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The Magical Item Alphabet!! F- Finders Keepers!

We now hit F…  I really enjoy this item for some reason.


Finders Keepers– This satchel belonged to an extraordinary thief who used it to store all the belongings he nicked from his hapless victims.


Over three decades of using this bag imbued it with the strange abilities.


Those who wear the bag receive +5 to any pickpocket skill check.


Three times per day the owner may focus on an item they desire within their sight and must succeed on a Luck roll (if no Luck stat, use Charisma) DC 10 + GM modifier based on value of the item (+1 through +10) and it will appear in the bag (it must be able to fit in the satchel).  The victim will instantly be made aware that the item has vanished, but not who stole it and begin to weep uncontrollably and make a scene for 2d5 minutes.