The Magical Item Alphabet!! E- The Elephant Statuette

I continue tromping through the alphabet, discovering the wonders of progression…

The Elephant Statuette– This wooden elephant statuette is carved from driftwood and is also a flute.  It was the prized possession of a young warrior of the plains who entertained many of his fellow villagers with calming songs.  The young warrior and many of the men of his tribe were slaughtered by a rival clan.  This young warrior fought so bravely that his body was the only one that was not mutilated after the battle was over.  Instead the rival clan honored his body and bore it back to the village, with his arms resting over his elephant statuette.

Elephant Statuette

The village shaman prayed and enchanted the elephant to be a mighty instrument to be used in future battles in honor of the brave young warrior who cherished it so much.

Once per day a person can blow into the elephant statuette and create a blast that sounds like one hundred elephants roaring.  Those in a 120’ cone must make a DC 15 Constitution save or be deafened for 1d3 turns.  They also must make a DC 14 Dexterity save or be knocked off their feet by the force of the blast.

Once per week the user can attempt to summon an elephant steed.  This is by fate alone.  Roll 1d20, if the result is 12 or higher, the steed appears on the next round and remains for 1d6+1 days.  If the result is 2-11, nothing happens.  If the result is a 1 then a stampede of spectral elephants appears and tramples the user to death and then disappears.


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