success, Gnoll leads you to a place and you find a small valuable trinket (worth up to 50 gp).
4 Brown leather with two demonic eyes A woman giving birth to a demon, sits on the pages and screams as it emerges.  As the day progresses she can be seen cuddling the baby, feeding it, or it crawling around the book.  This repeats every day. The woman nurtures the wizard, as only a mother could.  Consoling when injured or failure occurs, and celebrating victories. She becomes enraged and screams at those who injure the wizard, promising diabolical retribution. 1) 1x/day- reroll one failed roll; 2) 1x/day- when a critical is scored, gain +4 on the next roll (not damage); 3) +1d3 to spell casting against angelic targets
5 Black leather with claw marks A severed, mummified hand with jagged, broken nails and an eye in the palm. The eye is vindictive and hungers for knowledge above all else.  It desires to read book and constantly asks the wizard to read to it or to prop it open in front of a book and turn the pages. The eye believes it can see the truths in a person’s soul. 1) The eye can see into a person’s soul.  There is a 50% chance it is right about a person.; 2) +1 to Intelligence rolls; 3) 1x/day- ability to cast a level 1 spell that the caster doesn’t know (including cleric spells).  Determine randomly


Patron Characteristics

When a wizard bonds to a patron (DCC, pg 148) their spellbook becomes contaminated with small traits that match the patron.  Consult the list below for patrons and the effect.


Hubris Patrons

Charred Maiden (pg XX)-The book is hot to the touch and smoke wafts out of its pages.

Floating Island of Terror (pg XX)– Small metal tubes burst from the book and connect to the binding.  Small amounts of oil drip from the pages.

Spider Goddess (pg XX)– Spiders crawl all over the book and the pages are stuck together with think spider webs.

Twisted One (pg XX)– Small bumps and growths appear on the book cover, the book’s pages gain a fleshy texture.


DCC pages

Bobugbubilz (DCC, pg 322)– The book cover becomes bumpy like a toads flesh.  The pages are damp and slimy to the touch.

Azi Dahaka (DCC, pg 330)-The book becomes pitted and aged looking.  Dust and sand fall from the book when opened.

Sezrekan (DCC, pg 336)– The cover takes on a semi-ethereal feel, and the book releases a maniacal laugh when opened.

The King of Elfland (DCC, pg 342)– The cover becomes covered in clumps of moss.  When the book is opened small ethereal fairies flutter out and then disappear.

The Three Fates (DCC, pg 348)– Three glowing runes appear on the front cover of the book.  When it is opened the book floats 2” above the casters hand and splits into three version.

Yddgrrl, the World Tree (DCC, pg 354)– The cover takes on a bark-like texture.  The pages become a patchwork of leaves stitched together.

Obitu-Que (DCC, pg 355)– Five ruby eyes appear on the book cover.  The book is wreathed in spectral red fire.

Ithha, Prince of Elemental Wind (DCC, pg 356)– The book hums with power in the hand of the caster.  The pages flitter, as if by a gentle wind, and opens to the page the caster was concentrating on.

5e Session Three Recap- Carousing and Investigating in Saltmarsh- Sinister Secrets, SMURF, an Ankheg, and Death…


Fletch- Dwarf barbarian

Stephen- Halfling barbarian

Chuck- High elf sorcerer

John- Wood elf rogue

*Omar- Half demon Cleric

*Coley- Wood elf ranger

*Omar and Coley join us this week for some fun.  Omar has been rpging with me for years, but has been absent for nearly a year due to a busy RL schedule.  Coley is his g/f and it was her first time RPG.  She kicked butt.

Cleaning up the Mess


Last session we left off with the three heroes, Chuck, Liam, and Stephen, being escorted by Barnes- the captain of the Merchant District guard to the Pirate’s Quarters to meet with the leader of Saltmarsh.  The group got into a cart and were taken up to the Pirate’s District.  At the edge of the Merchant district the group saw a dilapidated building with guards in leather armor and masks.  A line of homeless and helpless looking people were being allowed into the building.


As the cart got near, a cultist in a red robe and white mask approached the wagon, “Excuse me my brothers, would you like health, happiness, and eternal life?  The Universal Brotherhood can grant you salvation.”  Barnes pushed the cultist off the cart, “Be off, you damned weirdo!”

Barnes grumbled and filled the party in on this new cult that has sprung up in Saltmarsh.  “They are growing at an alarming rate.  They are promising health, happiness, food, and a gateway to eternal life… Thus far they have made good on their promises.  They haven’t done anything suspicious or illegal, so we have no way to move in on them..  but I don’t like them.”

