The Magical Item Alphabet!! L- Lover’s Scorn

Lover Scorned– This jagged blade has a long history of manifesting in the hands of lovers, men or women, who have been abused or abandoned by their lovers.  This blade seethes with malicious intent and hungers for blood.

Lovers Scorn

The blade does 2d4 damage and causes 1 point of bleeding damage.  Each successful attack with the blade grants a +1 to attack and causes the wielder to become lost in a blind frenzy of blood and elation as they hack their victim to pieces.


Once per day the user can point the blade at their target who must succeed a DC 20 Will (or Wisdom) save or be paralyzed with fear and stand by helplessly while the wielder slowly makes their way to them to exact their revenge.  The target is paralyzed for 10 minutes, even while being attacked.

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