Awesome New Lamentations of the Flame Princess Kickstarter- That ‘Ol James Raggi is at it Again!


Yesterday James “the cannibal” Raggi made a huge and awesome kickstarter announcement (using Indigogo).  A Pay What You Want deal for a full hardbound AND full color RPG module!  He states in his explanation of the project that he’s had awesome luck with the PWYW for physical products at conventions and wants to try it as a kickstarter.  This is really exciting and cool- and potentially costly (if people don’t pitch in enough).

Raggi is honest though and shows the break down of how things will cost.  That’s one thing I do appreciate about Raggi, he won’t BS about shit and he doesn’t do smoke and mirrors- he’ll lay it out and explain what’s going on.

The module is written by the kick ass heavy metal Rafael Chandler.  Raggi explains the relationship:

Rafael Chandler conceived of all the concepts in the book, did all the writing, and was the creative director. LotFP has paid for all the artwork and graphic design and other production bits (except printing) and is taking care of promotion, order fulfillment, warehousing, and all that fun stuff.


I am excited for this module (as I really enjoy the LotFP stuff) and what this could do for the indie RPG industry at large.  Very exciting.


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