The Universal Brotherhood

The Universal Brotherhood

The group rolled into the Pirate’s Quarters, past a massive cemetery, up to a large mansion and were shown up to the second floor into a large office by a snooty butler.  Inside the room was Omar and Coley’s characters.  The group was served drink and food.  After a few minutes they could hear arguing from another room- a gruff voice saying that Saltmarsh must give concessions to one of the kings of the North (there is a civil war going on in the northern kingdoms between three brothers and a sister).  A female voice retorted that the River Kingdoms are free and that Saltmarsh is the gate to the south and will not give such requests.  The gruff voice made a snide remark and called the female foolish.  The door flew open and a dwarf came crashing out, landing on his back- a dark elf female came out and told the dwarf to remember his place and that she was the leader of Saltmarsh, not him.  The dwarf got to his feet and scurried away.

The dark elf introduced herself as Neteela, leader of Saltmarsh.

The group talked for a bit and got some info on the city, the status of affairs, and was asked if they would be interested in a job of investigating a creepy mansion that has been abandoned for 25 years.  It was home to a wizard named Gargomel, who made a fortune on appraising antiquities and dabbling into the dark arts.  It is rumored that he was a demonologist.

Liam, Chuck, and Stephen were given 100gp each and the choice of a weapon from her armory (with a % chance that the weapon had special properties- silver, masterwork, or magical).  The whole group was given one week stay in the Lady Dragon’s Inn in the Pirate’s Quarters as a thank you for taking on the mission.  Chuck got a silver weapon, Liam and Stephen got masterwork (+1 to damage).


Carousing, Investigating, and Avoiding Taking a Bath

The group decided to split up here and do their own thing(s).  I was happy about this because it’s been awhile since the players have been able to do this.

I’ll just go through the highlights here:

Chuck– He decided to carouse and rolled a 6 on the table.  He is now known as a party animal.  All carousing costs are doubled in Saltmarsh.  He also didn’t have the money to pay for said revelry and is now in debt to someone, but doesn’t know who.  He woke up in the Planks District with a crow standing on his head.  He shooshed it away and it landed next to him, squawking.  He shot a ray of frost at it.  The bird split in two and squwaked, its jaw then dislocated and a small head came out of it’s mouth, “you owe me…  You owe me recompence…”  Then the birds died.  Chuck said, “Well… I guess I owe someone more than money…  Great.”

Fletch– Fletch also caroused and rolled a 15 and ended up joining the Guardians of the Egg that has Yet to Hatch.  He knows all their handshakes, passwords, and codes…  He also got a nifty lil hat with an egg on it.  He also woke up naked next to an old woman, having had some fun that night.

Omar and John– Omar and John went to the library in the Law District to investigate Gargomel and his mansion.  They talked to a very rude and crazy librarian who referred to Omar as “imp” and was drawing pictures in a book, and muttered to himself.  The librarian gave the two a key to the third basement and a said, “watch out for the rodents of unnatural size.”

I did a good job scaring them in the basement, and described a rat tail whipping out of sight… Omar found the book and when he pulled it from the rack a necrotic rat sprang from the bookshelf and hit Omar in the face and exploded.  John ran.  When they got back upstairs the librarian had drawn a picture of what had happened.  Omar grumbled and took the book with him.

Reading through the book- Omar discovered that Gargomel made a fortune off crafting a strange blue substance called Smurf… and it was highly sought after.

Coley and Stephen– Stephen was bogged down with weapons and equipment and wanted Coley to show him the best place to sell the gear.  She failed her local knowledge check and instead took him into the Vagabond District to Mad Max’s Used Weapon Emporium.  When they got inside there was a halfling on his back being fed grapes by a fat half demon female.  I gave the halfling a faux-British accent (like Penguin in the Arkham Asylum games).  Stephen and him bartered for a few minutes and came to a great deal.  Stephen then mentioned he needed a bath (he was still covered in zombie blood and goo from the fight last session).

Mad Max jumped up and said, “Well you’re in luck!  My sister Hairy Henrietta has the finest bathhouse in all of the Vagabond District!  Go to her, tell ‘er I sentcha!  She’ll treat you right!”  Stephen and Coley agreed and when they got there the found a ramshackle hut and a surly, butch female dwarf with a round face standing by two iron bath tubs.  There was three homeless people standing behind her getting served soup labeled, “Bath Leavin’s Soup- only 2 copper!”  Sure enough- a ragged old lady was dumping the bath water in a pot to warm it up… mmmmm..

