The Magical Alphabet!! S- The Stuffed Vulture, Mr. Krinkles

The Stuffed Vulture, Mr. Krinkles– This once majestic bird was the familiar to the crazed wizard Boubou the Mischievous.  He loved his bird, who he named Mr. Krinkles, more than his wife and his kids, who eventually left him due to his doting devotion towards his bird.


Stuffed Vulture

When Mr. Krinkles died, Boubou went mad with grief and ended up stuffing his familiar and placing enchantments on the vulture, to preserve his essence.


Although Boubou is now a long distant memory (“good riddance!” said his wife, “Loved his bird more than me and mine, he did!”), Mr. Krinkles still remains.  The owner of this stuffed vulture can hear it cawing and crooning in their head and are linked telepathically.  If the owner spends sufficient time petting the stuffed bird and whispering kind and encouraging things to it (about one hour), they will be able to summon Mr. Krinkles as a familiar (even if the owner is not a wizard).  Mr. Krinkles will remain until killed, at which point he reverts to his stuffed self and the owner must coax him out of this state once again.


Treat Mr. Krinkles as a dire vulture for stats and abilities.


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