The Magical Alphabet!!- R- Reign

Reign– This halberd was once the trusted weapon of the great King Thallus, and aided him in his fight against the undead hordes that descended from tall mountains in the frozen north.


This weapon is believed to have been created by the goddess of life and healing to aid mankind in their struggle with undeath.


The holder of this weapon is immune to the dreaded level drain effects of many undead.  It does 1d10 damage to normal creatures, but to undead Reign deals 2d8 damage.


The weapon also has two other abilities:


  • Daylight (Wizard, lvl 3) 3x/day.
  • Sunburst (Wizard, lvl 8) 1x/day.

Reign is an intelligent weapon and can communicate telepathically.


Should any creature not aligned with Reigns goals of destroying undead, they instantly burst into flames and suffer 10d10 damage (no save).


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