After hearing Hairy’s offer to give them a free massage with the bath (holding up her hands and showing open sores), Stephen and Coley fled and headed back to the Lady Dragon’s Inn.


Setting Off For Adventure… And Death

The group left the next morning for the mansion.  Being only 8 miles away it didn’t take too horribly long, but their movement was slowed due to the bog.  After a few hours of walking the group saw something coming towards them in the sky.  When it got closer the group realized it was two goblins on a bicycle.  There was a carved wooden monkey with actual feather wings on the front and back of the bicycle that flapped as the two goblins peddled.  When the goblins got close to the party, they started laughing and shouting obscenities at them.  Coley shouted, “I want to kill these fuckers! (Yeah- I think she fits right in… Already a murderhobo). ”

Initiative was rolled and Stephen, Coley, and the goblins all went first.  Coley fired an arrow at one while Stephen tried to run to where he thought there were going to land/crash (Coley missed though).  One of the goblins shouted, “I am prince Ibrogrik!  How dare you!” and let lose a jar of glowing beetles.  When the beetles hit the area of the group- they exploded.  Those that failed their save were knocked prone and took 1d4 damage- those that passed were still standing and took half damage.

Chuck threw a firebolt up at the goblin peddling and killed him… down went the bike and the prince goblin screaming curses… crash, dead… ouch.

The group proceeded on and eventually found the mansion in the distance.

Mansion of Saltmarsh

As they were walking through the fields, a large insect erupted from the dirt and attacked Omar, dropping him to zero HP instantly.


The group began attacking this creature, doing decent damage (especially Fletch, who connected with a holy shit 19 points of damage with his great axe).  Omar failed his first Death save at the end of the round.

The creature released a spray of acid at all the characters, doing 15 points of damage, dropping Coley’s character… Omar critically failed his Death save… and thus ends the great tale of the half demon cleric…

After two more rounds, the Ankheg was killed and the group was able to revive Coley (she made all three of her saves, but she was at two failed, two successes… so it was hairy for a moment).

We left off the session outside the mansion with the group, bruised, bloodied and tired.  They mourned the loss of their new comrade by looting his body and dividing up the spoils.

Next Week: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

5e Session Two Recap- Into Saltmarsh… A Celebration, a Horde of Zombies, and Death…

Session Two


Liam- Gnome paladin

Stephen- Halfling barbarian

Chuck- High elf sorcerer


Aside: This session ended up being a little light on players, but the three who could make it, stepped up to the plate and kicked some ass.

Last session we left off with group resting before heading into Saltmarsh… Arriving at Saltmarsh the group was demanded to play a small tax of 5 silver to enter into the town.  The retired merchant that they were escorting that he must pay 25 gold for his wagon of goods.  After debating and grumbling, the merchant paid for everyone’s entrance fee.

The group wandered into Saltmarsh and were greeted by the sights, smells and sounds of the Merchant District (see map below).


The City of Saltmarsh

The City of Saltmarsh

The group bid farewell to the merchant and decided to explore the district together.  I used my City District Generator to generate all the districts, distinctive features, rumors/hooks, and an event happening in that district.  For the merchant district event I rolled “A festival celebrating life and happiness is currently underway!  The Cleric in charge of the sermon misreads the wrong passage and causes people to drop dead and rise as zombies and ghouls!”  I described the event underway and that there was free food and drink…  they took the bait and watched.  They then watched in horror as the priest read the passage and transformed into a massive bloated zombie that bellowed out a ferocious roar.  The blood floated to the ground and was surrounded by a sinister aura.  Suddenly people in the crowd were transformed into zombies (20 of them to be exact).

Bloated Zombie

The group leapt into action!  Chuck ran away most of the fight (and missed pretty much all of his spell rolls) shouting, “I’m a sorcerer, dammit!  I don’t have the HP for this!”  Liam defended the helpless people in the crowd now being munched on by zombies…  A few city guard came to help him.  Out of the six that showed up, one survived (I think I need make this character show up again).  Stephen made his way through the surging crowd to the bloated zombie and began hacking away at him.  After Stephen dropped the bloated zombie, it exploded and three 1′ long maggots with barbed teeth

The fight was quite vicious and took roughly an hour and change to get through… but it made me happy.  It was deadly, and for a D&D combat of the modern era to take only an hour with 30 different combatants was refreshing and made me happy!

