The Magical Item Alphabet!! K- The King’s War Crown

The King’s War Crown– This crown is constructed of jagged metal spikes that have been welded together.  It once belonged to the great conqueror king, Tythis, as he marched across the high plains and took all for his kingdom.  Anyone who wears the crown is granted +2 to AC and allows wearer to roll attacks twice and take the higher of the two.

King Crown

Once per day the wearer may:

  • Summon a lvl 1d3 warrior to find beside you for 1d4 turns or until killed.
  • Summon a war steed that remains for 2d4 hours or until killed.
  • Be instantly clad in plate mail (AC 18) which grants a DR of 5 against all damage.  Armor remains for 1 hour.

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