Daily Archives: July 30, 2014

The Magical Alphabet!!- P- The Portable Hole

Portable Hole– This fancy decaled cardboard box holds a bizarre and highly valued prize “The Portable Hole”.  This black flimsy piece of tarry film can be used to create openings (even in buildings) up to 2’ thick.  The portable hole is 1’ in diameter, but can be stretched to be up to 5’.  It takes 3 rounds to stretch the portable hole by 1’ (total of 12 rounds to stretch to the full 5’).  The portable hole can be picked up and placed back in the box after use, but only by the holder of the awesome cardboard box.

Portable Hole

Many a guard chasing after a thief have had the portable hole thrown under their feet and fallen off a bridge and into a mucky river.

If the user does not pick up the portable hole (or is unable to), it will reappear back in the fancy decaled cardboard box within 2d4 days, good as new.