Chuck and Stephen then focused on killing the book while Liam continued to mop up the remaining zombies in the crowd.

After the fight they were met by Barnes, the captain of the guard in this district, who thanked them profusely for their deeds and said he needed to escort them to the leader of Saltmarsh in the Pirate’s Quarters.

That is where we left off for the session.  The experience gained was enough to allow them all to hit level 2.  Chuck and Liam upped themselves to level 2 in their classes.  Stephen took a level in Fighter (he wanted Fighting Style, and more importantly Second Wind).


Afterthoughts: We are really still enjoying 5e

Hubris Carousing Table

Carouse 3


What player doesn’t like to put their character through hell by carousing and causing mayhem that they don’t remember?  Jeff Rients over at Jeff’s Gameblog came up with an excellent Carousing table (that is the stuff of OSR legend now), and Zak later flushed it out more for Vornheim.  I have used both table several times, altering results on the fly to fit my setting… However I finally decided to make a table up for Hubris, as my players seem to enjoy punishment and have caroused several times.

Hubris Carousing Table

Carouse 4

When the characters are in a populated area, they may wish to dive into the depths of debauchery and get drunk at the local tavern.  If characters are willing to pay gold and take a gamble on what happens for the evening, they gain xp.  When a player carouses they roll a die and spend an amount of gold equal to what was rolled x 50gp.  The die rolled corresponds to how large the city is: 1d4 for villages; 1d6 for a town or city; 1d8 for Shadowfall or Fairweather, as they are dens of debauchery and excess.  The character then must succeed on a DC 12 Fortitude save, with the number rolled on the die acting as a negative modifier.  If the character succeeds roll on the night passed without incident and a good time was had by all.  If the character fails they roll on the Carousing Mishaps table.


The amount rolled on the die also equals the amount of XP gained for carousing.  If the player doesn’t have the actual amount of gold spent, they receive only half the XP gained and are now in debt to someone.

Carouse 1

Example: A PC decides to try their luck and carousing while the party is resting in Fairweather.  The player rolls 1d8 and gets a 6.  In the course of the evening the player spends 300gp and needs to roll a DC 12 Fort save with a -6 to the roll.  The player rolled a 4 on their Fort save, thus failing the roll  The player now rolls on the Carousing Mishap table.


Carousing Mishap Table

Carouse 2

1- You make a complete fool out of yourself in public.  You gain no XP.  Roll a Luck roll.  If successful you suffer -2 to Personality rolls for 24 hours.  If the Luck roll failed you gain reputation as the drunken lout and all Personality rolls are made one step lower on the die ladder for the next 1d4 months.
2- Get into an epic pub brawl!  Roll 1d3: 1-2) there are an equal number of brawlers to party members; 3) There are 1d4 more brawlers to party members.  Party members suffer -2 to attack for being drunk.
3- A slight drunken misunderstanding with the local constabulary that results in a fine of 2d8x10gp.  Failure to pay said fine results in 2d10 days in jail.
4- You wake up in bed with someone… roll on Wake Up in Bed With… table below.
5- You lose an additional 1d10x50 GP in gambling loses and gain 0 XP.
6- You drank and celebrated and were the life of the party.  Roll a DC 10 Personality Check- if you fail, you manage to be forgotten and fade into the mists of inebriation.  If you succeed on the roll you become the stuff of legend and all future carousing in this location cost double due to people who glom onto you for free drinks and revelry.
7-8- You insult a notable person of importance.  Roll on Local Person of Rank table.
9- Sharing mugs, swapping spit (or worse) isn’t the smartest thing…  You picked up a disease..  Roll on the Diseases of Hubris table (pg XX).  Use this util the book is published.

10-You get hammered and decide it’s a great idea to get a new tattoo: Roll 1d7 1) PC chooses; 2) Judge chooses; 3) player to your left chooses; 4) player to your right chooses; 5) PC carousing with you also gets the same tattoo; 6) PC chooses, but the tattoo artist botches it terribly; 7) PC chooses and the piece is a work of art.
11-The drunken player boasts about their vast amount of riches (whether true or not) and is set upon by a group of opportunistic thieves when the PC is alone.  Roll 1d4: 1) 1d3 level 1 thieves; 2) 1d2 level zero mooks; 3) 2d2 level zero mooks; 4) 2d5 level zero mooks, but after 1d3 rounds two city watchmen get involved in the fight.

