The Magical Alphabet!!- T- The Teeth of Mad ‘Ol Philomena

The Teeth of Mad ‘Ol Philomena- These teeth belonged to the irate and paranoid gypsy, Philomena Renfrew.  She was known for her ability to see dark portends of the future and took great glee in expounding them to others.  She would cackle and clap the more horrible the vision.


Ironically she was unable to see her own misfortune and died at the hands of an angry mob that had tired of her visions.  They gathered around her and slowly removed her nasty, disgusting teeth and then beat her, stabbed her, and then set her corpse on fire.  Her teeth were gathered in a bag and dumped in a river.


Eventually the teeth resurfaced, covered in muck and blood.  The teeth vibrate with power and whisper of a dark rite that one can undergo to gain her powers.  The one wishing to gain the powers of Philomena must remove their own teeth on a dark, rainy night and then shove the teeth of the ‘ol hag into their open mouth wounds.  The teeth will painfully take root, giving the person a terrible grin.


The person now gains a bite attack at a +2 (2d3 damage) and 3 times per day can attempt to see a vision of a person or other intelligent creature.  The user must succeed on a DC 12 Wisdom check.  If they succeed they can claim luck or calamity.  If it be luck the target gets to roll two dice and take the higher of the two for any check.  If it is calamity, the target must roll two dice and take the lower of the two.


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