12-Make a Luck roll: Success- wake up in with only your armor; Critical Success- wake up with  your armor and your most prized possession; Failure- wake up with no possessions; Critical Failure- wake up with no possessions and suspended upside down in an abandoned building, a pile of  dead bodies below you.
13- You wake up with the hangover from hell.  All rolls (including spellcasting) are made one step lower on the die ladder for the next 24 hours.

14- In your drunken stupor, you managed to upset a witch…  She casts a horrible curse upon you (DCC, pg 438).
15-You joined a local organization… It’s kinda foggy on which one you joined, but you somehow remember all the secret codes, handshakes, and passwords.  Roll on Local Organization table below.
16-You had a night of gambling: Roll 1d6: 1) You bet on a brain grub match and won!  1d10x2 gp; 2) You bet on a boxing match and lost!  2d4x10 gp; 3) You bet on a boring chess match and won!  3d6 gp! 4) You went to a brain grub match that went awry!  Resolve with normal combat!  -2 to PC because they are drunk; 5) You won big at a pie eating contest!  1d100 gp; 6) You went to a cage match- a giant spider VS a poodle…  You bet on the poodle… sure thing, right? Wrong- lose 2d100 gp!
17-Wake up stark naked in local temple, roll a 1d7 on the Local Organizations table below.
18-Someone slipped you a love potion.  Roll on the NPC table to find out who you are smitten with (pg XX).  Effect lasts for 1d10 days.
19- You got yourself in some sort of mess while in your drunken stupor and begged and whined to your god to get you out of this mess… Unfortunately for you, your god heard and answered you.  Now they are demanding you go on a quest for them.

20- You manage to start a fire in your drunken idiocy.  Roll 1d6 twice: Part One- 1-2) burn down your favorite inn or tavern; 3-4) you burn down some other den off ill-repute; 5-6) you burn down a large portion of the town.  Part Two- 1-2) no one knows what you did; 2-3 your fellow carousers know what you did; 5) someone else knows and are planning on blackmailing you; 6) everybody knows and are quite angry…

Local Organizations (d14) Gods of Hubris

1) Church of the Stillborn Unwanted Child
2) Church of Set
3) Church of Yelsa, Goddess of Sex and Violence
4) Secret temple of the Heathen Below
5) Holy library of the God of the Terrible Whisper

6) Lavish temple of the Corpulent One

7) Church of Bailey
8) Church of the Great Slumbering Monolith

9) Church of Zxyldon

10) Secret church of Digradia

11) Chamber of Drallic the Flayer

12) Temple of Vralkar

13) Sect of the Spider Goddess (info on the Spider Goddess)

14) Cult of the Molted Raven (info on Cult of Molted Raven)

15) Band of Skeletal Gun Runners (info on Skeletal Gun Runners)

16) Guardians of the Egg that has Yet to Hatch

Local Person of Rank (d8)
1) Priest of most one of the religions of Hubris- roll 1d12 on the Local Organizations table for the deity.
2) Local magistrate
3) Tavern owner
4) Chief of the constabulary/local military
5) Court wizard
6) Plague Doctor (info on Plague Doctor)
7) Random local noble, female
8) Random local noble, male

9) Emissary from a different nation of Hubris: Roll 1d4*: 1) Floating Island of Terror; 2) Eisenbar; 3) Shadowfall; 4) Fairweather.

*reroll if outcome is nation characters are currently in

10) Prominent member of the local thieves guild
Wake Up In Bed/Smitten Subtable (d14)
Beer Goggles
1) A succubus- make a Luck roll- Success- she’s satisfied; failure- she’s not satiated and she’s angry.
2) A dead person: Roll 1d2- Even) random NPC (roll on Hubris NPC generator); Odd) roll on Local Person of Rank table
3) “Apparently” a normal attractive member of orientation-appropriate gender
4) Randomly determined other PC (neither remembers anything)
5) S/he’s ugly. You’re married.
6) (Roll again on this table.) You’re married.
7) Ekrask female who loves you
8) Half demon who is filled with regret.
9) Most important NPC in game
10) A Murder Machine
(what did you do?!)
11) Roll on “Local Person of Rank” table
12) Priest/ess of…Roll d10 on Local Organizations Subtable

13) Your mom/dad- a manifestation of the Twisted One sits on the edge of the bed looking pleased…  You are not.

14) A reoccurring villain of the game… they open dialogue with “so… what are you thinking about?”

The Morning After